What’s In The Bag

What’s In The Bag

(instrumental hip-hop) – What’s up, guys? Welcome to a very fun video. If you don’t think it’s fun,
well, it’s Isaiah’s fault, because he thought this
would be a good idea. I think it’s a great idea, too, though. – Okay, cool. – Yeah, I do. I like it. Isaiah and I watch tech YouTubers like photographers, videographers, stuff like that on YouTube. They always do backpack tours, bag tours. – Yeah.
– You know, what’s in my bag, stuff like that? So, you guys ask us all the time, what’s in the backpack that Abby’s got on her back all the time, so this is her EDC, her every day carry
backpack that she takes out, and this is what’s in it. Good video idea. – Thanks.
– Yeah. – Backpacks.
– [Asa] Backpacks. And how does Mom come in to this? – Well, I’m the one responsible for packing the bag. (laughs) – [Asa] Right. – [Isaiah] She always packs the bag. – I do.
– [Isaiah] It’s awesome. – [Asa] All right, Mom, run us through it. We’ve got some new additions, too. – We do. So she usually always
has a chewie in her bag, but we just got this clip, so we’re going to have it
on the outside of her bag, which makes sense. She also now has her headphones, which are also connected to the backpack. These are going to have
music attached to them, so we’re hoping that she will utilize them more than just wearing normal headphones. In the front pocket, sunscreen, because you need that, we’re in Florida, a hairbrush, and hair ties, because you never know when she’s gonna break them or pull them
out of her hair. (laughs) And here, we’ve got some (clicking sounds) Oh, who doesn’t love that? And a little paper, crinkly paper, just some sensory items
that are easy to travel with and that Abby loves. In the main part of the bag, we always carry a pair
of pants, because, well, you just never know what’s gonna happen. We do have Pull-Ups. Abigail is on a bathroom rotation. She goes every 45 minutes, but again, sometimes things happen. Her iPad for communication,
as well as her music. That is very handy. Wipes, because not only Abigail, but everybody needs wipes in
their life, I’m telling you. Another tube, and we have to have snacks. We have snacks galore, as well as a drink. We also have water bottles
that we carry sometimes. It just depends on the activity. So that’s pretty much
what Abigail travels with. So you guys have heard us
talk about the clip before. It’s super important because
when Abigail has that clipped, she does not take the backpack off. When she doesn’t have a clip
on, or when it’s unclipped, she’ll pull it off and take off running, so it’s super important. This backpack is from Pottery Barn. They have all different sizes
and styles and everything, and we love it so much. Asa found these lanyards on Amazon. They’re for fishing, but
they’re gonna work out perfect for what we need them for. The chewies, we get those off of Amazon. All of those things that we
find, we will link down below. These tubes, they come
in really handy, guys, and the headphones, all on Amazon. So this would be her every day backpack. It changes periodically. During the summer, we’re in Florida, pretty much gonna find a bathing suit and a Little Swimmer Pull-Up in there. When we’re traveling, we
might have more sensory toys, more snacks, whatever it is
we need for that activity, so it just depends on the day. So we pretty much have this
bag packed at all times. The only thing we would not
have in here is the iPad. That way, if anybody
wants to take her out, caregivers, respite,
Isaiah and her wanna go, we wanna take her somewhere, we don’t have to deal
with it every single time. It’s just packed and ready to go. – So it’s not just kids that need things that have every day carry backpacks. – No. – I have everyday carry stuff, too. It’s a thing. It’s like… I don’t know. I wanna know if anybody
else has everyday carry, or if your kid has their
every day carry stuff, what’s in their bag,
– Yeah, their stuff – or any ideas for us, too. Yeah, that would be fun to
see what other people have. – This works well, but we’re always open to adding new stuff. – Mm-hmm.
– All right. – Thanks for watching.
– Thanks for watching. – Hopefully that helped
cure some curiosity. See you tomorrow. Bye.
– Bye, guys. – [Asa] Do you wanna be in the bag, what’s in my bag video? – Yeah. – But you’re not in the bag. – Say, “I could be.” You wanna go? You wanna go for a ride? – [Asa] I guess the cat’s out of the bag. – Oh, my goodness. – [Asa] Hey, oh.

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  1. My bag has a bunch of mini supplies from target. Like: a mini toothbrush and toothpaste kit
    • wipes!!
    • hand cream
    • an extra charger for my phone
    • a pen
    • floss
    • hair bands
    • body spray
    • deodorant
    • hand sanitizer

  2. I try to have a set of stuff that keeps me prepared for everything but I'm one to change my bag to match my outfit so things usually don't get transferred over.

