Where Did We Go? What Happened? Magic Spell Book Episode 4 / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

Where Did We Go? What Happened? Magic Spell Book Episode 4 / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

(epic music) – I am gonna ask dad if I
can make no crispy cakes. I have three tests tomorrow
and if I can get one teacher to eat the no crispy cakes I will get one test scot-free. But I think it would be okay
because when it wears off I think I will be taking the test. So now I don’t have to
stay up all night studying. Dad?
– What? – Can I bake the no crispy cake? – Well, maybe if you promise
to only give a little piece. – Fine. – Okay. Let’s see if this is the recipe. It glows! – It’s peanut butter squares! – Peanut butter squares? We’re on the wrong page, guys. – What are you guys doing? – Peanut butter squares. – I hear you guys causing
a commotion out here. What’s going on? Peanut butter squares? – It doesn’t say what it does.
– That sounds good. I don’t know. – Let’s just make the no crispy cakes. – No! – Why? – Those are, they’re bad. – Okay you guys, just put the
book down before you break it. I don’t think that we
should be doing this. (arguing) – Guys! Guys, guys stop! – I wish you were all gone. (explosion) Peanut butter squares! – I think we just made
our parents disappear. (ominous music) – Ow! What just happened? – Where are we? The boys! Where’d the boys go? Jake, Ty! – What happened, we just… Oh my gosh, how did we get here?
– Wait, what happened? What did they say? – I don’t know, what were they… they were fighting over the book. – Ty said something though. He said something like… – You know what, he wanted us gone. Ty got mad and–
– He said you guys disappear. – He wanted us to leave. Where are we? Well we are in a big city, this is crazy. I think we’re gonna need
to find a place to stay. We don’t have the book, we
don’t have the necklace, how are we going to get back? – I don’t have my phone. – Oh my gosh. – I had my backpack,
I was packing it to go on the trip. I don’t have my phone. – What are we gonna do? – Do you remember Audrey’s phone number? I don’t even remember my
own kid’s phone number! – Speed dial. I have no idea how to contact the kids. – What are we gonna do? I think we need to get–
– Let’s go see what this is. I don’t even know where we’re at guys. – Let’s get off the street. Or we can ask someone. I don’t know.
– Okay, let’s grab our stuff. You know, I’ve got my coat. It’s freezing here. – Do you have mine? – I do have yours. Okay guys, I have no idea where we are. It is cold. It’s freezing, we don’t
have our phones with us. Katie’s gonna ask some people to see if she can find out where we’re at. I’ve never seen this statue before. If you guys have seen this… Check this out. If you guys have seen this, tell us where you think we are, cause we have no idea. We’re gonna start walking around. I see a sign over here
that says the Metro. We’re gonna go try and get on there. See if we can see any sights or anything like that that might
give us some indication of where we are. We gotta figure out how to call the kids cause we’re totally out of communication. – [Mom] Hey. Don’t you have your watch still? – I do! – [Mom] Maybe we can call the
kids and see what happened. – I have never used my watch as a phone. – [Mom] Oh, no, what if
the kids got transported into a big city somewhere else? What if they’re all alone? What if they’re all separate? – They could be home alone. – [Mom] What if they’re
in a place like this and we’re all lost? Maybe we need to find them! – They could be in another mysterious place like where we are. – [Mom] You know what, they
know how to use the Metro. Why don’t we go get on the Metro and see if we can find our kids. – Do you guys hear that? – [Mom] Maybe it’s them. – How do I use my watch as a phone? – I don’t know.
– I don’t know. I’ve never done it but I’ve taken calls on it before. – [Mom] But you don’t know
how to call someone with it? – I’ve never done… Look at all of these different– – [Mom] Call Jake! It won’t call Jake? We don’t know how to call ’em. Call Audrey. – Call Audrey. It’s calling. I don’t know how to turn up the volume. – [Mom] Audrey? Audrey? – It’s ringing. – [Mom] Audrey. Have her check on the boys because that’s the last ones we saw. – It’s just ringing. – [Mom] Oh, no. – So we can’t be–
– We need to– – It’s ringing.
– We gotta find out what’s going on with the boys. (answering machine) – [Mom] Great, are we even in the right time?
– I can’t even get her. What if we’re in a different time?
– I don’t know where we are. – [Mom] I think we’re gonna
go try to find the kids. See if they’re here somewhere or if they’re in the Metro. – Let’s go. – [Mom] I think that’s
where they would head. – Down here. Come on. Can you hear that?
