What’s In My Work Bag?

What’s In My Work Bag?

Rolling, it’s rolling happening this the roll
is going it’s rolling so a lot of you were wondering well what’s inside of her
work bag you were being curious you were being a
little nosy you want to know what’s happening in here
well thanks the hellofresh i am about to show you what’s inside my work bag so
this is what I look like at 3:30 in the morning I wake up I take my shower Bible
I go to work butt-naked with just a robe on that’s just the truth we keep it real
clear on All Things Adrienne I cover myself in coconut oil I put my robe on
and my shades and I get in the car and what is already packed in this marvelous
bag right here I’m about to show you packing snacks and food is very
important for me cuz you know I like to eat all day at the real but because I’m
on a health kick it’s super important to me to know what I’m actually eating so
I’ve been cooking at home a lot these are pistachios and cashews some nuts
I also pack some veggies to have on hand carrots and cucumbers and then leftovers
the guys let me put you guys on what I’m obsessed with about HelloFresh is number
one the prices are amazing and number two they actually chef curated five-star
meals like these recipes are insane they’re so good and so I will like prep
dinner first of all Israel’s also obsessed with HelloFresh because he’s
like oh hello baby you in the kitchen you cook yummy meals he’s into it and
then honestly I literally just pack whatever is left over in here we have a
kitchen at the reel so I try not to do microwave so I literally will heat this
up in like a saucepan in the next morning and that’ll be my lunch the next
day at the reel and what I love about that is when you cook food for yourself
at home you know what is going into your meals and I love the fact that they’ve
prepared most of it already for me and it’s already sighs it’s already
portioned out so I don’t have to get can you guys take me seriously with these
glasses on alright I don’t think guess if I put too much or I’ve put too little
all of it is portioned out for me the meals take about 30 minutes to prepare
and again like I told you the price is amazing it’s $5.66 five dollars and 66
cents per serving that’s amazing and on top of that
they’re super flexible so like you can miss a week or miss a day or decide when
you want to order your meals and that works out perfect for my crazy schedule
you can get started with eight free meals that’s $80 off of your first month
of hellofresh so I got you I got a promo code all you
have to do is go over to hellofresh calm and use the code get ready
groundbreaking allthingsadrienne80 how amazing at that okay so this is my
meal prep stuff that I take to work every single day boom moving right along
now while I’m in this car ride I personally love to listen to music guys
there’s so many things in my bag so I’ve got air pods in here I pop these in pop
these in my ears then I get a little beauty routine started in the back of
the car some eye patches love these these are actually happy place inspiring
I just usually pick random eye patches these are super fit though a little bit of this oh it’s a full on
beauty experience in the backseat of my car
on my way to work so fYI you guys know that I don’t have a driver’s license so
luckily the real actually sends a car service for us girls to go to work so
even though the other girls drive they also get car service as well the car is
usually here at 3:30 I get an a’ like 355 345 because it actually doesn’t take
me that long to get to work in the morning because there’s no traffic no
one is on the road so I literally get to work in about 15 minutes and I get there
at 4:15 4:30 okay so now that that’s in then I move on to a little bit of lip
care oh I always have lip balm in my bag I’m obsessed I have lip on my my
nightstand my husband thinks I’m addicted it could be true I’m totally
into it this is glossy aise coconut balm calm as you can see it’s like really
used I barely have any left it smells like cookies and I love it so
but normally I do a little a little lip mask situation I love this one from KMC
Beauty okay it’s my little lip mask okay so then I’m in the back seat of
Carm looking fabulous like this you feel me you feel me mm-hmm
then I put out my roller and I’m in the back seat listening to worship tunes
like yes Jesus thank you for this day it’s gonna be a great one it’s a good
time I know it’s still dark outside thank you
for giving me another day right and I just roll my life away I love this thing
this is actually by Madonna so this is called MDNA skin have you guys heard of
this it’s the Madonna skin roller and I said I wanted I just mentioned it to
Israel and he actually went and got it for me and it was kind of pricey to be
quite honest with you so I make sure that I use it every day and hopefully
I’m seeing some results so I literally will use my roller in the back of the
car while listening to worship music to get my day started on my way to work to
the real definitely goodness of God by Bethel is on that playlist and tons of
elevation worship music by the way obsessed with my bag
I just got it recently it’s by elevation as well courageous like Rahab loyal like
Ruth bold like Abigail willing like Mary hospitable like Martha’s I’m trying to
