What’s in my travel bag? Packing must-haves for fandom cons | @laurenfairwx

What’s in my travel bag? Packing must-haves for fandom cons | @laurenfairwx

I’ve been going to fandom conventions
for ten years now and I love them. there really isn’t anything like
spending a few days with other fans of the things you love. Fandom can be a
beautiful thing and Harry Potter conventions are my favorite! I’m heading
to leakycon in Dublin this week and I can’t wait! However, it can definitely be
overwhelming to try to pack for an event like this especially if you’ve never
been to one before and even though I pretty much know what I’m gonna need, I
still put it off to the last minute and then it gets stressful. You’re on your
feet a lot, meeting tons of new people, and the things you bring or don’t bring
can make or break the whole experience sometimes. Today, I wanted to show you
some of my must-haves for packing for an event like this. And stick around until
the end because I have a giveaway for those of you who are seeing this video
early. Let’s get started! So. The first thing that I absolutely cannot forget to
bring with me on a trip are chargers. This is the most important thing because
if I forget them, I have to buy new ones wherever I am. I also like to have a
portable charger and an extra USB cable that I can bring along with me because
my phone battery does not make it through a full day at a con. And I just
started keeping my chargers in this little packing cube. I got a set of these
in a bunch of different sizes and this was the smallest one. I’m just filling
this with things I cannot lose and hopefully that will help me keep
organized. Another thing that is really helpful is to bring a power strip
because a lot of times, hotels only have a couple outlets and if you need to be
charging like, a ton of things every night, you’re not gonna have enough space
especially if you have roommates. Also if you carry it around with you, you usually
end up making friends because everybody wants to recharge their devices at
things like this and if there are more outlets, people will like you. If you’re
going out of the country like I am, you probably need some kind of adapter so
definitely research that before you go. Another thing that I always bring with
me when I’m traveling is my camera and a little tripod for it. Whether you have
a youtube channel or not, I feel like it’s important to document trips like
this and I like to have a camera that’s nicer than just my phone camera. I’m
hoping to make a bunch of videos while I’m there and I hope that I remember to
take photos – that’s something I’m not as good with. I really wanted to bring my
nice new camera but I’m kind of scared that something bad is going to happen to
it so I’m bringing the old one. It’s much smaller and much easier to
travel with. I’m eventually hoping to save up and get a camera that’s as nice
as my new one but in this form factor, that way when I go on trips and play
shows, I can have a nice camera that I can bring with me that will actually fit
in my bag. The next thing that I’ve been bringing with me whenever I travel is my
travelers notebook! I love this thing and the whole point of it is to document
your travels. I’ve been using it for more than just that, but I’m really excited to
fill this up with memories from Ireland. I’m gonna try really hard to write in it
while I’m there because so far, I’ve been doing all my documenting when I get home
from trips, but I really want to be working on this on the plane and
whenever I’m waiting on a line somewhere but this does have pockets so I can take
anything that I want to save and put in here like ticket stubs and things like
that. Just tuck them in there and then whenever I have a chance to work on it
I’m gonna try and do a little bit of journaling about my trip. I put a bunch
of different washi tapes on this card and I’m tucking it in the pocket on here
so I don’t have to bring like a whole bunch of supplies with me. I’m also
bringing one black pen and one gold pen just so I have a couple options to
choose from when I’m on the road. And that’s that. Another thing that I have a
lot of trouble without when I’m traveling especially for conventions is
bringing layers to change into. I usually find that even if I know what the
weather is going to be like, the air conditioning is kind of unpredictable in
big convention centers. Sometimes it’s really really warm and other times it is
freezing cold so I usually find that I need to carry some kind of hoodie or
sweater with me. I usually find that this makes me a lot more comfortable so this
is my wizard activist hoodie. I bought it at the Harry Potter Alliance booth. They
do sell these online if you want one. I love it. The next category of items that
I like to bring to events like this is nerdy clothes and accessories. Aside from
the fact that I just, you know, want to be in the spirit of whatever event I’m
attending, it is a great conversation starter if you’re looking to make new
friends who like the same things you do. This adorable Newt Scamander t-shirt