(siren) – [Mom] I do, it’s annoying. I don’t know where–
– Katie. What? – I found some Metro cards. – [Mom] Maybe we can get on and find them. – I don’t know if they got
any money on them or not. – Should we try?
– I don’t even know where we’re going. Let’s try. Here, here’s your card. I hope it works. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, I didn’t think it was gonna let me through. I was like, ah! – I didn’t know what was going on either. – [Mom] I got to be stuck here. – Look the sign. – [Mom] Down? Do we wanna go down? – We’re in New York. – [Mom] Oh wait, yeah, that is Brooklyn. – Brooklyn is in New York. Let’s go downtown. – [Mom] Well the kids
have been here before so they might be okay. But yeah I think we need to go down.
– I might get better reception if I go downtown. And I can try calling the kids again. They’re not calling me back
which is making me worried. Let’s go. – [Mom] Yeah let’s go down. Alrighty guys, this is so crazy. When we got off the Metro, we just met The Ohana Adventure. They are here too. How did you guys end up getting here? – This was, like, crazy. We were talking to you guys on the phone and about a horrible like, it was the worse day ever. Things were breaking, things were, Anyways. – The kids broke a huge mirror. – Our power went out. I mean, Jase got a flat tire. It was crazy. Anyways. All of the sudden our
powers out in our house and then we see this glowing, something from the room. It was weird. And then Jase goes to grab it and I was about to touch it the same time and all of a sudden we disappeared and we showed up here. – Last night in a creepy alley. – Oh yeah.
– Yeah it was nuts. – That was really scary last night. – Pigeons everywhere. – Okay so they’re getting a flight back in the morning and so in the meantime they’re going sightseeing. We’re going to go with
them to different sights hoping that we can find our kids, maybe, at those different sights. But I think if not, if
we don’t find them today, we’re going to get a flight back with The Ohana Adventure and
we’re trying our hardest to get a hold of Audrey but we don’t know our kids’ phone numbers because
they’re just programmed in. – Let’s just comment on their Instagrams a whole bunch from ours. – We’ll have to. – Let me see. Siri, what is Audrey’s phone number? – If we can remember our log in to our Instagram, but I can’t remember– – That’s the hard thing. All of my numbers are on my phone so if I lost my phone,
it would be so hard. – At least we’re not alone anymore. – Siri won’t give it to me. – You’re not finding it? – She won’t give it to me. – There’s 375 comments on
her last Instagram post. There’s no way she’ll see mine. – She’s not gonna see her. – No. – Let’s go see if they’re at
the Empire State Building. – Oh yeah, let’s go find. – [Dad] Hey guys, I think
we’re getting close. That’s the top of it way up there. (disco music) – Okay guys so as you know
I am afraid of heights and here we are at the
Empire State Building We’re going to go to the very top and try to look out and see how well I do with the Empire State Building
going to the top. A thousand feet high. That should be great. Hopefully I’m not crying. Let’s go. So actually the top floor is closed for renovation so we’re
going to the 86th floor but that’s still pretty high. We’ll walk around and see
how well we do up there. So maybe we’ll find our kids up there. Maybe we’ll be able to
look down and see them. They have binoculars right? Maybe we can spot them, I don’t know. – Maybe can be able to
look over the whole city and see if we can see
them wandering around. – Anyway, we’re going here because this would be a classic meeting spot if you were in New York City. Go to the Empire State Building and meet. I don’t know, we’ll see if they’re there. We made it to the 86th. Let’s go out and see how well we do. – You think we’ll be able
to see them down there, if they’re down there? I can’t even see the bottom of the earth, it’s so high. Okay let’s go see. (disco music) – [Mom] Oh my goodness. – [Dad] All of those buildings. – Wow.
– Can you zoom in far enough to see if
you can find the kids? – [Mom] Nope. – [Dad] So this probably
wasn’t the best idea then. (chuckles) Alright. Should we go see if they’re
right here on the top? – [Mom] Yeah. – Let’s go see if they’re
on the other side. – You know what, honestly,
I’m not that afraid. I’m thought I would be
afraid right now because it is really far down, but because there is this barrier right
here, I feel secure, safe. And there’s like, walls, edges. (techno pop music) – So far guys, no sign of Jordan
or Jake, or Ty, or Audrey. I don’t know, how long do you want to stay up here wandering around? – I just got a text in our group text. – Yeah. – But it also says thank you, but it was Audrey saying thank you. – Wait.
– I don’t know why she’s saying thank you.
