What’s in my Purse? {Internship Edition} #Goyard

hey guys I know this all looks very
familiar and that is because i just got done filming a video and then i looked
and i realized i have just a little bit more starbucks left and honestly i’m
done with classes it’s thursday and this is my weekend and I haven’t really I’ve
been a little bit behind on filming videos I’m just in general I don’t I
feel like I don’t film vlogs to post you know i usually do three videos a week
and I felt like that was too much and so you guys need some time to miss me you
know so I was thinking of doing just like a planner video and then a blog and
then I didn’t really fill my blog and I try to put that out on the Thursday and
now it’s Thursday so now that I have time before my club meeting I was like
Leslie doesn’t matter if you’re in the same outfit you got to film a video so i
would have film this video because i’m a wanting to film this for so long that
was my phone it just pinged and this video is what’s in my purse ah I I
really do like these videos and every time I go to my internship I pack the
exact same thing and so I know exactly what I keep in my purse for my
internship my internship is in within walking distance and it is with Tampa
Bay parenting magazine I don’t know like how I don’t see the part of me always
talking about my personal life is that I’m always afraid of connecting like my
youtube channel two things because then like employers will go to my youtube
video and then just be like so she’s a little socially awkward where you know
and they’ll say things like you know she doesn’t seem very professional and I
don’t want that because I like to think that I’m pretty professional like I know
how to handle myself I’ve been slacking a little bit I feel like very exhausted
lots of makeup you can’t tell but um yeah let’s just you know get to the main
point of this video so i want to show you guys what’s in my purse finally of
what I pack so this time I’m be featuring my goyard so weird i don’t think it’s called boyer
and i’m pretty sure it’s called goyard so i got this as a gift from mom i’m
trying to think how this gift worked out either way it was a connection with my
mom so so i wouldn’t say that i really go out and buy expensive bags per se i
don’t really follow brands too much to be honest and i know i guess it’s kind
of hard when i talk about fashion online that might disappoint people but to be
honest a lot of people can’t afford things like that like me and so I kind
of don’t like to pretend like I’m somebody else so I’m going to say that I
did not purchase this myself and also it’s kind of hard because people go to
do okay people have michael kors and that is a very expensive brand and they
use that in professional setting and so I felt like if they did michael kors why
not bring even more expensive back to my internship the one thing that I do fear
about people with expensive brand is I feel like it’s very pompous um I also
kind of wonder that you know when I see somebody with that it’s like well if you
have the money why are you working and grinning you know it’s great that they
have a passion to it but a part of me like just you know knowing just how some
you know I went to a hard-working private school but to a certain degree
like not everybody was surrounded by that kind of culture and so there’s a
lot of people who are rich who if they don’t wear if they don’t need the money
they don’t give their hundred percent because they don’t need to they don’t
need to work for that promotion you know so that’s another thing that I thought
you know and like also maybe my personality like unfortunately my
personality could have seemed to be more shallow because of that so I want to
know what you guys his opinion is first like if you go to a job if it’s like if
you already have the job or if you’re going to an internship because I feel
like there’s still a difference between attire do you think it’s pompous to
bring an expensive brand bag or wear something
really expensive to those kind of things like I I want to know your opinion and
especially please put your input if you work real like college admissions or
career services anything of that sort because I want to know I don’t want to
screw up in the future so right now usually what I carry in this is my
laptop to do article writing and it’s in a case it’s kind of work as i’m filming
off my laptop so i don’t really have it on there and it’s it’s not the cutest
but it’s really thick memory foam so I know if I drop it I feel secure about it
I know of a good amount of water goes on it the fabric is going to absorb it I
feel confident I also bring my charger but my charger is now charging my
computer excuse me oh my god so I don’t really have that featured and
unfortunately I got the biggest laptop that’s possible so it sticks out of my
purse when I bring it around and that doesn’t look too great so you know what
you gonna do okay the first thing that I have is my phone and the volume is
turned up and on my I’m message on my computer says someone’s typing to me so
I think my phone is about to pain really soon we can see if dirty it is wait for
it wait for it well popped up on my imessage so I think it’s just a matter