which was designed by Nan Lawson, who’s one of my favorite artists. I was gonna
buy a print and then I realized that she had t-shirts. I also got this adorable
badger shirt. I really really like this. This is one of the coolest Hufflepuff
shirts I’ve ever seen and I knew I had to wear it for this con. Both of these
shirts actually came from a website called Teepublic and I actually have a
little page on there where I’ve collected all of my favorite designs
that they sell so if you want to check out these
shirts or some of the others that I’ve hand-picked, I’m gonna put a link in the
video description where you can find that. I’m also completely obsessed with
the shirt I’m wearing. It was designed by Jordan Dené and i actually bought it
at a harry potter convention so. It says “anything’s possible if you’ve got enough
nerve”. Another thing that I like to bring to conventions that I honestly forget
most often is business cards. Even if you don’t have like an online store or
anything like that, pretty much everybody has social media links and when you go
to a convention, you meet a lot of new people and you may want to stay in touch
with those people so I definitely recommend either having business cards
printed or just writing down on a few cards what your social media usernames
are or your email address, that way if you make a new friend, you can keep in
touch with them after you get home from the event. I recently had new ones
printed. For a long time, mine were out of date because I changed all my usernames
so I had a couple events where I just printed some makeshift business cards
with my own printer at home and cut them up and took them with me. I didn’t put
them in my bag but comfortable shoes are a must. Mine are actually starting to
fall apart and I haven’t decided what kind I want to replace them with. I’ve
kind of been having this sneaker crisis where I know that I want some really
good, comfortable shoes but I also want them to look nice
and I haven’t found what those shoes are yet. Because I don’t know about you but I
end up doing a ton of walking at events like this. It’s just amazing how much
more enjoyable an event can be if your feet aren’t constantly hurting. Deodorant!
I get really self-conscious, sometimes people get really close to me, I probably
should keep this in my purse honestly because I don’t know how often I’ll be
getting back to my hotel room to freshen up.
So yeah, bring this. I also recently found a travel size pack of multivitamins
which is so smart cause really, at conventions, I’m up and around a lot, I’m
not getting a lot of sleep, and honestly sometimes I don’t have a chance to get a
good healthy meal so this will definitely keep me going and help me
stay healthy. You can also bring airborne or an equivalent because a lot of people
get sick at conventions and you’re close to a lot of people and nobody’s getting
sleep so if you want to try and keep from getting sick, that’s definitely
something you should start before you leave. I also recently started bringing a
water bottle with me to conventions and this has been really good for me because
it’s obviously important to stay hydrated but I also perform on stage and
I need water for that and there isn’t always water backstage. Sometimes it’s
like a cup this big and I end up kicking it over while I’m playing so having
something with a top that I can just put next to my
microphone stand is very important for me and it’s better to bring my own than
to hope that it’ll be there. You can also bring snacks! They’re good for the
airplane but also I don’t know what the food situation is going to be like at
this convention and I want to make sure that if I have like a quick switch
between two panels during lunch time, I have a chance to get something in my
stomach. Remember to take care of yourselves when you’re traveling and
bringing a lot of stuff like this is very important. And aside from the usual
necessities, (when I was coming up with my list for this video I asked my partner
Matt what he likes to bring on trips and he said clothes.) those are some things
that I always try to pack when I’m headed to a convention. So about this bag –
a few months ago I made a video where I featured a bag from a company called
Maika that I bought that I really liked and they found it and they liked
it so much that they sent me some free bags including this one! They also were
super generous and they sent me a second one and I’m gonna give it away to one of
you! If you’d like to win it just make sure you’re subscribed to my youtube
channel and leave me a comment down below telling me what your favorite
fandom is or you could tell me what you absolutely have to pack when you go on a
trip. I’ll put additional rules and details in the video description below. I
actually have a few conventions coming up so you can always check laurenfairweather.com/shows to see where I’ll be next! I hope to have the
opportunity to geek out with you at one in the future. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you soon!