– Can you message her back? – See if I can. – Cause if you can give her a message right back, that would be good. – Guys, we’re in New York. Where are you? I sent a voicemail. I don’t know why the phones won’t connect. – [Mom] But Audrey’s not gonna know anything that’s happening. You need to have Audrey call Jordan. – It just said that. I don’t know. Okay we just let the
Empire State Building. We jumped down in the subway. We’re gonna go see if
we can go see the kids. Maybe down by the Financial District, World Trade Center area, and
if we can’t see them there maybe we’ll jump on a ferry and go see if we can see them out there, somewhere. I don’t know. We’re just gonna keep looking. Okay I think we’ve gone as far as we can on the subway. We’re gonna take it by foot. We’re gonna take you to the street levels and see if we can find anybody out there. So we walked up and down the subway here. Couldn’t find anybody. We’re almost ready to give up. I’m gonna try my phone one more time. But let’s first take it to the streets and see what we can find. – So, we just hopped on the Metro again and now we’re at the World Trade Center. We came here last time. – We’re hoping that the kids will be here. – Yeah because maybe they will come back to the same places, so we’re trying to revisit the places that we went to before. – I’m getting a really jumbled message from Jordan and I’m trying to decipher. I can’t figure it out. – She did a lot of question marks too. – Yeah it was really weird. She doesn’t know where we are either. – She might not be
getting the message right. What if it’s scrambled. I don’t even know if
we’re in the same time. We have to be because we met the Ohanas. – Can you FaceTime on your phone or on your watch
– I have no idea. Can you FaceTime? – I don’t know, I’ve never tried it. Let me see. I’ll keep working on it. Let’s head towards the Trade Center. I think I figured it out. I think I figured out
how to FaceTime the kids. – [Mom] How can you on a little watch? – I just ask Siri to do it. Oh, FaceTime audio, can you hear me? – [Jacob] Yeah – You can’t see me though. – [Jacob] Can’t see you. – I can hear Jacob. Jacob, we’re in New York. Where are you guys? What’s that? Jacob, are you there? – [Mom] We’re losing him. – He was there. Jacob. – [Mom] Well keep trying. We need to keep trying. – I might need to be on a WiFi. – [Mom] We need to find out
if he’s home or if he’s here so that we know whether
to fly home or not. – Jacob, are you home
or are you in New York? It’s gone. It went black. – Oh my gosh guys. Guess what just happened. – We were just minding our own business coming down here to The
Statue of Liberty and look. – Hi guys. We just met up to the Shot of the Yeagers. How did you guys get here? – We woke up in a random hotel room. – What? That’s the craziest story. Are you kidding me? – And then we opened the blinds and found out that we were in– – Times Squares. – Times Square. – What? – Here we are. – Holy cow, we’re so insane.
– It’s crazy. – Okay so we have no place to stay so we’re going to follow
them back to where their hotel room is but
grab dinner on the way. We’re starving. – We can get some WiFi and call the kids. I found out I can do
a FaceTime on my watch if I’m on a WiFi. So, I think we’re okay. I think we’ll be able to get a hold of the kids
– If we can find out if the kids are home, we’ll book tickets and fly out in the morning. – The other good thing that we found out is they told us that
we’re like the next day. It’s not like we
transported forward in time, we’re back in time.
– Yes, we’re in the same time zone. We didn’t end up, like,
in some crazy time zone, or whatever, so this is good. Okay we’re gonna follow you. Lead the way. – Okay. – Let’s go. – Alrighty guys, we just got back from dinner and we decided to get a hotel room. We’re going to actually
fly home tomorrow morning because we’ve searched the
city, we can’t find our kids. We think that they’re probably back home. We haven’t been able to get them on the Apple Watch and make a connection to ’em so I am not sure. We just wanna get home and check and see if they’re there. – Want me to see if I can FaceTime Audrey or Jordan? – You can try but I think we need to get a flight and get back home to see because I don’t know where
else they would be here. – Okay. Jacob are you there? – [Jacob] Yeah. – Jacob!
– Guys, I can get ahold of Jacob on my watch.
– Are you home? – Where are you
– Where are you, Jacob? – [Jacob] I’m home. – [Mom] We got transported. – You guys transported us when you guys were fighting with the book. – [Jacob] Yeah, Where are you at though? – We’re in New York. – [Mom] Are you guys okay? – Are you guys okay? – Yeah.
– Okay, you guys be safe. Mom and I are gonna come
home tomorrow, okay? – Okay.
– Oh, that’s good to hear that the kids are safe.
– Oh my gosh. – Alright be safe. If you guys need me, call me, because my watch takes calls. – [Jacob] Okay. – Awesome, thank you! Yes! (pop music)

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