What’s in the backpack of 🇳🇴 Lasse Lom?

What’s in the backpack of 🇳🇴 Lasse Lom?

alright guys my name is Lossiemouth
barrack i’m the sports officer at nato joint warfare center in Stavanger and
this is what is in my backpack pants long sleeve jackets training shoes
t-shirt reflex West’s workout clothes for outdoor use shorts water bottle pen
and paper and lace but not lasts the sports officer mystery bag jumping rope
better grip wristbands for even better grip liquid shock for the best grip
rubber band for warm-up and stretch out whistle electronic whistle different
sounds stopwatch I almost forgot the kettlebell it’s a wrap

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  1. I dont know how I ended here but can we talk about charming he is. He has literally the kindest smile.

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