100 thoughts on “What’s in my travel bag? Packing must-haves for fandom cons | @laurenfairwx

  1. I hope you liked this what's in my bag video! To enter to win a Maika duffel bag like the one in the video, subscribe to my youtube channel and leave a comment on this video telling me your favorite fandom and/or something you absolutely need to pack when you're traveling! Read the video description above for more details and links to the things I mentioned in the video. See you in Ireland this week!

  2. I don't know if I can pick just one fandom that's my favorite! Harry Potter of course, but also Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones… is booktube a fandom because I've been obsessed with that lately hahaha.

  3. I always have to make sure I bring my sunglasses when I travel. I'm one of those people who sneezes in bright light, so they are a must, but I constantly forget them and have to buy a new pair at the drug store.
    Favorite fandom is probably Harry Potter, but the Leverage fandom is pretty high up there.
    Wish I could be at Leaky.

  4. I do not travel often and when I do, I forget a lot. but now I know what to bring along, thanks to you. I never forget my favorite HP shirt

  5. My favourite fandoms are Harry Potter and Disney and DreamWorks… I can't choose one that would just mean betraying the others and I can't do that!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  6. I totally adore your new hair style. It's so cute. My fav fandom is hard to choose, it changes all the time, but for now it's Star vs The Forces of Evil and Steven Universe.

  7. i dont know what kind of shoes you like but hummels sneakers are REALLY comfortable (at least for me πŸ™‚ ) beside that converse sneakers are pretty and comfy πŸ™‚

  8. Love this video! Harry Potter is definitely my favorite fandom. When I go on a trip one of my must have items is chapstick. I try to make sure I have a second one with me just for trips.

  9. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter of course πŸ˜„ and I would love to go to conventions like these, and now that I'm getting better I will maybe finally be able to go to one (I've had anxiety issues and panic attacks these last two years and had trouble getting out of the house). One thing I always have on me is a book, in my purse, in my car, on my nightstand, I always have a book with me 😊

  10. Fave Fandoms are Potter and Disney. Must have for traveling is probably a tote bag. I used to do the huge mom bag but since my kiddo is older I can grab a tote bag and throw some water and snacks in there with my wallet and glasses.

  11. OMG THAT BAG LOOKS SO CUTE! All of the fandoms I'm in are my favourites but my most cherished fandoms are Harry Potter and The Walking Dead as well as Naruto. Whenever I travel I cannot forget to bring my first aid kid, a travel pillow, a blanket and some snacks.

  12. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter! I am seriously lusting after those Harry Potter shirts, especially the badger one! πŸ’›πŸ–€

  13. I absolutely need to bring earbuds when I travel so I can listen to music during travel time and trying to fall asleep in unfamiliar places. Good music always helps me get in the mood to have fun in new places πŸ™‚

  14. My favorite fandom is obviously the Harry Potter fandom! I got sorted into Hufflepuff as part of my college's Harry Potter club (Wizards & Muggles) and it was a dream. We were walked into the great hall by torchlight and it was so magical- I knew that because of Harry Potter, I could always a home.

  15. I love that bag! My fave is Harry Potter. I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the cursed child and I'm loving it! I'm a mom so I always carry a first aid kit and snacks

  16. My favorite fandom has always and will always be the Harry Potter fandom. One essential you did not mention is either a book or e-reader. I love reading on planes, buses, and while waiting around for things to start.

  17. Hey Lauren! Safe travels to you and Matt!

    My favorite fandom (besides Harry Potter) would have to be Yuri on Ice at the moment, because YES!

    One big thing I've learned to bring with me to cons would be myself.
    In all seriousness, I like to bring buttons to cons, because sometimes people will trade with you and I'm always looking for rad buttons to add to my collection!

