What’s in my Everyday Backpack – Waterfield Sutter Slim Backpack – PACKED – List and Overview

What’s in my Everyday Backpack – Waterfield Sutter Slim Backpack – PACKED – List and Overview

– [Narrator] On this episode of Packed, we’re digging into our
everyday light carry backpack. (upbeat techno music) Welcome to It Came From A Box. This is Sergio A.M., and
for the past few months, I’ve been reducing the
amount of gear I have on me and ended up with this light EDC system that’s been working really well. So, let’s take a look
at what’s packed inside. (laughing) (electronic beeping) Starting off with the bag, this is the Sutter Slim
Backpack by Waterfield. It’s a small, light-weight pack that’s very simple yet elegant in design. First thing that stands out is the unique, large,
full-grain leather panel. This is the blacked out version with durable ballistic nylon,
but it’s also available in a wax canvas with chocolate leather. Over on the back, we have a
soft and breathable mesh fabric. The shoulder straps are
thin but comfortable, also with mesh underneath, and at the lower portion,
we have a luggage sleeve, which you can slide right
on your carry-on’s handle. Finally, at the top, we have a nice and easy-to-grip leather strap. Let’s dig in. Now, behind this panel, we have two quick access compartments. At the bottom, we have a
double-sided compartment that you can easily access regardless of what side you
lower the backpack from, and it includes a key clip. In here, I like to carry my keys, and since the last episode
we tamed our key chain, which was a complete mess, by using this system by Orbitkey. Like the idea of this bag, I reduced it to just the essentials and swapped out the KeySmart system for
Orbitkey’s key organizer. They’re available in multiple
designs and materials, but I went with their
limited everydaycarry.com collaborative edition in digital camo. So, yes, I lose it frequently. It holds two to seven keys, but if you need, they also
sell an extension post, which lets you add four more. Along with the keys, we also added Orbitkey’s six-in-one multi-tool to replace the two that we had
originally on the key chain. Now, for larger items like the key fob, you have a D-ring that you
can connect a key ring to, but we instead went with
their own Orbitkey ring, which opens up so you can
easily add what you want and then slide to lock. Very simple and secure. Just make sure whatever
you wanna put in it can fit through that opening. So, we went from that to this. Looks way better, makes a lot less noise, it fits easily into my pocket or bag, but if I wanna carry it in some other way, I’ll just add a carabiner or
lanyard and I’m good to go. And because I know you’re gonna ask, this lanyard is from Thread Wallets. They’re really well-made and available in a ton of unique designs. Back to the bag. At the top, we have a quick access pocket, and in it, I have a Tech Deck because I’m a sucker for nostalgia. Can’t let go of the past, and I need something to
fidget with at all times. Next, of course we have
the Silver Glow edition PEZ dispenser, because I like PEZ even though I can’t find
anyone else who does. In here, I also have my
phone, and this time, I’m sporting the Bellroy
leather phone case wallet. It’s really well-made with
a microfiber interior, but it’s also versatile. On the inside, you have storage for a SIM card and SIM card removal tool. Then we have a flap
that protects the screen but can also be used as a stand, and on it, you can store two cards. Then, on the back, you have this sort of secret one for two more. So, not only does it look good, but it’s another way
to reduce what I carry by taking my wallet out of the equation. Now, over to the main compartment. Inside, we have two Velcro-secured sleeves for a laptop or a tablet that are aligned with a very soft and cushioned microfiber. But I actually keep my laptop in another sleeve because I’m paranoid. This is The Chase by Andar. It’s made of full grain
leather in two tones, comes in two sizes for
13.5 and 15.5 inch laptops, and it has a clean,
minimal two-pocket design, both of which are lined with
a luxuriously soft microfiber. In it, I have the same 2018
Razer 15 from the last episode with the HD 144Hz screen. It’s been extremely reliable. I use it just about
daily for work and play. Can’t say enough good things about it. So, depending on the situation, I can use the laptop
compartment in the bag, but I like the option of a separate sleeve not only for the extra protection, but also for moments in the office when I don’t wanna carry the
backpack into, say, a meeting. Next up, in here I have a very durable Herschel Settlement pencil case, which I have a few of and
use them for modular packing, so if I switch out bags, I don’t have to move each and every item. Instead, I just take the case I need. You can use ’em with a few
things like cables or accessories and this one is sort of a Dopp bag with a few things that I just
don’t want to be without. Moving on, all the way at the bottom we have the classic power
brick for the Razer 15. Beautifully designed,
gorgeous braided cable. It weighs a ton, cumbersome as heck. Next, I have another Waterfield bag. This is the Cityslicker
for the Nintendo Switch in grizzly leather with
black ballistic nylon. The front leather flap is held together by two magnetic clasps, and under it, we have five easy-to-use
leather game cart slot. Over on the back, we have
an elastic compartment for cables and other accessories, and in the main one, I have
the latest revised version of the Switch with a more efficient CPU that helps extend the battery life, slightly different Joy-Cons,
and apparently a better screen, but I swapped out the Joy-Cons for the custom black Colorware ones, and I added Mumba’s new Battle Case to it. It’s tough and protective
with nice and subtle grips, along with cut-outs for the vents, IO, and this time around, the Joy-Cons so you can remove them to use in TV mode, because yes, this case is dock compatible. Love it, we’ll have
more content on it soon. Now, dangling at the top is
Wacom’s Bamboo Pocket Stylus. On the front, we have a cap that comes with a rubber headphone jack so you can keep it
attached to the console, and it’s a capacitive stylus
with great build quality, a sturdy rubber grip,
and collapsible barrel. Big fan of this little guy. The compact size makes
it perfect to travel with so I can create those fancy-dancy Mario Maker 2 courses on the go. All right, on the other side of the bag, we have a few additional compartments, and inside, I first have a charging cable held together by this leather
cord burrito also by Andar. We featured this USB cable before as well. It’s the one with the attached
USB-C to micro USB adapter, which is all I need. Now, last time, I was carrying
two Anker USB-C adapters, which I’ve now replaced
with this one by VAVA? VAVA. It has HDMI, PD, and Ethernet
ports, SD, and micro SD slots. Two USB 3.0 and one 2.0. Everything that I need for
work in a well-built adapter. I love this thing. This next pocket is the perfect size for my Kindle Paperwhite in this beautiful worn leather cover. There’s so much I love about this device. It has Bluetooth so I can
use it with Whispersync. The lighting is amazing. Crazy battery life, and this
version is also waterproof. Finally, the last item in
this large pencil compartment is the Baton Q3 by Sog. On the key chain, I have
the small multi-tool, but for bigger jobs, I love the Q3. I can dedicate an entire
episode to this thing, but to keep it short, it has this attractive portable design, comes with a deep-carry pocket
clip, weighs only six ounces, and has 13 tools in total,
with my favorite being the quick access spring-loaded pliers. It may not be as
heavy-duty as a Leatherman, but it can tackle most jobs and you just can’t beat that portability. (electronic beeping) All right, so on the
next episode of Packed, we have a gaming backpack
that I doubted at first, but after using, fell
completely in love with, and we’re almost done putting together a Nintendo Switch projector
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see you for the box.

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