What’s in my Camera Bag? | Manfrotto Advance Travel Backpack

What’s in my Camera Bag? | Manfrotto Advance Travel Backpack

today I’m going to show you what’s
inside my camera bag after searching for about a week online through various
brands and styles i settled upon this one this is the manfrotto advanced
travel backpack and i absolutely love it now when searching for a camera bag it
should accommodate all of your needs all of your gear and all of your stuff if it doesn’t then it’s not for you but
this one is just perfect for me and accommodate everything all of the gear
that i mentioned in this video and in the camera bag will be in the
description below and hopefully i can give you some good recommendations since I have a little bit of everything
in this camera bag the first reason why i love this camera
bag is because it has a dedicated laptop sleeve now when you’re working or traveling
it’s nice to be able to import your footage and work on it at the same time so right here the sleeve can accommodate
a 15-inch macbook pro on the website it says it can help a 13-inch laptop but
however I found it easily hold my 15-inch macbook on the top there’s this nice little
pouch where you can store some of mine on camera stuff so in here I carry things like some gum you always need fresh breath on the
photo shoot I carried my keys so I’m click on earphones sunglasses if
it’s really sunny my wallet case which can also accommodate my iphone and it’s
always good to have an extra pen and some headphones so i can fit all that
check and a small little pouch and time on this side they have these small
little couches I don’t really use them at the moment
but I’m sure I could fit some business cards or paperwork in there on this side
of the camera bag is supposed to be a tripod pouch but instead I just dangle
my tripod right off the center of my camera bag in here i have my water
bottle because when you’re a photographer when you’re talking about clients or
when you’re hiking around trying to find the best spot it’s always handy to have some water and
also way way way in the bottom says goes really deep I have a shower cap for my backpack now way actually it’s called a it’s
called a rain protector so when I went on splash mountain a
couple weeks ago at Disneyland I put this over my backpack to keep it
dry and I was actually the one sitting in the front so i got the most wet and
this little shower cap or a protector kept all my stuff dry going back to this
tripod this is the joby gorillapod it has bendable legs so it can fit on to almost any rugged surface like a rock and if
you want you to wrap it around a Paul or something like that it also has a fluid ball head where you
can position the camera at almost any angle that you like and this is great
for like traveling and for timelapses all right let’s get to the good stuff or
the meat and potatoes well let’s forget the potatoes and let’s
get to the meat which is the stuff inside this camera bag this camera bag
opens from the slide on this flap right here I store extra battery because you never
want to run out of juice and in here I have some extra memory cards so inside this camera bag is broken up
into three compartments on the bottom I have my canon 70-200mm f/2.8
lens this is a really great all-around lens
it’s great for portrait sports and concerts however it’s really expensive it costs
about two thousand dollars if you’re looking for a telephoto lens that’s a
little bit cheaper check out the camera version of this
which is also in the description below otherwise it’s really fast and it’s
really sharp sense that that lens is so gigantic it took up my whole bottom compartment
in this middle compartment I have two lenses the first one is a
portrait lens this is the canon 85 mm f/1.8
lens it’s excellent for portraits you get a
really nice blurry background if you’re looking for a cheaper
alternative to this one you can get the 50mm f/1.8 lens by canon this is about a hundred bucks so you
can’t go wrong with this guy and if this guy doesn’t do it for you you can break the bank and get a
$200 portrait lens check out the description below next is
a really great all-around lens if you’re buying your first lens i would highly
recommend this one because it can do a little bit of everything and it also
shoots great pictures so this is the tamron 24-70 f/2.8
lens this is a great multi purpose lens
because they can shoot really wide at 24mm mm and you can zoom all the way
to 70 mm in addition it starts at f/2.8 so it lets in a lot of
light compared to other lenses so this lens is great for like
landscapes portraits sports kids whatever you name it is a great multi
purpose lens in the top compartment of my backpack I have my camera strip and my camera
body this is a black rapid strap it’s an over-the-shoulder camera strap
so when I’m not using my camera it just dangles to the side and then when I need
to take a picture I just put my camera up the strap and I can see the picture
and finally here is my camera body this is the canon 6D it’s a full frame
camera so let me tell you a little story on why
I selected this camera I first started with canon cameras
because they were great to shoot videos with my first camera was the Canon t3i
the equivalent today would be a canon t6i now that was a really great beginner
camera and after I outgrew it I wanted to upgrade to a full frame camera and
the baseline full frame camera on canons lineup is a canon 6d the next level
would be the canon 5d mark III however that camera was a few years old
and I think this August they’re going to be upgrading the canon 5d mark iii to
the mark iv and I heard that camera is supposed to
have 4k video and if it does then I’m definitely going to upgrade from the 6D
to the 5d Mark iv anyways this is my camera at the moment it shoots really well at low lights it
can shoot almost anything it has a faster speed it focuses really
quick it’s just a really nice professional
camera if you’re just starting out with photography or videography i would
recommend the canon t6i it’s a really great camera and then when you’re ready
to upgrade to a full frame camera either get the cannon 6D or the canon 5d mark
iv when it comes out so that’s what I have inside my camera
bag if you’re looking for any recommendations check out the
description if you have any questions leave them in the comments below

29 thoughts on “What’s in my Camera Bag? | Manfrotto Advance Travel Backpack

  1. Nice informative video Brennan! I also enjoyed seeing the pics of myself and our adventures at Disneyland 🙂

  2. does the main compartment have dual zippers? I find a great camera bag has dual zippers to lock and secure. Otherwise, they're just "good" camera bags.

  3. your bag idea is good but other all bull shit idea tamoran lens is bullshit………………………………………….

  4. I use this backpack. The primary reason for buying this bag is the tripod pocket, so I don’t have to use strap on. It is extremely useful when I travel on subway, bus, etc. where my tripod doesn’t accidentally hit people or things. My travel tripod is a Manfrotto 190go with 3 way head, so it’s too big to fit totally inside, the head sticks out, I have other tripods that can fit and zip up. The camera compartments are divided into two major top and bottom sections. The bottom section is configurable based on the size of your gear. The top is one large space with little padding. So I only put camera in the bottom section to avoid the possibility being scratched. I currently configured the bottom section to hold a Sony A7 series body with a 90mm macro lens and a Fujifilm XT-20 with a 23mm lens. There are room for a couple additional not too big lenses. I use the top section to hold flash, LED light and other stuff. Sometime I pack additional lenses in the top section, but will use protective lens case. There are two zippers so you can open either the top or bottom section for fast access which is great. Not sure why the handle on the top is pretty thin, so it hurts my hand if the bag is heavy. The two side pockets zipper is tight, so I only put passport on one side. The top pocket is decent size to hold phone, key and other stuff when going through airport security check. The computer insert pocket is great; I put my iPad Pro and a couple small size reflectors in it. This is not a heavy duty backpack, but I really like it for travel and it curtails me from bringing too many gears. The backpack is stylish and easy to carry. Despite the size limitation, it’s my only travel bag. However I wouldn’t use the tripod pocket to hold water bottle, it’s a waste of what that pocket is for.

  5. Hi Brennan. Based on your video I finally made my decision and bought one. And now, let me share my comments: My favorite PRO: real room for my 15,6 HP notebook, just a you said. Thanks for that. The only one CON: it should be perfect if the bottom were semi rigid and more shock resistant but not as soft as it is. That is in my opinion. Thank you.

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