of time before this pings because when I ignore that I don’t know anyway I’m just
a big fan of Max and they all have now all their tablets and whatnot are
connected with one single I message so anyway so I have my phone and I’ve had
it for a year and I wanted to go through the phase where I mashed phone cases
with my outfits but I just keep this phone case forever this is from hong
kong which I am obsessed with i love it i also have one in yellow that my mom
bought cause she thought it would be better like representation of like my
sorority because whatever colors is gold and why or something I got it I got an
email I have like seven email addresses anyway so um yeah so I just only stuck
with this case and I have glass cover so my phone is pretty
durable and it keeps its charge well so honestly when it comes to a lot of
things I really just need my laptop and my phone with me then I bring fruit
snacks these are like the really like you’re not that great because their mom
or their wool they’re from walmart and they’re like the cheapest value one that
i got in bulk but sometimes i don’t i usually don’t eat before my internship
i’m one of those people where I’m not hungry first thing in the morning so I’d
rather do something become hungrier and then used my meal swipe wisely by eating
a full meal so I bring gum me especially because the sugars sometimes exactly
what I need I bring a light jacket of some sort sometimes I bring my blue
jacket but right now I have this I think it’s a little bit faded it’s just this I
just slip this on over my head and it has the little doggy on it as you can
see it’s pink all this stuff so definitely have that then you know sorry
if you’re like a boy watching this video but you know feminine products and stuff
and then i have my planner and I mainly bring as I talked about I have my
earring Condren planner which i think is really big and I don’t really use a
bracket n mix I kind of used as like an overall calendar you know for day-to-day
stuff and it’s just kind of hard riding in it settle it’ll ruin it cuz i
decorate it so pretty so as you can see as an example you know it’s pretty much
just chicken scratch all throughout so put my planner in there because you
don’t know when I’ll beginning my next assignment I bring a pen you never know
what you’re gonna need it to write down now I bring this because this has I feel
like I shouldn’t show my ID number but has my ID on if I need it for school I
have my ID for like my driver’s license again like to identify myself um this
pretty much has everything in it dad like I don’t need to go in detail about
like credit debit cards but I do I didn’t notice i
forgot that i put this in here but I do keep this in your like a little mini
notepad in case there’s something like I need to write down and get someone’s
information and my phone died you just you just don’t know so that’s something
that I definitely keep and this is vera bradley and i remember i got this for
free when i was staying in the hospital i think it was my first hospitalization
visit because of my cystic fibrosis so and then my mom got me this for
christmas it was just all really sweet and I don’t have the heart to throw it
away even though it’s becoming faded and then with a goer it attaches this thing
within a kimber if I put anything okay I have an emergency Yik yak pen because
you know I’m obsessed with you jack and these pens aren’t amazing the stylus I
liked a more like rub my teeth on like because it doesn’t really work as when i
go to push down on things like the pen part moves up and down even wanted to
clicked it’s even worse so this is what I work as a stylist but I love writing
with it and chewing on it so and then of course I have more womanly things in
there you know what I mean but honestly because I change out my totes based on
what outfit I’m wearing I don’t really keep up too much with this I hope there
comes a time when I can have all of my totes ready to go but I’m a college
student I don’t you know i’m not letting not living like a Kardashian where
they’re always fashion ready with you know being very efficient why not so
that’s what i have in my purse internship edition and i definitely plan
on making more leave in the comments if you liked this video don’t forget to
talk about my interview question um I’ll rephrase that in the description below
because this is something like I actually want to know your input and but
if you do like these videos please tell me because I have more purses and totes
to feature or if you guys just want to see a collection of my purses and totes
because honestly I do have a good handful and I have really cute ones too
I mean I know how to brag very proud of my collection that I’ve
accumulated over the years and some of them are really good purchases some of
them are brand names so I don’t know I just can’t I just like showing things
off that I’m really proud of wow that sounds so bad but it wouldn’t be so bad
because it’s not like I’m super rich and all these are brand names and whatnot
and a lot of the ones that are brand names which are very few we’re gifts so
okay I guess that’s it hope you guys have a really great day fun

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