What’s in your camera bag? | Landscape Photography with Tom Ormerod

What’s in your camera bag? | Landscape Photography with Tom Ormerod

(gentle chiming music) – I’m Tom Ormerod, I’m a
landscape photographer, But I love being by the sea. And I also dabble in a little
bit of night photography too. So, here’s my kit bag. So look. (zipping) First things first, the
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark 3. I’ve got it set up with
a standard kit lens that’s coming with it,
which is the 12-45 F/2.8 pro it’s weather sealed, just
like the whole body is which is really important
for landscape photography. The lens we really really rely
on is the 70-14 F/2.8 pro. It is just a fantastic piece of kit. The ratchet focus those manual focus shots is just brilliant. Te zoom on the wide angle
is really really useful. Third most used lens,
the 42-150 F/2.8 pro. It’s an amazing lens, super sharp, it just always performs. It’s always good to have a
little bit of extra reach in your bag just so you can
get some long landscapes. Especially in the sort of
environment that we’re in today. So, final lens in my bag
is the Olympus 17mm F/1.2. It’s got the ratchet focus
like all the pro lenses, weather sealed, like all the pro lenses, but importantly the F/1.2
is really really useful when you’re shooting night photography, when you need that really fast lens. This thing, you can get some amazing shots of the Milky Way with. So I do carry a couple of
filter kits around with me. Really good for doing
things like super long exposures on the tripod. So one of the filters I use
a lot is a gradient filter. It enables me to control
the light differently between the top and the
bottom of the scene, which is obviously really important in landscape photography, when often there’s the bright sky,
and a dark foreground. Although I carry the filters
around, with the mark 3, I’ve been able to use them a bit less, because the mark 3 has got
the built in live ND filter which enables you to stop
up to five stops of light. If I’m shooting a longer
exposure, but I want to use my grad filter as well, I can
use the live ND, just with the grad filter, and slow down the water movement a little bit. One thing that I have to have
a lot of shooting by the sea, cleaning equipment, unfortunately. The Mark 3 does come with hand held high res mode which is fantastic. It enables you to shoot up
to 50 megapixels hand held which from a 20 megapixel
sensor, is amazing. But I do carry my trusty tripod with me. It’s quite important for
landscape photographers to have a tripod despite the
fantastic image stabilization. I am always amazed by
the image stabilization in the end with these cameras. Really important, as a
landscape sea fit photographer, weather ceiling, lightweight system, so you can just hike away
to your hearts content. It’s fast, it’s small,
it’s light, fantastic. (upbeat music)

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  2. Hi Tom, wich filter holder do you use for your 7-14mm PRO lens ? It's difficult to find that's why I'm interesting. Great video.

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