  3. I need to invest in a backpack. I seem to have most of the things you mentioned either for me (fidgets), or my grandkids (snacks, wipes, bandages, toys) stuck everywhere. My pockets and purse are always full. When I change purses my husband gets a kick out of what I pull out. If I ever get frisked, the cops will have a job of emptying my pockets.

  4. Your right Priscilla who does love wips I am 44 I found individual wrapped anti bacterial wips and carrying them in my purse. The world is a messy place.

  5. My kids all have every day carry stuff. Pretty much the same stuff as Abbie.. Extra underwear, pants, wipes.. Yes! Everyone needs wipes in there life! Snacks, (my son has to eat every 2-3 hours or he vomits) 2 of my 3 kids have chewies, sensory toys, emergency meds and a tablet or cell phone with noise cancelling headphones… You are an amazing family! You are doing an amazing thing for your children and for viewers like me. Nothing else needs to be said. Thank you!

  6. I work with special needs kids and I had a student recently whose EDC was similar. Briefs, wipes, gloves, spare pants, favorite stim/sensory item, snacks. I also have six kids of my own and they all carry a bag when we go out. Similar items to Ab but it varies by age and preference. My 13 yo for example will have his phone and wallet… the 5yo has some superhero gear and a couple hot wheels… the 3yo has pullups and pants. They each carry snacks and a water bottle too.

  7. I guess you could say my sensory toy(s) is Rubik’s cubes. Always with me. It helps me manage my tics, especially when out in public (I have a pretty moderate case of Tourette’s syndrome…but like they fluctuate from moderate from severe day to day) I chew on my necklaces since the sensation makes me calmer and I also do the Abby lip clicking!

  8. im the same, I don't normally comment, but I agree with F.B Leach, I watch you guys all the time, its whenever I'm not feeling great, you guys always cheer me up, with how hard y'all work to keep Abbie so well taken care of! sending positive vibes, keep your head up! and ignore the haters, they have nothing better to do then be mean!

  9. This reminds me of a funny story: My sister-in-law teaches fourth grade and here in VA, we study a lot of Jamestown/Yorktown history, particularly the artifacts found by historians. Well, she had forgotten her laptop and needed to "wing it". So, she pulled out her purse and had the kids go through it and guess what kind of person would have these "artifacts". She said it was one of the best lessons she ever taught!

  10. Man, I get why you turned comments off on the last video, completely, but I would’ve loved to say Asa, you are human. We ALL make mistakes. You didn’t put this out there for thr world but that doesn’t mean you are hiding it. I love your family and the love you have for each other. You can see how much you love your wife and your kids (and vice versa). Isaiah, you are a WONDERFUL young man. Cilla, I absolutely love your positive attitude. You almost always look happy and you guys bring so much joy to my life thru your videos. Asa, your past is out there, keep your head held high and show the haters they cant destroy you. Too many of us love you guys for that to happen!! I’ll always support you

  11. Lame goth mom has no business saying anything about your life, we love you guys so very much and will always support you!

  12. Asa , this isn’t by far a mean comment ,
    I wanted to tell you you should’nt be nervous about your past . You are a great man and a great dad ! I know we all only know what was told , and what we see . But you guys as a family take plenty care of Abbie and of Isaiah ! You’ve raised two intelligent kids ! I usually don’t watch YouTube a lot but definitely will watch every video possible . cilla your a very strong woman , keep your head up gorgeous, you got this and neither of you need to feel like you have to explain anything unless it’s a want . Be happy be you. In a loving life comes loving vibes . Stay safe stay strong .

  13. Mine are ID, debit card, keys, mobile charger, reusable shopping bag that folds up all small, hand sanitizer (I used to work with kids and now it’s a habit), lip balm and usually a small snack for me or for someone who might need it. My bag isn’t actually that big either!

