What’s in my Tech Backpack – Boundary Errant – PACKED – List and Overview

What’s in my Tech Backpack – Boundary Errant – PACKED – List and Overview

100 thoughts on “What’s in my Tech Backpack – Boundary Errant – PACKED – List and Overview

  1. love your videos never will unsubscribe and plz sub to my channel it is called Huskycraft Plays

  2. Also u should get a thunderbolt 3 gpu enclose for razor blade 15 so u can dock it with more horse power.

  3. Nice to see another upload from you! Could u review the Waterfield cityslicker or switch pack case and see how much stuff u can fit in it like what u did with the arcade case?
    Good luck to 100k subs! πŸ™‚ #roadto100k

  4. I've subscribed and hitted the bell for over a year. Love your content, man. Keep up the great videos. #ROADTO100K

  5. today in this episode of packed we are taking a look at the sergio AM in a can bundle
    WARNING any lost products will not be replaced

  6. My backpack is pretty simple but it’s everything I need for now, probably will get some more storage when I get into college:
    OnePlus Travel Backpack in Black
    OnePlus 6T
    iPad 2017 9.7 inch
    Logitech GPW (it’s my gaming mouse I use at home but also a great all around mouse)
    Some random basic HP laptop (it’s not my main station it’s my portable one)
    Sennheiser 4.50BTNC SE
    Pepe Jeans Wallet (Black and Red to match my backpack)
    Pixel USB-C buds
    And of course all my chargers

  7. I really hope you reach your subscriber goal this year! You’re my favorite tech YouTuber 😁

  8. Backpack i use for on move is dakine 101 in color stackt.

    Easy room for
    Food and drink.
    Food and drink for my 16 mounths old bernese mouthen dog.
    Room if i buy some thing in city
    And few other smal things.

    Nintendo Switch + mumba case
    Sony EX650AP gold

    cable storage case what in it.
    1m USB C to usb c 5 ampère
    1m USB C to micro
    Anker 20100 Nintendo switch edition
    Anker powerport +5 PD
    microfiber cloth to clean Switch

    And stil have more then more than enough room to spare for big things

    Btw nice vid πŸ˜€

  9. How do you have so many figures in a single room? It looks nice though, your review style is unique and satisfying to watch. Please keep up the good work. #Roadto100K

  10. I think the RavPower is the thing that really got my attention from this video, nonetheless almost every thing in the video is great!

  11. Tricky to use is an understatement, haha. I have this bag and it's been a bit difficult to pack out. Wearing it has been ridiculously comfortable though, so that sorta helps break even.

  12. IM FOUR DAYS LATE this is good because I have more videos to watch but bad because my notification bell isn't functioning properly

  13. Just discovered your channel, gotta say it's very refreshing to see a bag video without a MacBook Pro

  14. "PACKED" I love the humor!
    Do you think you can do a backpack video? Looking for something similar but in the $50-$100 range

  15. 4:23 I laughed pretty well at the joke and then I hear him scream SORRY and I start cracking up! Great joke man.πŸ‘

    Edit 4:22

  16. This is so cool! Thanks. I’ll have to see if Arctis makes a Bluetooth for use with genki and laptop.

  17. Just found your channel! Loved the commentary!!🀣 definitely going to buy that backpack. Liked and subscribed! #roadto100k thank you!

  18. Love the video quality and edits! I also like how you put the price tags for every product. You earned a new subscriberπŸ”₯

  19. Just subscribed I like your videos especially tech backpacks you really know how to elaborate the gadget inside the backpack in details

  20. Great Video! Just subscribed! Question, does the Peak design travel pouch fit inside the zippered pouch on the inside of the bag?

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