What’s In Noah Cyrus’ Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

What’s In Noah Cyrus’ Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

I’m not scared to dump my bag. I have cool stuff in here. I think. Hi, I’m Noah Cyrus and I’m ready to Spill
It. This is like my favorite bag because I can
fit everything in it. It gets like, really big, or you can make it small or whatever. I literally carry this thing everywhere. Here we go. We’re going into the bag. My hair ties. Must because these buns they come undone. Except fun fact, these aren’t even my ties,
I stole them from my roommate who has longer hair than me. His hair is literally like Jesus. I’ve got my sunnies. I always keep my sunnies in here, so like bam, you can just put them on. You can get real sassy real quick. I always have my deck of cards, because you never know when you’re about to whoop some ass in blackjack. I have my Laura Mercier highlighter that I
never use, clearly. Sometimes you can go like. Get a little nose highlight. I keep my bag pretty cluttered. I feel like I just throw everything in there. But I feel like every girl’s purse, you take
forever to dig through it. My mom’s bag is like a trench. And you’ll just dig through forever, and you’ll never find what you’re trying to find in her bag. Car keys. So my car has this touch thing where you can touch the door, and it’ll open. But everyone hates when I do it, because it only unlocks the driver’s side door. So I’ll be getting in and then I have to get
all comfy and then I’ll unlock the door. Everybody gets so annoyed. Oh. Hand sanitizer. I’m going to use some of that shit right now, ’cause you can never have enough hand sanitizer. I love Purrell. My drummer made me a T-shirt that says “got Purell” cause I love Purell so much, like anywhere I go I’m like, you got any Purrell? That’s like my most number one said thing
on tour. Got my Legend of Zelda in-ears. That I don’t really use anymore, but you know you never know when you need some in-ears. My ladies, we’ve got some tampies just in
case. Does Anybody else call them tampies? Am I the only person that calls them tampies? And then this is the gold right here. Playing Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. This is where if somebody was to break into my car, and take my 3DS, I would never be okay ever again. So that’s my most prized possession right
here. I clearly have a Zelda issue. Oh, we always need these. If you’re like me and you have lash extensions, I always keep my lash extension brushes in there. So you always have to have extra of these. Last but not least, the most important thing in this entire bag. My Pax pen. I need it sometimes. Whenever you’re just in the studio and you
need to chill the f**k out. That’s it. That’s my bag. Thanks for watching Refinery29. For more videos, click here. And to subscribe, click here. Bye!

100 thoughts on “What’s In Noah Cyrus’ Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

  1. She's like a combination of miley cyrus and jaclyn hill also am i the only one that sees it like tell me I'm wrong…..

  2. Think about the mica that might be in that highlighter Noah, think about the child labor that went into that highlighter.

  3. I stopped scrolling for a moment to see why her face looked familiar…
    Then it hit me (the meme) 😂😂

  4. I have the same birthday as Noah,I was born Janruary 8th,I looked up famouse January 8th birthdays and Noah was one of them!!💛

  5. This spill it thing is really a…. I like the other content of this account, but these videos are useless and have no value. 👎

  6. You people hate on her for everything! "she is trying to be overly relatable" or "omg she is so stuck up", "she is ugly", "what's up with her accent omg" and so on.

    Can you all grow up?? She legit didn't do ANYTHING for all of you to hate her.

  7. YOu GOT ANY PURELL?!?! Lol love it 😂 and… Is it just me or did she pronounce Ocarina of Time really weird like "awk"arina

  8. Ugh shes so underrated. We all pay attention to Mileys dirty shenanigans when really she’s the one that we need to pay attention to

  9. Okeys they put noah cyrus whats in her bag ,if you don't like her don't watch it simple trying to hate on her trowing shade is stupid because she's just not doing anything to have this much hate go watch something you like and stop waisting your time on here when you don't even like her

  10. One student went to my older brother‘s classroom and stole his nintendo 3ds just for him to sell it for who knows what price so my mom who will fight anyone so shes with my brother and the student who stole is with his parents too so yeh

  11. Wow does she not have a phone coming from a rich family you would think she has one but noooooo…..

  12. Bro I love how she said her bag gets really big or sum times really small Nd it got like less than one centimeter smaller😂😭

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