100 thoughts on “What’s in My Diaper Bag

  1. Seeing your bag makes me feel so unprepared! 😩 I'm 34 weeks and the only thing I have on the diaper bag is exactly the changing pad that comes with it

  2. Jess could you do a video about brest feeding and the real truth about it I'm going to be a 1st time mom and I want to know more information about breast feeding! Thank you love you!!

  3. Thank you for not turning the necklace lights on. I don’t know any other youtubers that wouldn’t. They don’t care and probably would find it funny for those who are sensitive to lights

  4. I’m preparing for my first baby and and OVERJOYED that you are posting videos like this! 🤣 I trust your judgment way more!
    Please keep posting videos about baby Luke, and newborn tips and tricks!!! Love all the kiddos!!!!

    I have some questions!
    Where do you get immunization records cards like that? Usually we keep them in our charts for the Doctors visits, but if we have a sitter or grandparent, those types of cards make sense to me.

  5. I want one of these for my craft stuff!! This would be awesome for taking to a crop (a gathering of friends to do crafts with. Scrapbooking, card making, crafts, etc.) All those pockets and pouches would be perfect!! I need to research these. Thanks Jessica for sharing!!

  6. Wonderful mom! Wonderful woman! I am also a bag in a bag in a bag type person. Loved this very cute video. Thanks Jessica.

  7. Ok me and my best friend were dying about anything we had sugar rush. Also ballingers pray for me as my so called friend keeps bullying me and then begging me for forgiveness so what should I do?

  8. Sometimes I wonder how she is going to afford all these kids a car car insurance and health insurance because she is having so many kids and kids are expensive sure the kids can work for a car but there’s no way in a minimum wage job they can afford a car.

  9. Such an informational video! This was actually really helpful for me. The only thing I do differently is I have a backpack bag because it’s easier for me to carry while carrying baby 😍

  10. Jessica I love you so much 😂 you’re not weird with the bag in a bag in a bag!! I don’t even have any kids but I just love for bag in bag organization!

  11. Omg 😂😅 I love you, Jess. You’re such a great mom. I love that you’re honest and can laugh about it. ❤️

  12. Well I'm a grandma and that bag it's perfect for my stuff …and yes I do carry lots of stuff if I could pack the whole house I would …😂 Thank you so much for that tip.

  13. I am the lead of a 6wk-6month old infant daycare room. I don’t actually have any children of my own, but I love watching all of your videos! I have passed on multiple tips to brand new parents that I have picked up from you. I love your bag of bags! You always have the best little baby info and tips!

  14. Ngl I had a dream last night that you guys were giving away Luke because you couldnt swaddle him???? Idk dude but I love you guys

  15. most mornings i watch videos of jessica talking because her voice is so soothing and her energy is so warm like a mommy 💕 great way to ease into the day… sorry if that’s weird lol

  16. Thank you for always being so real with us. I’m 34 weeks pregnant with our first baby and your videos have helped me so much with preparing and what to expect, you make me feel so much less overwhelmed than I was before and I can’t thank you enough!

  17. Am I pregnant? No.
    Do I want to be pregnant? No.
    Do I plan on being pregnant in the next 5-10 years? No.
    Am I going to watch this anyway? Absolutely.

  18. The bag that goes in the bag, that goes in the bag, that goes in the bag, that goes in the bag. Then Jessica dies laughing at herself. So cute!

  19. It’s such a small thing, but acknowledging light sensitivity and not turning on the necklace means a lot.
    Most people wouldn’t even consider that. Thank you 👍

  20. If I ever have kids, I am definitely coming back to every single one of your videos for support and tips 😂🧡🧡🧡

  21. So I’ve just spent an hour trying to find that diaper bag file folder thing on amazon. I found it – but it’s only sold in the US. Does anyone know of anything similar sold internationally? I NEED THE BAGS FOR MY BAGS TO GO INSIDE MY BAG!

  22. Jessica laughing about the Bag in the Bag, in the Bag that's in the Big Bag made me Sincerely Happy!! Thank you for making me Smile today! Sending lots of Love to You & the Entire Ballinger Family ❤❤🥰❤

  23. This video was 23 minutes of Jess slowly losing her mommy mind while unpacking a diaper bag and I loved watching every minute of it. 😂

    Jess, seems like you could use another day for Mommy time soon, especially with Florida coming up.

  24. My husband and I have been talking a LOT lately about planning for our future and children, with hopefully a 2020 pregnancy! I would love if you could do a series with tips for expectant parents/pregnancy/first time moms (or a playlist of videos you’ve already done that go into that category!)

  25. You could easily replace that nursing cover with an apron!
    A lot of aprons have a long neck strap and sometimes you can tie it behind your head if it’s too long but if it’s too long that might be good for you to just throw it over your head… Then you can get rid of that buckle once and for all

  26. ai love this video!! I have a question though: do you ever consider using those cotton reusable dippers? I really care about the waste I made and that sounds more "green" for me…Lol thank youu

  27. 😂😂Thank you for a good laugh Jessica! Y’all are the best. And when I saw you pull your group of bags out of your bag I literally did this 😱 You’re a genius! Lol

  28. I love the idea of those little trash bags. I am always getting stranded without a place to put messy stuff. And those organizing bags are cool, too.

  29. I have a 3 month old and i literally just have diapers, wipes, backup paci, backup outfit, and a burp cloth thrown in my giant purse. Am i underprepared? 😂

  30. Jessica, thank you so much for your videos! Especially the ones about your munchkins. I am expecting my first at the end of May and having someone with sound advise to look up to is easing the stress that a new parent is sure to have. Thank you a million times thank you!

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