  18. I'm a cosplayer, so for conventions I pack a little cosplay emergency kit that has a little sewing kit (with thread that matches whatever costumes I'm wearing), moleskin for shoes, a little tube of E6000 glue, and safety pins!

  19. Whoa long comment ahead. I think, for so many geeks in the millennial generation, HP was their gateway fandom, and the Ultimate Fandom forever more – and I can see this happening with some kids I babysit, too, so maybe this will be true for every generation to come! I love a ton of books, music, and TV shows, both for the quality content and the quality communities that formed around it, but HP is the great equalizer that everyone started from and everyone returns to.. The pool of art, fic, and meta never runs dry!

    I’ve also got some packing tips: bring some medicine because you never know when you might need it – Allergy, Pepto-Bismol, acetaminophen, a few cold medicine pills – those have saved some long plane rides home when I caught a cold on the trip.
    – Which brings me to: hand sanitizer! Keep yourself from getting sick, or help from spreading the sickness if you catch one.
    – For the fight against air conditioners: moccasins with real soles. You can also wear them to breakfast before you want to get dressed and bother with real shoes.
    – A swimsuit, if you’ll have any opportunity to jump in water (and enjoy it as much as I do).
    – Extra batteries!
    – A little bug spray! My accommodations have had a mosquito problem more than once.
    – Garbage bags! Can serve as laundry, extra β€œpacking cubes,” wet swimsuit holder, and actual garbage disposal as needed.
    – SOMETHING (skirt, shoes, necklace, etc.) that will make you feel fancy in case you decide to go to a nice dinner or show.

    FINALLY, a shoe rec: I think Allbirds are well worth the hype. My pair of Loungers are crazy comfortable and look nice, or at least overlook-able? Similar to Tom’s, but better constructed and way more comfortable.

  20. MY favorite fandom……. ummmmmm AHHHH,,, probably SUPERWHOLOCK+HARRY POTTER!!! And I always have to have a book with me it's my #1 thing!!

  21. Harry Potter Fandom is tops! After all, it's how I met you! I travel with my ukulele in a hard case. My carry one, in addition to the chargers, has a printed copy of my music, in case my iPad decides to not work.

  22. Sailormoon has been my fandom since I was 8! I've been to two conversations and they're super fun. I always bring a portable charger, water bottle, some snacks, cash since not all places accept cards, a card of all important numbers and locations in case I lose my phone, and a change of clothes.

  23. I like to bring books with me. I don't always read all of them, but I like to be well stocked with stories whilst at a con. I always have at least two physical books, two audiobooks, and two ebooks queued up and ready to go when I'm not in a panel, hanging out, or having a meal.

  24. My favorite fandom is definitely Harry Potter! I just love all of the creative things that fans have made based on that world! When I'm traveling I always need to remember my glasses case and a couple pairs of contacts, so I have options and I can see! Haha

  25. Thank you so much for making this video Lauren, its been super helpful! I'm going to be going to Leaky Con later this week too and it's going to be the first Con I'll have ever been to. (I've wanted to go for years but never been able to attend until now). I really hope to see you there! My favourite fandom is Harry Potter and I always like to bring my journal with me πŸ™‚

  26. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter and has been for years and years! I used to read HP fanfiction like I needed it to breathe. I couldn't get enough. I've been watching your videos since the first year of 5AG, which introduced me to wizard rock. I actually had some of the Moaning Myrtles songs on my old iPod (before it got broken >.< ) I still love all things Potter, I even have a HP tattoo!

    When traveling, I have to take my own pillow. I have a hard time sleeping as is, but if I'm not 100% comfortable I find it almost impossible. It's very annoying. Luckily, bringing my own pillow usually solves the issue! Have fun in Dublin! πŸ™‚

  27. My favorite fandom, of course, is Harry Potter!!!!! Also, two of my packing essentials are: 1. My laptop because I am constantly doing work on there, checking emails, and working on my website and I find it so much easier to do those things on my laptop instead of my phone. 2. A sketchbook! I love to bring these because I never know what pretty things I may come across. A pretty tree, a nice statue, a funny bird, or maybe a fountain. I like to keep one so I can create little sketches and when I look back on them I remember all the little things that made the trip that much more amazing. It's kind of like reliving the trip when I look back through my drawings!

