73 thoughts on “What’s inside a $400 vs $50 Cooler?

  1. I agree with Lincoln. That seems like a huge price jump for an extra layer of foam and a fancy lock. Awesome video!

  2. My $40 igloo cooler holds more then a comparable yeti, weighs about 70% less and holds ice for 24 hours for overnight fishing trips. How many people are such serious campers they need ice for 5 days?

  3. Come on man. They don't call it bear proof because bears can't open the latch. They are claiming bears can't get through the lid or walls. You still have to secure the lid closed🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Maybe YETI is the acronym for ..".YOU"RE EASILY TRICKED IDIOT."……I guess you guys aint tricked and you just saved a whole lot of folks money.

  5. Could you do the yeti competitor from Walmart called the Ozark Trail? Pretty cool video. You've actually helped me in my decision.

  6. Yeti and all of the overpriced coolers , are all Overrated . And you'll never get anyone who got sucked into buying one to admit it !

  7. make a decision based on nothing but sight and ignore the science.
    Cheap cooler – no ice next day
    YETI – burgers are still frozen

    THAT is what the cooler is about….not if you like how your finger dents the foam…

  8. The cheaper one just need to drill a small hole in lid n fill with foam. Why such a crazy price for extra foam n a little more plastic.

  9. The knockoffs are almost as good at half the price. I don’t need ice to last five days, three and a half will do.

  10. I don’t own a yeti and I think they are overpriced, specially now, with so many roto molded coolers out there. However, the durability, ice retention, warranty are factors compared to the cheap ones. I’ve been away from ice and had a warm cooler before and it’s frustrating.

  11. Yeti coolers cost that much cause bears can toss them like tinker toys and it won’t break and you clan fill it up with ice and stay frozen for a week

  12. Wait…
    You put frozen meat in the Yeti and after 1 day, it was still frozen?
    We'll, there's your scientific proof right there!

  13. Any cooler is better than that cheap one with no insulation on the top. My coworker gave me his because it can't hold ice for more than 6 hours.

  14. The plastic on the outside of the yeti cooler is thicker and probably a speacial type of plastic. Industrial streath

  15. Damn y’all are haters let people like what they like who cares if they’re spending a lot of money it’s not your money

  16. I would not spend the extra money on a Yeti…because…you can buy the same cooler at Walmart under their store brand for less than $100. I have worked at a lot of factories in my lifetime, and I guarantee you that the Yeti cooler and the cheaper off brand coolers are mad in the EXACT same factory. The only difference is the logo and stuff that gets put on each. There is no "Yeti" factory making only Yeti coolers. They ALL come from the same factory, made the same way, just with different logos.

  17. Just confirms what I already knew… it's pure hype to get trend-sheep salivating. I'm sure it's more durable, but it isn't eight times as durable.

  18. Styrofoam coolers from those mail order steaks are thicker and included in the price of the meat you buy. Insulative value is dependent on mostly ONE thing – thickness of foam. Thicker = slower movement of heat from outside to inside. Heat flows "downhill; not cooler to hotter. Thicker walls and insulated top is all the yeti is. Have a bunch of steaks and free coolers for $400.00 vs no steak and rich marketing golfing Yeti dudes. No brainer.

  19. I bought a Coleman reversible cooler. It Heats and cools. I paid $15 for it at a second hand store. It's been in and out of a couple thousand motel rooms, it's been to the beach to the mountains and Canada and to Alabama to the Mississippi 2 Ocracoke Island. That was 20 years ago and still running strong

  20. I mean I have a yeti and it sits on my flatbed truck and can hold ice in it for 15 days when it's 90 degrees out…. I'm happy with it just for the convenience of not having to buy ice every other day

  21. You want that foam easy to push in. More air pockets the better insulation. Check out air foam or that nanotube foam for heat protection and it’ll make sense.

  22. Yeti spends more in marketing, (very successfully) but Pelican coolers are a better known brand by the outdoorsmen. If your buying ice 5x a week — theses ~$400 coolers pay for themselves.

  23. drill hole and maybe a tiny vent hole fill $50 coolers lid with 5 dollar of expanding foam sure that will make it darn near as insulated and ta da your good to go

  24. Igloo is made in USA. 🇺🇸

    I can leave my igloo cooler at the campsite without worrying someone will steal it.

    Drinks and ice in the yeti turn it into a two person chore just to lift it. Empty, the 65qt yeti weighs as much as a case of bottled water. The igloo is super light. The other couple camping with us still had to buy ice for their yeti, but we did have to re-ice once more than them. No big deal.

    The igloo lid is hollow. Drill holes in the outside of the lid and fill it with expanding insulation.

    Yeti is about image.

  25. What's the composition of the plastic & insulation in the Yeti vs the other cooler though? It's all about material science, down to the atoms, now and the Yeti clearly works way better when it comes to keeping things cool.

  26. igloo has a cooler similar to the yeti now for $100. as far as yeti in general goes your really just paying for fit and finish at this point there are other companies that make basically the same thing as the yeti even down to the same deminsions sometimes as the yeti for at least $50 cheaper on average. honestly with me if you have a lot of money and are going to use it all the time i say go for the yeti if its just gonna be used on a camping trip or something or you have your own ice machine id say go for something cheaper

  27. Honestly , I'm almost tempted to drill a few holes in the lid of my big coleman cooler and spray in some foam insulation! Hmmm??……..maybe be a project I'm willing to tackle in the next couple weeks.

  28. I have to disagree what you really need to do isn't cutting the cooler in half, but testing the 2, side by side. You assume that there isn't much of a difference in performance, but that may not be true.

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