.. hello guy mm-hmm hello you guys welcome
back to my channel and welcome to another video in today’s video I’m gonna
be showing you guys what is in my makeup bag has been highly requested by you
guys and I’ve been wanting to film this for a while but my makeup bag has not
been up to par it is not organized at all and I have like so much crap in here
these are kind of like my daily products and what I use every day for like my
normal natural boy beef makeup I guess these are like my go-to a lot of them
are like almost empty so that shows you that I use it a lot um so I have two
bags here one of them is my makeup bag and then one is my overnight bag they
both look the same so I always get them confused both of these bags were sent in
PR from Tarte my boyfriend received them hi alright so I’m gonna start with the
makeup one first and these are my go-to makeup products that I use everyday and
then I will go on to like my overnight this is like my skincare toothbrush
razor all that good stuff alright so going in to the makeup one the first
thing is a bunch of brushes on the top because I leave all my brushes out while
I’m like doing my makeup and I just set them on the counter and then when I’m
done with them I throw them in the bag but I have one brush for highlight one
brush for contour which is supposed to be a highlighting brush but I like to
you know like that I turn it sideways and it gives it like a more chiseled
look I guess you could say and then I could easily like carve out my jawline I
could easily contour my nose and then I also use this brush when I do my eyes
because like you know once you put Foundation and concealer all over your
face it kind of makes your whole face like one color especially your eyelids
to your eyelids are like the same color and I want to give like a little bit of
a shadow so I will dip into my contour palette which I always have with me as
well but it doesn’t fit in my makeup bag so I have to put it like on the outside
I really love this shade right here I wish I could find this in a single shade
instead I like this whole extra palette I don’t use anything else in this
palette except for this right here these shattered that’s why they’re empty not
because I use them all I really love this it’s like a cool tone
it’s not too warm it’s not too cool it’s like the perfect in-between and I really
love that kind of like contour I don’t like warm contours it makes me look
weird so I always use like a neutral one but yeah Oh dip into that and then after
I like contour my cheekbones my forehead my nose my jawline I will take the same
shade and I will just take it on my eyelid I really like them out and it
gives it like a really nice shadow I have a powder brush this is what I use
for my superstay better skin blah blah I have two of these one is twenty and one
is ten the twenty one is for when I have like a self ten or when I go tanning a
lot in the summer time I get super tan so I will use the twenty and the ten is
for her when I am super light I will use this brush and I was just like swirl a
bit on there and like this I used to use the airspun and I had take like a whole
bunch and just like you know like Patrick Starr style I really love this
because it evens out everything if you have like a foundation that’s too light
or too dark for you and you go into like the perfect shade of the pressed powder
it’ll kind of like even out all the tones so that’s what I love about that
it makes my skin look super good super smooth super silky smooth buttery then I
have my Sigma 3d HD kabuki brush and this is what I use for my foundations if
I’m not using my booty blender this is like the best foundation brush ever I
never like found foundation brushes before but then I started using this and
uhm it converted me I have my setting spray I really love this one from glam
glow Thomas doesn’t like this one but this is like my favorite because it
gives you like a natural dewy looking finish and it really like makes your
skin glow and look healthy my primer that I use on the go when I’m at home I
use like a whole bunch of different primers because we have a lot of
different primers I like to switch it up depending on what my skin is like that
day but this is my go-to this is the blur plus illuminate by Maybelline this
is a master Prime collection this one kind of just like blurs everything out
makes your skin look super dewy and healthy underneath your foundation
and it also has sunscreen in it so this is like a three-in-one
I really love this one next going into concealers I have the screen one for
acne and any redness that I have this is from NYX I always put this on my pimples
or anywhere I have like a lot of redness I get a lot of redness right here in my
nose and my under eye bags are red so I put a little bit right there and I blend
that out with a brush usually and then I will go into my foundation and then
concealer but here I have all of my concealers this is the Makeup Forever HD
concealer I really love this one great coverage
super lightweight I don’t know the terms on I don’t pay attention usually and
then I have two shades of fair neutral in the tart shape tape I don’t know why
I have two of these one of them probably accidentally slipped in there and then I
have a lights and this is for when I’m like a little bit more tan you and for
foundations I have this almost empty clinic beyond perfecting foundation and
concealer and this is amazing because I like to go over where I put like the
green concealer first and like blend that out cover up any other greenness
and then I will go over everything like you use this as a foundation and this is
just really amazing it’s super super super full coverage there’s another
primer I don’t really use this one too much I only got it because I don’t know
I read reviews and I said this one’s amazing but it’s not that great I still
have in my makeup bag though this is the Lancome pore eraser primer and I guess
it’s supposed to like fill in all your pores but every time I put makeup over
it it breaks up my makeup and yeah anyways mmm and then I have two of the
milk gel brow pencils and I really love these because they’re so super simple to
use I don’t really like make my eyebrows too perfect or do you like to Instagram
brows so this is perfect for like you know when you blend your foundation and
then your eyebrows turn like the color your foundation because it gets in them
I love to just take this like dark brown and then swipe it through my eye brows
and comb it through and it really just brings back the color to your eyebrows
and brings them back to life if I’m not using a gel brow I’ll use a