  28. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter! It still surprises me that I can discuss it for ours till this day πŸ˜‚

  29. So the thing I can never forget is something to do, like a watercolor kit. I'm a chronic overpacker, which my husband is very understanding about.

  30. I always bring a cheap nightlight when I travel. I plug it in in the bathroom or kitchenette so I don't end up breaking my neck when I get up in the middle of the night. Favorite fandom….. HP, Sherlock, Doctor Who, GOT, Trek, Firefly, my hubby loves all things Tolken, D&D too. He also plays a bunch of tabletop games……. I'm not sure if that is a fandom thing or not. I'm a new subscriber and your videos make me smile. Stay happy.

  31. My favorite fandoms are Star Wars and Harry Potter. When I go to cons I always love to have a sketchbook in my bag. I don't always have time to sketch, but if I don't have it I feel like I left something behind.

  32. I recently traveled internationally for the first time and found that a portable charger with a long battery life is essential. I was able to keep it in my purse and plug my phone in to charge while I was traveling from place to place. The one I have had a long battery life so I didn't have to charge it every night. I also find it essential to bring hand sanitizer and a small package of antibacterial wipes (to clean things like the armrests on the airplane).

  33. Hello Lauren I've been watching since 5ag. Im happy youve kept posting since. Your videos are always appreciated. My favorite fandom is doctor who. That bag is beautiful. I'm trying to get organized so that would be very helpful.

  34. I have alot of favorite fandoms but if have to choose the RWBY fandom just because I absolutely love the characters and how they have relatable problems while also keeping a very sci-fi/fantasy aspect and a lot of action

  35. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter. I would love to go to LeakyCon someday! The only conventions I go to now are academic ones for work. πŸ€“

  36. I love Harry Potter. I consider a book to read and a notebook in which to sketch and take notes are essential. I cant wait to hear about Ireland!

  37. My favorite fandom would be Harry Potter. My packing essential would be a small flashlight. Traveling internationally can be a bit disorienting and sometimes hotels can either be way too bright or way too dark. Knowing that I have light on demand helps me relax. Not so useful for international travel but I find I use it all the time domestically is a small knife. I carry a folding box opener and I use it all the time.

  38. I love watching your videos, you're such a breath of fresh air. As a fellow crafter, I particularly love videos like this and would love to win one of those bags! I love a lot of fandoms, but am particularly into the Harry Potters and Marvel series. Thanks for posting those t-shirts. They're so cute, I'll definitely have to pick up some for some friends! Thanks for your awesome work and keep posting!

  39. Harry Potter is also my favorite fandom!! And I need to pack several books. They're great for the plane and I need something to wind down with at night because I'm awful at relaxing and sleeping in general. I bring several because I read very quickly and I like having several options, usually different genres!

  40. I have a ton of passions and fandoms that it's hard to pick just one. Harry Potter is something that's impacted me differently than any other book or movie or podcast or community. My third grade teacher read them aloud to me and I've been in love ever since. Apart from all of the amazing fanfic and art and conversation that's been sparked by the boy who lived, I think the activism and the community here is what I love so much. ((I didn't know that wizard activist sweatshirt existed– I'll have to check it out!)) The sheer passion for this story and its themes and morals has created such a force for good in the Muggle world, and I'm proud to be a part of this community.

    As a side note, I like to bring an extra tote bag with me to cons to store everything I purchase (which is a lot). That way I don't have to worry about it getting smashed in my backpack and I'm not carrying a sleeve full of all my art prints around. And have a good way to store the business cards you collect from other people!

  41. My ultimate fandom is Harry Potter. I LOVE Harry Potter !!! when I go travelling I really need my phone & charger and a book or Harry Potter book.