  14. I stumbled to your videos in FB and I just saw your video about “your past”. You made me a fan and subscriber. Some people can’t see other people succeed or be happy .. I can say a few things about those types. But y’all are amazing parents, Abbie is a happy teen, your son is a great young man! Y’all done good! I look forward to going older videos. Binging this weekend 🥰

  15. Having her chewies on the outside is going to full of germs,bacteria, mrsa from touching stuff and just being airborne and then she will put it in her mouth. It is bad enough that things we have to touch with our hands and then tranfeeing to clothes, steering wheel, food etc but dont go directly into the mouth. Having that just hanging on the outside will lead to a higher chance of sickness. When i get home from uptown the first thing i do is wash my hands and usually a slight dirtiness to the soap and water when rinse

  16. Sorry but the orange NOISY tube thing is very annoying to others around her.
    I ride the short bus with others who are disabled. It's really important that you don't encourage behaviours that annoy & bother others. Cheers🆘️

  17. Hi there! I have been watching your channel for quite some time now but I have only just signed up to youtube and the 1 and only reason for that is so I can tell you all just how much I have come to value your videos.
    If it had not been for your vlogs, receiving our diagnosis of level 3 non-verbal for our little man would have been SO much harder! I was able to face this head on and hit the ground running!
    You guys have given me some amazing ideas that have saved me not only time but has saved my little guys life!! (back pack makes it easier to hold onto a 4yo who likes to run at ANY opportunity)
    My little man will often come and sit on my lap to watch Abbie. I think he likes to see someone talking like him( by stimming.)
    I am sitting here almost in tears just trying to find the words to explain myself.
    I will never be able to express in words what you guys have done for not only my family but for me personally! I don't feel so alone when I watch one of your vlogs. I start to realize that I CAN do this!
    It broke my heart to hear what has happened to you all and I felt like if I am ever going to sign up to this then NOW is the time. You all needed to know that what you guys do DOES MATTER!
    P.S. Please come to Australia. LOL

  18. Ever since watching your videos I have a better understanding of what autism is. Me and my two children love you guys. Since watching your beautiful family my daughter has a fear idea what autism is and she loves abby. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family we love yous💜 All the way from New Zealand I Just wana say F the haters keep doing yous and i just wana give yous big 'Aroha' (this mean LOVE in Maori ( New Zealands native tongue) 💖🤙

  19. I love guys
    Y'all make me smile, cry n laugh out loud
    Your family is great
    I carry a bag pack sometimes just because sometimes I can't get everything I want in my big pocketbook

  20. I have no special needs but I love to know that certain things are always in my backpack like: lipbalm, wallet, cellphone, tissues, keys, pen+paper. And then I’ll just add whatever I need that specific day 🙂 Love you guys, ALL of you! ❤️🤘🏻

  21. I am autistic and since I was a child I've always carried a bag with headphones, the book I'm reading, knitting or crochet to busy my hands with, water, small snacks, notebook and pens, and of course my comfort cuddly toy Jelly Cat. I'm fifteen and have been carrying the same things most of my life. I also like the feeling of my bag on my back and it helps me feel grounded and calm which makes it easier for me to do things out of the house.

  22. You and your family is such beautiful people , such a great positive attitude, even when there is such low life cruel people who just wanna sit there hate . You guys are amazing people. And it’s there lost for not seeing that . I wish nothing but positive outcome for your family ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Thank you Isaiah!! I had been wondering about what's inside the bag for sooooo long. I also have everyday carry stuff. Aside from a notepad and pencil to write or draw in, I have my sensory bag which has things that help me through the day, like colored dice, a glittery shaker, a fuzzy ball (former cat toy lol), a pipe cleaner, some glittery transparent elastic bands, some bubbles, a little bit of stretchy sand in a plastic tube, a chewie, a vibrating plush, and a squishy scented toy. I discovered your channel a while back and it has helped me a LOT accept my diagnosis (BP2, ADHD, GAD, OCD) and be comfortable stimming in public and carrying my bag with me (so many meltdowns avoided). Thank you so much for raising awareness regarding neurodiversity.

  24. You guys are great. I love watching you. I don carry a bag when I do respite but I might need to h start. I found myself at the beach one day in desperate need of a band-aid for my kiddo who slipped on a rock. band -aids, water and tissues are a must imho

  25. I have say I loooovvveee yall sooo much! I watch yall daily.
    I am thankful for your content as it is helpful because my child is very much like Abbie💙

  26. Does anyone remember the koolaid type drinks that came in a container like those tubes? I think it was called burples, or something?

  27. I'm sorry that people sometimes are just such jealous individuals and lack self confidence that they deem it okay to spread other people's live's and struggled to make themselves feel superior.