be all those things you feel me okay so that’s my roller morning routines I take
shots people we’re not talking about like pitbull shots shots shots shots
shots shots or like you guys do when I say love love love go ahead and take a
shot okay these are my morning routine things that I take with me to work every
single day I ordered them from creation and I keep them in the fridge at the top
of the week this one is antibiotic and it is lemon
garlic ginger oregano oil alkaline water Himalayan salt and salt actually they do
a lot of things the lemon is for energy Lord knows I’ll need that at four
o’clock in the morning garlic is for cold flu remedy we’re not trying to get
sick ginger is for nausea hello I’m in a car anybody get carsick yes oregano oil
antiviral we don’t want your viruses alkaline pH balance keep it fresh water
Himalayan salt for pH balance as well we’re trying to stay hydrated and salt
it doesn’t say what the salt is form okay so we’re gonna take this shot if
you guys ever tried these kind of things they taste god-awful here we go oh my
god that smell so bad Wow okay that’s me in the back of the
car next one we’ve got feel better lemon energy ginger nausea this is doing
the same thing tumeric anti-inflammatory they work together bring down the
puffiness thank you and then cayenne is for my metabolism about to be snatched
echinacea about to boost my immune system Himalayan salt again with Saint
pH balanced and fresh so that’s what this I actually really do prefer the
feel better over the antibiotic this one just tastes better it’s like a tumeric
shot it’s so much better so much better but I take both of these in the morning
let me know if any of you guys I’ve gotten put on to tumeric or ginger shots
in the morning if it’s something that’s a part of your routine let me know okay
what else do I have in my bag hair ties anybody else can’t survive without hair
ties okay we have hair ties in the bag I also while listening to my worship
music I try to get a little devotional in so I go to work with my Bible and I’m
so obsessed with she reads truth it’s an app that you can get on your phone that
helps you to read the Bible because I’m not gonna front I was struggling for a
moment there like you’re just like what do I read how do I read it and then
sometimes you get bored just reading it straight through so this keeps it
interesting and it does devotional and it also creates a community for you
online that you know you can all discuss what your daily reading was about how it
affected you and they actually send out these booklets
you can purchase these booklets so for instance like when you’re done reading
your reading then it’s like did Jesus heal the ten lepers immediately what did
he tell them to do oh no cuz I didn’t read that part when
where the leper is healed we gonna find out so a little devotional in the
morning is always awesome and even sometimes during my lunch break I like
to go work out Jeannie Mai got me into working out at
lunch time she goes to the gym that’s on our Warner Brothers lot so I have
started joining her and I’m super excited about that
so either I will work out and then when I’m done working out if I didn’t do my
reading in the morning then I’ll have a quiet moment before we tape our second
show and I will read my little devotional by the way you guys this was
a gift to me from Israel when I got engaged it’s my wedding Bible it’s
actually called the bride’s Bible with it he bought it for me and here’s what
it says on the inside I never showed you guys this I have it okay it says wedding
memories of Adrienne and Israel that’s why a man leaves his father and mother
and is united to his wife and they become one flesh the wedding day eleven
eleven sixteen seven pm Paris France wedding reception 9 p.m. Hotel plops out
today wedding memory Israel wrote this in it and it says my favorite memory is
you putting your head on my shoulder during the blessing something I will
never forget as long as I live I love you Adrienne Israel that’s my Bible it’s
my Bible workbook from she reads truth that’s in my bag ok what else is in my
bag Polaroid camera I take this with me to work because I like to capture
pictures of us in the dressing room we have so much fun at my job the dressing
room is me grace my stylist ray does hair I’m my own makeup artist and Lana
so I try to capture our moments so team 88 smile for me yeah it’s ready one two
boom well done so I have a collection of Polaroids and we actually are starting
to put them up on the wall so if we have certain guests that come to the show and
come visit I try to take a Polaroid picture with them so coil-rite camera
and film I actually got these at Urban Outfitters and you can get the film
there as well make sure you turn that off so you don’t waste your battery I’ll
tell you guys how this turns out wait I kind of want to take a selfie okay so
there’s that oh my god you guys turned out so cute that’s a really good picture
okay I have my Polaroid camera this is my case for my ear pods scrunchies what
else do I have in my bag well the scrunchies actually go with my hair okay
so depending on what style I’m wearing currently this is all my natural hair
but for certain Styles race sometimes requests that I bring my hair with me