  42. I'll be going to Leaky this year finally! I've wanted to go since like 2009, but it hasn't worked out so far. It'll be my first con and I'll be going alone so I'm def kinda anxious about it. And packing is hard! I just don't know what to expect and I only have cabin luggage so not a lot of space. Also don't really have much fandom clothes, only primark stuff so I'm probably taking some more neutral shirts. See you at the con :)! (I'm so looking forward to wrock! I've only seen one small band I hadn't heard of before at a local charity event and that was so great already! )

  43. My absolute must have when it comes to travelling is a good book. It's also very important for me to be already invested in the story by the time I'm away, so if I'm overwhelmed by travel anxiety I can get my mind off things by reading my book.Xx

  44. My fave fandom is currently Pokemon, because with Go, there are so many new people and people you didn't know that are interested. For instance, my mom was never interested in video games but she loves Go and now it's something we all do together and it's opening her up to the idea of playing other Pokemon games

  45. I always have to travel with is evian facial spray. When waiting in line at comic con it really helped to keep cool and my skin hydrated.

  46. That bag looks so great! I'm glad you mentioned a power strip bc that's one thing that's saved my life at cons before. I always pack a thin towel – with so many people maxxing out room capacity, I've actually been at a hotel where they ran out. If you have your own, though not only will you definitely have one, but you'll also allow there to be one more for someone else. My favorite fandom is hands down Harry Potter, but the community feeling at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria was the best con experience I've ever had.

  47. I love the bag, Lauren you should diy your sneakers, would love to see what you come up with. Something I take with me on my travels is a coloring book to help pass the time on long flights.

  48. Harry Potter will always be my favorite fandom.

    Also I always forget to pack deodorant or some sort of toiletry.

  49. That bag is so cute!! I haven't been to many fandom specific conventions only Nerd con nerdfightaria but I do go to New York Comic con and one thing that I always do that is not really something to pack (you covered everything I pack) but it just helps you get the most our of your time is I go through the schedule and make a list of everything I want to go to and then have a back up if I don't get in to my first choice. For a new comfy sneakers that look good you might want to check out allbirds my roommate turned me on to them and they are awesome!

  50. When I'm traveling, I always bring my Kindle! I generally prefer paper books, but nothing beats how compact ebooks are, and I like to travel light.

  51. A must have for me at a con is peanut butter and fruit. Usually I'll pick up supplies at a local grocery store once I arrive. But having the materials to make a pbj and some apples and bananas have been lifesaving when it comes to eating at a con both do to budget and time management.

    HP is my fav fandom! Have a great time at Leakycon! Wish is could have come too!

  52. My favorite fandom is obviously Harry Potter. I love when people tell me that they're a big Harry Potter fan, and then I tell them about wizard rock, the HPA, and LeakyCon and they are overwhelmed by all the extra fandom stuff they didn't know about.

    You covered all my packing tips here, extension cord and external battery are the ones that I usually try to remind people about.

  53. HP is my favorite fandom! My travel must haves are all things you'd find in a mom's bag – medicines, bandages, spare cash, etc. See you at Leaky!

  54. Harry Potter is my number one right beside studio ghibli and going to any event I feel Kleenex, hand sanitizer and a first aid kit.

  55. My favorite fandom is most definitely Nerdfighteria. I don't know if that's really a fandom, but I feel like it still counts. Plus, it's how I came to find your videos! Whenever I'm traveling I make sure to bring my water bottle. Otherwise I end up kicking myself the whole time because I will be so thirsty!
    Unrelatedly (but I still want to comment this), I really like your hair, Lauren. I know you have said before that you hate the idea of having long hair (and of course you are stunning no matter your appearance because you have a beautiful soul), but I love the little curls and waves your hair has in this video!