    Bullies exist in all age groups and they are no less hurtful when we're older. You guys are a real human family and have taught the community so much from your personal experiences. Unfortunately, with that came a target. I personally think that anytime there is ever anything personal brought to the publics eye (not that I believe anyone has the right to share anyone else's personal experiencs with the world unless they are their own but I digress), you BOTH have addressed it owned it and moved on with such class that it too is a powerful example of the true person you both are and why you are a huge role model in the community. In the end it actually makes you both seem even more sincere and true the person's you are off YouTube. It makes you more relatable to those watching as well because heck we all have drama moments in our lives. As most of us also have that person who is not who they appear to be and only are around to create a conflict, so they feel better about themselves .I can't imagine how difficult it was to share this type of personal information with us, especially since its really not our business. Its between you two and quite frankly our personal opinions are not valid. It is no one's place to judge anyone else, EVER. I love your channel your personalities and your family. Hugs to you Priscilla and Asa again this was handled with an amazing level of class & respect that I say well done

  28. Not gonna lie – when I went to Disneyland, I brought a small packet of Huggies wipes with me. It came in handy when a bird pooped on my friend. So yes, when Priscilla says "everybody needs wipes" she is 1000000% correct!


  30. You guys rock. I love how calmly you handled the situation with the gargoyles that are trying so hard to destroy you with your past. Everyone has a past. Even them. It's not how you fall that defines you but how you get back up.
    Pertaining to every day carry items, I have health concerns so in my purse I always have some candy in case my blood glucose drops, a pulse-ox meter in case my heart acts out (more to allay panic attacks than anything else), my asthma inhaler, a mini fluff remover for my clothes, my phone, some deodorant, my wallet and a metal telescoping baton for personal protection from aggressive animals in the park. I also carry a vog mask to help prevent asthma if I have to go shopping and a cane for balance.

  31. My day is not complete without my fathering autism. I don’t know why but I check how many followers you have almost every day and it makes me so happy every time the number goes up… I have been following since 100,000 followers and you made the ornament. I can’t express in words what you’ve done for me in terms of being my escape from anxiety, depression, bad days. You make me smile and teach me to be a better me every day. Thank you.

  32. We carry a change of clothes pull-ups emergency seizure medicine seizure action plan timer to time seizure and seizure log snacks and cans of pop

  33. My cat looooves sleeping in my backpack if I leave it unzipped. I have picked it up so many times and thought “why is this so heavy” and then I see him inside haha

  34. Great video idea ! Please let Priscilla know that i love seeing her smile 😊 PLEASE GUYS DONT LET HATERS PUSH YALL AWAY FROM YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE.
    ♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  35. You are all amazing and give so much of yourselves to us. The past is the past and you deserve some privacy. There may be a minority of people out there who are out to get you but the majority are not, we love and support you, your family, friends, school and caregivers.
    Remember YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

    In my backpack is: pads, wipes, disposal bags, cleaning wipes, bed pads, whole change of clothes special cup, reusable straw, cutlery, blue badge, wheelchair gloves, sling for using with a hoist.

  36. I am guardian of my autistic niece & nephew so the contents look pretty familiar. I think i need to have my niece Tia do a video. Alex is blind/ nonverbal also so basics same but some differences.

    Great idea for a video btw😊

  37. I know you didn't want comments on a particular video, but I just wanted to say how sorry I am you guys are dealing with people who are so hate filled and feel the need to stick their nose where it doesn't belong. You guys owe NO ONE an explanation on things that have happened in the past, its NO ONE ELSE"S business what happened, and just keep doing you.

  38. Wipes are essential!! I swear even when my kids are older, I will always carry wipes, everyone needs them!! Haha and extra clothes…my daughter (who is 3) fell in a dog water bowl at my sister's house a few days ago (her entire bottom was in the dish and she was stuck so she sloshed it EVERYWHERE) and I was soooo thankful I always carry extra clothes!!! Kinda funny story now though!!! Haha

  39. My heart goes out to you guys keep some hope in your lives. ♥️♥️♥️ Im going through a lot in my life, way different from yours, but I feel for you guys. Love you all♥️♥️♥️

  40. You are such wonderful parents ! I’m jealous of her backpack, it’s got everything a gal could need ! I love the sparkles too 🙂 It’s so cool that you even have some sensory items easily accessible 💖

  41. Hi
    Just wanted you to know that we love and support you guys. Thank you for sharing your love, your children and your home. 💙🧩

