What’s inside a Bass Backpack?

What’s inside a Bass Backpack?

(Lincoln clapping) – You guys recommend some
strange things to us. – Very strange. – This is a vest or a jacket. – Or a beat up box. – The box is super beat up. This must have come from very far away. You connect this,
supposedly, over Bluetooth and it amplifies your
listening experience. – Luckily, I do not
have a Bluetooth today. I have had very… Look how big this box
is and it that just– – Oh. – Yeah, that looks heavy. – Oh, that looks cool. This looks like something you should be in the military wearing. Well, it looks like a
bulletproof vest, which it’s not, that you would wear on your back. Squeeze it. – It’s like rubber. – It’s like kinda squishy. And then it also comes
with this stretchy guy. – Pew. – Power, battery, Bluetooth
connection, line in, and headphones so you might
be able to be listening to headphones quietly– – While the bass is vibrating. – Yeah. Let’s plug this in, let’s give it a try, and then of course, we need to cut it open and see what is inside of it. Oh, you’re gonna wear it in the front. There’s like no instructions. Oh wait, what’s this? – Oh, adapters for different worlds. That’s an incylinoid. – So you really wanna wear it that way? – I feel powerful. – Now we need some music. (bass heavy music) I can hear the music
basically off the beat. (Lincoln groaning) You hear that bass? Hunter, do you have some headphones? We got some headphones. Okay, it in there? – Yeah. – Okay, let’s try it now. – Ow! That’s so loud. – Okay, alright, I turned it down. – It’s not vibrating now. – Commence vibration. – Oh, now it’s vibrating. – So I think as you turn up the music, it makes the vibration go
louder ’cause it doesn’t sound like it’s working that
much, then as I turn it up. Yeah, so it is– (Lincoln yelling) – It’s so vibrate-y, no I don’t like it. – Would you wear it? – No, not at all. – I wanna try it. Imma wear it the right way. – The way that normal people do it. – Oh. I like that. That’s awesome. It just sounds like something stinky’s gonna be coming out my behind. Ah, it’s like a massage. We need to try this on some other people before we tear it apart because this is too cool to just destroy. – Where are we going? – We’re gonna go test this on people. – Like? – Just random people. (swing music) Alright, our first test subject. – This just sounds weird. I don’t know how to like– – Okay, I know it’s kind of weird. This is Kenzie, let’s see what
you think about the backpack. I like her shirt, that
it says good vibes on it. Alright, throw that on like a backpack. – Oh geez. It’s like tickling my back like crazy. – Turning it on. – Whoa. Oh my goodness. – Oh. – It like tickles. – I’m probably yelling. The skin on my cheeks is vibrating. Why would you want that? – Would you ever wear
something like that willingly? – Probably not. – What is this? – I have subs in my car
and it’s like my car shakes a little bit. – Okay, so your backseat
already does that. – It’s pretty much just
that, just amplified. – There you go. – It’s like being at a
party all by yourself. – That should be on their box. – I kinda would walk
around like this, actually. It’s kinda like a mini
massage, a little bit, but if it could massage at
the same time, you’d be set. – [Dan] Can you talk louder? Can you talk louder? – I like it when the bass goes boom. Boom. Boom. I like it when the bass goes. I’m probably yelling. Boom. Boom. – I like it when– – The bass goes boom. I feel like I’m probably yelling. Boom. Boom. – I like it when the bass goes – Boom. – [Dan] Would you willingly wear that? – I mean, I could see Lincoln wanting to ride his booster board. – Hunter. Come in here. Here you go. Did you see him jump? I love having people try
it for the first time. – That’s cool. – How about if you’re in
Fortnite and somebody’s coming and you hear their footsteps
or you hear them shooting. You can feel the vibrations. If you’re playing at nighttime
and you want to be quiet but you also need to hear. Drop where everybody is, go. – No, not tilted. Oh, whoa. Oh, that’s so vibrate-y. – That was crazy. Did you hear that? As soon as he started
to drop in off the bus, it was like– – Oh wait, I’ll wait for
my glider to come out. I should not have come here. Uh oh, get me out of here. Oh shoot. ‘Kay, see, they had a
weapon, that’s why I jumped. – Was that not cool though to feel it? – Yeah. – Pretty cool thing. So we need to take it