and obviously if I were my clipping extensions at work I don’t take them off
at work normally I normally keep them in my head come home cute for my husband
you know cook dinner cook a little hellofresh with my hair I toss it while
I’m working the saucepan you feel me so I normally have them in my head and then
I need to bring them back the next day there have been times that I’ve
forgotten to bring my hair and then Ray is really mad at me really really mad at
me he’s like okay you want to be bald today you don’t want to have volume in
your hair no I’m kidding but he will have certain ideas in his mind of a
certain hairstyle he wants and they will require clippings also at this point
I’ve grown my hair to the length that I really want it so it’s super healthy
right now and really full but we’ve also stopped doing as many highlights so I
now use my extensions more than anything as my highlights so if you guys can see
this is like a huge blonde streak that I didn’t actually want to bleach my excuse
me ooh hello shot well good morning oregano so we got these at Wow booty
supply they are my faves I brush them out and
I usually use a little scrunchie like this to keep them untangled
voila so that’s in my bag the other thing we have in my bag is my pillbox I
am like an old lady this reminds me of my grandmother but it reminds me to take
my vitamins I have to take my synthroid you guys know that I have a thyroid
condition so normally I take that that’s like the
first thing I do when I get into my dressing room grab a bunch of water I
try to drink as much water as possible stay hydrated
and take my memory so this keeps me on schedule with my vitamins love a good
pillbox like this what else do I have in here we have perfume
I have perfume in all of my bags though so I usually take perfume with me to
work I travel with it back and forth but I
have one just like this at work so I don’t really know why I don’t know I
always have this in my bag my signature scent
Topa Florence it’s a good buy some of the other things that are in my bag let
me finish this shot now the key to taking these amazing shots is to follow
it up with boom some Listerine you don’t want to go around offending people with
your oregano breath much better this is important people you should always have
either gum or some kind of breath freshening situation in your work bag
you don’t want to be offending your coworkers the other thing is when I get
to work I have to show ID in order to get in to the real guys this is a photo
from season 1 and they still have me as Adrienne Bailon and that is my ID for
the real this is how I get in to work every single day so I have to make sure
that I bring my wallet cuz if I don’t bring my wallet
then I can’t get on to my job literally they’ll hold me at the gate and they’ll
be like you can’t get in then I got a call Rhonda
then Rhonda has to call the gate they gotta clear me it’s the whole thing so
I’m currently working on getting a state ID because you guys know I don’t have a
driver’s license but I can get a state ID and that is a process so in the
meantime I carry around my passport boom so this is my passport for now because
I’m getting a state ID that has my new last name on it it’s taken forever you
literally have to go through this major process now of changing your name
legally you have to go to the Social Security office they have to change your
name so my social security card currently says Adrienne Houghton but my
passport says Adrienne Bailon let me know in the comments below if you had
that struggle after you got married and how long did it take you to finally
finish the entire process and completely legally change your name it is a process
okay so like I told you me and Jeanie are now working out at lunch time I’m
trying to do a little bit of a treadmill situation maybe run for about thirty
minutes on the treadmill so I bring a little workout gear oh my gosh I just
found something in my shoes oh my oils another thing I do in the
morning essential oils this is how I wake up I
either use lemon or the citrus fresh these are amazing
anybody knows if you put this like behind your ears or even just like on
your wrist like just to smell it the aromatherapy of like lemon grapefruit is
also amazing for that or just like a citrus combo that’ll definitely help you
wake up in the morning you’ll be more alert amazing so I bring a pair of
sneakers with me and a little workout outfit this one is actually from revolve
and it’s super cute how cute is this what brand is it though I know I got it
on revolt but the brand is love wave so this is isn’t that so cute it’s my
little workout outfit and then you guys don’t think I’m crazy but I literally
come back home so I’ll finish doing my little workout come back maybe do my
devotional at lunchtime eat a little bit of food while I’m reading my devotional
and then I’ll take a little bit of a shower like a freshen up shower and I
still come home you guys will think this is crazy am i lying Lana I will come
home in my robe you know it she ready thank you for watching my what’s in my
bag I’m about to go to work right now cuz I got everything I need right here
again shout out to hellofresh for sponsoring this video make sure you
subscribe mwah love you guys

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