  56. Favorite fandom is too hard lol because it really depends on my mood but I definitely always have to bring my little charging kit whenever I travel, it's a tiny little zip pouch with a backup battery, wall plug and car plug so no matter where I am I can always use my phone which also doubles as my camera, can't be anywhere without it!

  57. I always travel with breath mints and a small first aid kit with Pepto, Tylenol, etc. Traveling and not feeling your best ruins the whole trip! (also make sure to take any prescriptions you may be on)!

  58. Love the bag! My favourite Fandom is Nerdfighteria (does that count!?) Or Harry Potter… or Doctor Who… anyway one thing that I do not want to forget where I go on trips is my little Anne of Green Gables doll I love taking pictures of her everywhere I go and she's my favorite travel companion!

  59. I absolutely always have to pack my kindle and camera! I'm huge into documenting through pictures wherever I go and love having the comfort of a book to disappear into if I'm feeling like I need some quiet time not interacting with the thousands of other people there! Harry potter is definitely my top fandom but I'm also very into the Gilmore Girls fandom right now – and finding etsy prints related to both of those to decorate my library in my new home! Loved this video and hope to see you at a show sometime soon! πŸ™‚

  60. Hey Lauren! I love your vlogs- actually, it's because of you I got into vlogs i nthe first place! I'm a backpacker and I love to travel the world – I've actually now been to 37 counties! (sometimes I think about making a travel vlog in fact!) Two of my bare essentials for travel that seem silly but are super helpful are natural ginger candies and peppermints! Because I'm often on the road and in places where water and food may not be cleaned, kept or prepared in ways that I'm used to, it's pretty easy to get sick. These two candies really help you out if you have a mild food or water related sickness. Both naturally settle your stomach, and sucking on peppermints gets some sugar in your bloodstream that can help you start to get back on your feet if you've been really sick to your stomach. And, since it's dissolving in your mouth, you're not putting physical food into an already upset stomach. These, of course, should not be used in replacement for prescription medications – just great things people don't often think of to carry with them that might be helpful! I also always carry a few single serving packets of an electrolyte solution (like a sports drink) that are great for getting back on my feet and seeing the beautiful places I want to be seeing – instead of hanging around my hostel being sad!

    Not glamorous must-haves but boy are they helpful! Keep up your posts, love em!

  61. Harry Potter! Make sure to take a raincoat! We were in Ireland last year and I'm glad I packed one. It is also cooler there than here. Layers worked really well for us. I hope you have time to get out and see some of Dublin and the surrounding area. Dublin was my sons favorite city. It has a lot of fun things to do and see. Have fun, I wish I were going to!

  62. Hey Lauren! Wow, you're going to Ireland, how exciting! I just came back from my trip to Guatemala and essentials for me were a medicine bag/first aid kit, shower sandals and bug spray! I cannot say how useful those items were. I hope you enjoy yourself at the convention! πŸ™‚ Much Love!

  63. I couldn't pick a fav famdom, but for cons I need water/snacks and a mini emergency kit with things like bandaids, feminine products, and backup medicine! Also, if I foresee walking around a lot, a good bag that won't hurt my shoulder.

  64. Hi Lauren! I'm not entering to win the bag, but I want to tell you what my favorite fandom is anyway. πŸ™‚ Since I like Harry Potter most, I try to always bring a book (Ravenclaw), something to eat and share (Hufflepuff), a way to keep in contact with people (Slytherin), and a camera for when I do things that scare me (Griffyndor)

  65. I'm in a bunch of fandoms, I guess, but I love the Harry Potter the most. I started reading the first book when I was six and started going to primary school. (I'm from Germany)
    And if I travel, my top 3 are: a rainjacket which I can put into a super small pocket, medicaments against pain and lactose and allergies and the last item are my old headphones, seven year old AKGs. Comfy clothes are also necessary and I wear always! A hoodie. Always! Even if it's 30 degrees, I take one with me, just in case I need it πŸ˜‰
    Sending love and hugs from Germany! (Excuse my bad English, I'm nervous, tomorrow starts school again )

  66. HP Fandom forever<3
    Both my husband and my families live several states away, so we find ourselves traveling pretty regularly. I keep trying to convince myself to just have a bag almost always ready so it isn't stressful when we leave, but haven't mastered that yet. We have gotten to where we just keep an air mattress in our car though, so we don't have to move it in and out all the time. XD

  67. Harry Potter all the way. I always check about 20 times to make sure I have my headphones before leaving on a trip. Can't get through a long plane/car/train ride without them!

