You’re not going somewhere else you stress me out you’re just observing me there in the corner I told you this was not going to turn out well Hey guys welcome back to
the Dee Fam, so before we start this video I just wanna say that if you didn’t
check out our last video we’re gonna be doing a Q&A when we hit 600 subscribers
and if you have any questions that you want to know about us make sure to leave
them down in the comments below so now on with the video So school is around the corner for me, I start Monday and it’s gonna be my second year in
college, I’m a sophomore now, so if you want to see what’s inside my backpack just
keep on watching guys to begin, this is my backpack so i bought this at pink and it’s very similar to my last backpack, I really liked it so I just had to change the color a little
bit and now to what’s the inside of it so it has this little mini compartment in
the front and all I have in here is just my headphones, earphones? earphones and then in
this one I bought germ x at Target, I wanted to attach it somewhere but I
don’t know where, like I don’t know that’ll look weird right there, let me know and
then I have my wallet and then I bought this at Disney and it has my ID in there
and you could just pull it so that is pretty cute to just attach it right here
and always have it because if not I’m gonna leave it on my lanyard and Im going to forget. In this one I actually only have this little mini bag, I bought it at Target to mainly all this stuff I bought a target, i
can’t be trusted to go and then in here has all of my necessities, so I bought a
minute deodorant I bought gum, Carmex
because if you know me, im a Carmex freak Band-aids because I like to buy
shoes that don’t fit me, just kidding they just always cut me, so they come
with a lot of band-aids in there and then some tylenol because whenever I
feel sick my mom always says we’ll just take some medicine and I never do, so I feel sick in class so now im prepared and then just a little mini mirror, so that
is in this bigger one but it does have this little part in there so maybe it can fit more, and then in the big one I have all of my books, obviously I’m gonna take
them by day so I’m not not to carry all of these around, to be totally honest
with you guys I didn’t really use my books last year, but I just thought that
these were the cutest colors look at them guys, I saw them and I was like oh,
I’ll probably use like one of them and the rest I’ll save for next semester, and
then I’m gonna be reusing my little bag from last semester and then in here I
have tape to match my backpack, it really doesn’t match but I can’t find nothing
to match this backpack color and then a bunch of pens, pencils, highlighters, led,
I had a stapler in here and I lent it to Gabriella and it’s gone, she lost my
stapler, so im going to have to go buy another one that’s what’s inside this little bag,
and then I have my binder, guys I tried to match it, as you can see I’m having a
very hard time matching any colors with this binder, I mean with this backpack so
look I’ll put a picture up here of what I had in mind, what color I had in mind,
but it didn’t match as good as I wanted to, so in here I have my little heart
that Gisselle drew me and I think it’s good luck so I always have you with me, I
have my little post-it notes and then I have my dividers and then my sheet
protectors where I put my syllabus and I already have them for all my five
classes and then just paper back here which I think this will usually last me
a semester, so that’s my binder and then the last thing for this backpack is it
has a little compartment back here and that’s why I hold my laptop and then up
here I have extra pencils because this has happened to me a lot of times where
I forget this pencil pouch, it happened to me on a test day, it happened to me on
a test so I had no pencil and I was asking around, and no one else had
pencil, little liars, so now I prepared and I just leave it here, so these are my
emergencies, I don’t use them unless I forget this which is pretty often, so I
bought some stuff that will eventually go in there but I didn’t want to open it
up for the video so I bought these pencils and the only reason I bought on
this because it has green in there, I don’t know if you guys can see and then I bought
Kleenexs because the cold weather is coming my friends, I bought posted
notes, already had some but I just love buying school supplies,
and then index cards so that is what is inside my backpack guys,
I hope you all enjoyed this video and now come cook with me, let’s go okay guys so were going to be making breaded chicken, I have the chicken tenderloins right here, and
we’re going to put them right here and hit them until they go flat but since we
have nothing to professionally hit them were going to have to use this, so lets get started okay so now I’m gonna dip it into the
egg and then put it into the bread crumbs and then we have our pan and were going to put it in there So it’s ready, so this is what it looks
like, white rice, corn, salad and the breaded chicken
Bon Appetit okay guys so thank you so much for watching what’s inside my
backpack I hope you all enjoyed my real life, if you like this video don’t forget
to give it a big thumbs up, subscribe if you haven’t and hit the bell for
notifications, see you guys in our next video, bye Thumbnail time the books I don’t even use its okay one book won’t hurt But then you can’t see my backpack who cares about you backpack me Now you can’t see my shirt Who cares about your shirt


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