  42. I have only left a handful of comments on your videos however I wanna start off by saying this… I am a mother of an autistic boy and you have helped me in so many different ways while raising him so I want to thank you for that. I could not leave a comma underneath the video that you and Priscilla did, so I wanted to leave one at least under this video. I don’t care what your past life presented all I know is you’re helping hundreds of thousands of families, single parents and many other autistic children was what you do on a daily basis! I thank you for that! Asa, the hell with anybody else’s opinion out there. If your wife and your family have gotten through this that is all that matters. You’ve helped a lot of people on different networks and if they think they have never had issues come up in their life then we all know that’s bogus. Thank you for coming on and explaining what you did, however it’s not needed! You having another child out of wedlock has nothing to do with what you’re doing on this channel for thousands of people. Keep doing what you’re doing, because you never know exactly who you’re helping! Priscilla I wish I could’ve just come through my phone and hugged you seeing you cry! But see this is why you all are 100% Real people with real problems that have gone on in life. Regardless of what the haters are trying to bring to the table you have so many of us that aren’t going to go anywhere! Love to you and your family

  43. Love it guys! As a bagoholic I really love seeing how people utilize edc bags in their life. I think that load out is great for her! Thanks for sharing guys!

  44. I have EDC back pack. I have severe anxiety, sensory processing issues (auditory) and immune deficiencies. I have to carry my medications every where with me. I also carry in ear noise canceling blue tooth head phones. A small stuffed animal for when I'm anxious. My essential oils that help me stay calm. And sometimes a coloring book and colored pencils. My husband also carrys things for me in his EDC bag. Thanks for sharing Abbies bag. Its nice knowing I'm not the only one who needs a bag like that.

  45. I've only been subscribed maybe a couple of months and your a lovely family and definitely and can tell you love your children and each other, what im trying to say is your past as absolutely nothing to do with anyone else 😘😘

  46. I almost never comment, but I just saw your post from a few days ago. I want you guys to know that your YouTube videos have saved my sanity in the past 1.5 years. I adopted my daughter from Bulgaria with no idea that she had level 3 autism. I stumbled on your YouTube channel early last year and from coping with my daughter gagging herself and projectile vomiting as a stim, to thinking maybe I could actually take a vacation thanks to your video on autism on the seas, to naming and trying out all of my daughter’s stims (we started “face-hugging” just because of you guys), you have given me more resources – and relief – than any of our counselling or therapeutic services. I don’t watch your blog because of your past relationships. I don’t watch your channel because I want to see reality type tv. I watch your channel because you are real. You are dealing with autism in a real way, providing us with examples, and real advice. While I’m sorry you felt you had to address the trolls out there, real life is messy. I hated that you were speaking as if you had something to be ashamed of. I hated that some bully made you feel that way. Your family has allowed me to see my daughter for the person she is, instead of the limitations her autism creates. You are the same brilliant, resiliant, and open family you were before this information came out. You have not changed one iota in my mind, except for maybe making me think that you should also do a YouTube channel on couples and healthy relationships – since it’s so obvious that’s what you have. Maybe your path would’ve been different if your past hadn’t transpired as it did. Maybe this was what allowed you to be where you are now. We can never know what guides our path, only that Someone does! Lol! Take care. Please know that while I am only one voice in 200,000, you are one in a million to me!

  47. Love you guys! I’m an ABA therapist and it’s amazing yet such hard work. You guys are doing great with Abby and are wonderful people! Don’t let the haters get you down:)

  48. I have a bag most of the time. But I do know one thing that I always need if I go out with friends is some type of drink and some type of sit down coping skill. Or art stuff. I don’t have autism. I do have GAD which is an anxiety disorder that keeps people from functioning from anxiety and things related. I do have other panic disorders. A bag always come in handy for my needs when I’m in an episode or getting out of one or for my service dogs needs 🙂

  49. Along with my gson’s fidget basket he carries a Tupperware lunch-it for his munchies and a drink. He carries a small bag that he can add the treasures he finds on walks. Oh and wipes!!!

  50. Really enjoyed the video thanks so much for sharing. I never knew Pottery Barn had backpacks. Its just furniture and home decor here (Canada).
    My bag… well it can be pretty heavy. Yikes!
    -Merlin (iPad)
    -bose ear phones
    -cellular phone
    -chap stick and hand cream (it's a must to avoid my meltdowns)
    -pop tube (I love those too)
    -candy cane
    Depending on the outing extras may be added. Apparently I don't travel light.

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