apart to see how it works. Let’s cut into it. – We should make it look
like a backpack that you can like hold stuff in instead
of that because it looks a bit strange and you can
actually hold stuff in it, more than– – Lincoln wants more functionality. That’s what your mom
said, she says she wanted a water bottle holder. – See, I don’t want a water bottle holder. – Everybody wants something
different in life. – I don’t know how cool that looks because it’s black and black. See, that looks better. Whoa, that looked easy. – It’s the blade. That’s what happens when
you have a sharp blade, we don’t usually have one. – [Lincoln] It looks
like foam on the speaker. Is that the speaker? What is that? – [Dan] Look at that. Three layers of foam in there. – Speakers. Whoa, what’s this? It’s a battery pack, that’s the battery. – [Dan] Is it the battery? – Uh huh. – Okay. Alright, wow. Okay, we are in right now. – No more foam. – Just, it looks like two
giant things that vibrate. Oh look. I pulled it out of the backpack. – That’s it in the backpack? – That’s it. It’s heavy though, it’s heavy. There’s definitely some weight
to each one of these things. Let’s turn it on. – Okay. Whoa, it’s working. (speakers vibrating) – Those are some strong
vibrating speaker thingys. How am I gonna get inside? How did they attach these guys? – Yeah, it looks like it’s glue. Whoa. What is that? – Just some foam. So there’s the bottom, it has some metal. Oh, and screws. Go grab a screwdriver. (light electronic music) – Whoa. – Okay, we killed that one. At least we can see what it looks like. Some like it a little bit more. Screws are off. – [Lincoln] There’s just
like a copper coil around it. – There it is, another
coil for the magnet, almost like a speaker and the
magnet like goes in between that, let’s see what part the magnet is. So yeah, that’s the magnet. – Black stuff? – It’s just some foam,
maybe to stop it from making like vibrating noises. – [Lincoln] Just like buzzing? – Yeah, so if it’s vibrating
in there, you don’t want it, you don’t want the backpack
to make tons and tons of noise but you still want it
to vibrate real strong. Yeah, that’s just metal. That’s metal all the way through there. – Is the magnet super strong? – It’s pretty strong. Not as strong as a
ignodymium magnet, but– – Well, we need to test
it a ignodymium with that. – I doubt we’ll ever
be able to get it off. – Really? – Yeah. We can try it though. I have this neodymium magnet. If I had another one just
like this and I put my finger and went between, it would
smash and break my bones. Like, watch this. – Dad, watch out, that’s way
too close to this magnet. – How do you know? Are you a master of magnets? Two magnets, can we pull it apart? Oh, that’s so strong. Yeah, I am strong. This is a super cool product of Subpac. – Yes. – I don’t know, we’ll put
a link in the description if you’re interested in checking it out. This is not a sponsored
video, by any means. – Nope. – We just thought that it was
cool and you guys reached out and said do a video on
this and see what’s inside. Give us a thumbs up if you
think that Lincoln should start a gaming channel. – They want a high five and everybody just leaves them hanging. I don’t. – I like it when the bass goes boom. – That’s what your mom said. – Very strange. – I’m probably yelling. – I waiting for my glider. – Everybody wants something
different in life. We’re gonna go test this on people.

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  1. Great video I enjoyed. 7:26 You're right, it's basically a speaker. You're pointing to the voice coil an electromagnet witch receives signals from your music reacting with the permanent magnet in the other piece causing vibrations.

  2. they got the concept from an adult vibrator. You jolt when you hit the G spot. Same with the bass that just hits you and you say "Uggggghhhmmmpph"!

  3. I use this product when I perform on stage at events as well as in the studio this is great for artists and producers who want a new and useful way to engage in their music

  4. Ahhh! You guys didn’t have to destroy it! There’s a zipper on the reverse side that allows access to all the internals. You could’ve put it all back and enjoyed that thing FOREVER 😯

  5. 1:07
    Lincoln: "Oh, adapters from different world"
    Me: laughing
    Also me: "Oh, a video from different world"

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