brow mascara and I have this one from Maybelline this is their brow drama and
then I have this hourglass one and then I have another foundation in here this
is the Lancome Tien Idol ultra wear makeup stick if I’m feeling like a stick
foundation day then I will use this one and if I’m feeling like a lighter
coverage liquid foundation day I will use this Clinique one right here but
these are both super amazing they’re both my favorites my favorites stick and
my favorite liquid and then I have a whole bunch of beauty blenders this is
an old Beauty Blender the Beauty Blender brand and then I have a new one right
here which has more pink you can tell like which one’s colder and then before
I got these I was using the real techniques sponge because I did not have
$20 to spend on beauty blenders I don’t know how I ended up with two but they’re
just so expensive and I heard that the Real Techniques one is comparable and
like I actually tested at one time and I tried using the Beauty Blender on one
side and the Real Techniques on the other side and my makeup look the same
so I mean if you don’t have $20 to spend on this I would definitely recommend
getting the Real Techniques one I think this one’s like $6 and I like that it
has like the cone shape right here use it for like under my eyes and then like
the flat side I will use for like my cheeks my forehead my chin whatever I
have my favorite highlighter ever this is the flexitarian by color pop it’s
like broken already I need to buy a new one but I’m just like really struggling
and like trying not to get too much every time I use it but as you can see
it’s like it’s like shattered but I’m still using it because I really love it
do you guys get this in your makeup bag like there’s literally makeup on
everything I don’t know what spilled I think it was one of my concealers but
yeah moving on to lips I really love this Lancome Baker this is the berry
tail and this is really nice for if you want like a natural color to your lips
but you don’t want like a heavy lipstick or anything I just usually put it in the
center and see it just gives it like a nice
tint without the heaviness or like the tackiness of a lipstick and then I have
this mac lipglass or if I want like a shimmery type of lip anyways moving on
sometimes I’ll use the fancy beauty and this gives like a nice color to your
lips too without the tackiness of a lipstick and my all-time favorite beauty
product in my makeup bag is the glam glow pump rageous lip gloss and this
really just makes my lips super big it’s it’s a lip plumper obviously and it just
makes your lips look bigger without having to get injections and I use that
like every day almost every time I like take pictures or something or put
lipstick on I’ll put that on first cuz I don’t have the money to spend on lip
injections so I just use products instead and I used to have so many
tweezers but I don’t know why I always loose tweezers I just have a basic pair
of like black tweezers in here and that’s whenever I’m like doing my makeup
and I see like the extra hair growing in like right here or something I’ll just
like pluck it out and yeah that’s basically it for the makeup one so
moving on to the skincare overnight type bag this is for like whenever I’m
planning on staying the night anywhere or if I’m not sure if I’m gonna stay the
night anywhere I’ll just throw this in my backpack and it’ll be ready to go
this is like my emergency kit kind of so I have some makeup remover wipes I know
it’s not good to use makeup remover wipes but I still use them because
they’re simple and convenient more convenient than like a mess or water and
then I have a little lotion right here this is just a travel size lotion from
first aid beauty a mini Vaseline for if I have like chapped lips or anything
deodorant inhaler cuz a bitch got asthma toothbrush you know just like your basic
everyday type things I have an extra razor because I need to shave Advil in
case I get a headache I get headaches all the time so I always have like a
advil handy and then I have these roll and blot papers from milk makeup in case
I want to like smoke a joint you know I’m just kidding
I don’t smoke but I usually says blotting papers only and these are
amazing they don’t like to mess up my makeup at all and then I have this
little razor for my eyebrows as well I have a little like mini tutorial on my
Instagram on how I use this to do my eyebrows without having to get them
threaded all the time so if guys want to see that definitely check out my
Instagram I will have it like right here I do many tutorials on there all the
time with makeup on my YouTube I haven’t done one yet and if you guys would like
to see one then let me know and I will definitely do like makeup stuff on my
youtube more I feel like I’m just like talking so fast
I had like a monster and like three cups of coffee today so I’m pretty like hyped
up I have this milk makeup cooling water every time I wash my face I’ll put this
on as like a toner and it like really if I have like bloated skin it will kind of
make the redness and like bloating go away I have this drawing lotion by Mario
Badescu and this is my go-to acne treatment I use this as a spot treatment
you just dip a q-tip in there and put it on and your pimples go away in like two
days it’s so amazing I don’t know how it works but if you have acne or breakouts
then this is like the one product that you need to have in your skincare
routine and just see if I could get this all to fit in here again I seriously
need to upgrade to a bigger peg so I don’t have to carry two around alright
you guys so that’s it I hope that you enjoyed this video if you cared about
what’s my makeup bag I don’t know how many of you guys actually care but I
just want to show you guys what I have in my makeup bag and I use on a daily
basis and I want you guys to comment what is your go-to beauty product that
you must have in your makeup bag in the comments below and if you enjoyed this
video please make sure to give it a big thumbs up and also subscribe to my
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suggest I will do I don’t care what it is I will make any video so just like
request something I don’t know all right so yeah that’s it
for this video I hope that you guys enjoyed and I’m glad to do my shout out
real quick for a notification squad and this week’s shout-out goes out to
Tennessee assure real I’m sorry for not pronouncing that right but thank you so
much Tanisha for watching and being part of the notification squad and thank you
all so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video bye babe

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