What’s inside a Microwave Popcorn Bag?

What’s inside a Microwave Popcorn Bag?

100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Microwave Popcorn Bag?

  1. I am never eating microwave popcorn ever again after watching this video! I am officially grossed out now.

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  3. It has to have an oil type substance to pop. What happens to grease when it gets cold? It looks just like the inside of the popcorn.

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  5. You guys could have put the popcorn in a pan with a lid after opening it I cook home mad popcorn all the time and it’s yummy 😋

  6. The yellow substance is called flavocal… its what makes your popcorn tasty.. the waxy oily substance is coconut oil.. both yellow and white

  7. He still doesn't understand what popcorn, butter and corn is.
    They should have on the table some raw corn, a corn cob, a cube of better and salt.
    To show him that you can put some butter on the cob and microwave it and it will still pop.

  8. I was wating popcorn and on the pack it says that you shouldn't reheat the same popcorn once u finish it lol so thats how im here

  9. I went to microwave a bag of popcorn and as I was opening it, I wondered, “what’s in this thing?” I thought that the What’s Inside channel by now had already answered this question…

    so that’s what I did.

    that’s what I searched.

    now I’m here.


  10. Am I the only one irritated by the fact they didn't mention just buying a bag of popcorn and make them the old fashioned way?
    It's healthier and a LOT cheaper, if you want to be lazy then stick to disgusting microwave popcorn.

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