What’s In Stephanie Shepherd’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

What’s In Stephanie Shepherd’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

I kind of have everything I need at all times
because I’m a Girl Scout. Hey, it’s Steph Shep, and I’m gonna spill it. So I brought my beloved Hermés. I got this purse as a gift for my birthday
a couple years ago. So, what do we have? OK, first things first. These are my favorite sunglasses. Everyone on Instagram is always asking me what these sunglasses are. They’re Celine, and they don’t make them anymore. They’re super dark and shady, and they’re the only ones I ever wear. This is weird, but I have it. I travel with a medical mask because people
don’t know how to cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze. And then to further my germaphobia, I have a little Lysol To Go because you never know. What else do we have? Ugh, bless. This is from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and I went with
Kim and Kourtney maybe…three years ago? And this, I’m telling you, is the best lip balm. I just really lather it on. The more the better. Mmm. It’s minty. You can also get this on Amazon. You don’t have to go to Iceland. OK. Oh, I have my phone. My Pixel 3. This is a little extra, but you just never know. I have these Maskeraide under eye pads. I’m not afraid to wear face masks in public. I don’t care because, you know, I just don’t. My skin’s more important than your opinion. This— I actually just met with Days for Girls,
and it’s a reusable pad. And they distribute these in developing countries
to girls who don’t have access to menstrual hygiene products. It doesn’t look like a pad. It looks like a washcloth, so the girls aren’t embarrassed. These can last up to three years. And I just like to carry it because I feel like it’s a good conversation starter when someone’s
like, “Oh, what is that?” And I’m like, “Well, let me tell you my spiel.” Cute, right? I know this is weird, but I love this pen from Staples. It’s kind of like a thin Sharpie, and it’s
the only pen I can write with. I don’t know if anyone else is really weird
about when they’re writing with pens and they have to have a specific pen that they like to use. I may be the only one. I don’t know. Hopefully not. My wallet. Good to have a wallet, you know. I’m an adult. I love wallets. My Beats because I’m a business woman. And we roll calls all day. Little scrunchie. This hair, you know. I have to put my hair back when I eat. I can’t really function with my hair. That’s it! Thanks for watching Refinery29. To see more videos, click here. And to subscribe, click here.

100 thoughts on “What’s In Stephanie Shepherd’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

  1. There is nothing impressive about spending $740 on a wallet. It just makes you look dumb. And Stephanie is gorgeous and seems bright. I hope she didn't buy that.

  2. She is above average without all that make up and photoshopped. And that bag is soo basic. It’s for people with no individual style 🥂😂

  3. The best bag video from refinery29 so far. Wonder how someone who seems rather smart and sensible work for someone like Kim K. Or perhaps that’s the reason she does.

  4. Maybe because it’s summer, but seeing the all-black outfit with the black hair, dark black sunglasses, black purse and black scrunchies was way too much for me. And I'm someone who wears black a lot.

  5. Stop 👏🏼 doing 👏🏼 these 👏🏼 videos 👏🏼 if 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 don’t 👏🏼 show 👏🏼 everything 👏🏼 in 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 BAG 👏🏼

  6. So we are going to ignore the fact that they didn’t highlight or mention the book? So disappointed…probably the only thing in that purse I would have been interested in.

  7. Love that she has a @daysforgirls pad in her purse! She is a force for good in helping shatter the silence with a substantial product.

  8. Anyone know the style of those Celine sunníes? I know she said they are discontinued but I still want to know.

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