  68. My must have when traveling is a busy box. It's a little travel container, slightly bigger than a pencil case, i fill with die cuts to color, paper flowers to glue, or something to keep my hands busy during car or plane rides. I don't want to have to rely on my phone for entertainment so this is a great alternative for me.

  69. My favorite fandom is the Harry Potter fandom, but not in the way you may expect. I liked Harry Potter as books and movies, but I don't think it ever resonated with me quite the way it did with most of my peers. However, I'm such a huge fan of the Harry Potter fandom. The creativity that stemmed from Harry Potter (fanfiction, wizard rock), the communities, and the all-around positive vibes I think made an INCREDIBLE impact on the internet and internet culture and really positively affected me. I find myself drawn towards HP fans because the fandom was such a warm and welcoming place for me in my early internet days.

  70. I have two fandoms that are my favorite: Harry Potter and How To Train Your Dragon. Harry Potter helped me through a really tough time and seeing how fun and supportive the fandom is just makes it even better and How To Train Your Dragon just fills me with warmth whenever I watch one of the movies or the Netflix series and I've really enjoyed how the fandom is pretty active on instagram, which is my favorite social media website. πŸ™‚

  71. My must-have item for trips like this is a good book! Great for when you're travelling there, when you have a little bit of downtime, and for calming down before going to bed!

  72. Harry Potter is my favorite fandom and I always make sure to pack a my Polaroid that way I can take beautiful pictures on it ! πŸ’•

  73. I love Supernatural but I have children so we don't get to go to cons often but I always bring a book for delays and some type of hand craft. My current thing is unicorn horns so when we travel next time I'll be making those. And since I have kids any time we travel we have to have entertainment bags. Each kid packs a bag with their technology and cords and a book or two depending on the length of travel, the smaller kids have toys in their bags too.

  74. My favorite random would have to be the Doctor Who random, but Harry Potter comes in a close second.
    Also when I travel I absolutely make sure I have plenty of hand sanitizer. I like the kinds that smell nice from like Bath and Body Works so I make sure to have a lot with me. I'm not looking to catch anyone's germs.

  75. I'm about to go to fan expo!! Planning on wearing my home sewn Ravenclaw robes πŸ™‚ I always bring a small sewing pack! Never know when you might have a wardrobe malfunction! Great video!

  76. I love the Harry Potter fandom it's so magical and I've never seen anything bring people together in the same way. This past week my best friend and I discovered a pop-up Harry Potter store in Boston which was amazing. I've also had random people on the street comment on a harry potter shirt (in totally genuine fellow fan kinda way, not creepy) Harry Potter just has a special place in so many people's hearts and I love it.

  77. My favorite fandom is Harry Potter, that's how I found your content! (I saw you play at GeekyCon 2015 and had to subscribe). Other than HP, my current favorite is probably Shadowhunters, the TV show based off of the Mortal Instruments series.

  78. My favorite fandom is Disney and things inspired by Disney, like OUAT. I absolutely have to have my planner with me to help me stay organized with travel, numbers, schedule, budgeting (I get too excited and over spend), and to scribble notes of things I want to look into. My planner is a must! I also keep track of things my friends or husband say they like so I can sneaky sneaky purchase them for gifts. πŸ™‚

  79. A power strip!! So smart! I can't believe that in all my years of cons I never thought to bring a power strip for all my things!! πŸ™ˆ

  80. I have to pack toys and my wands and of course my ron and scabbers pop figure and Im late and I didnt want the bag anyways if I did win

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