Where Floppy Disks are Still in Use

Where Floppy Disks are Still in Use

(electronic music) – When I look at a floppy disk today, I look at something that’s valuable, and that I used, and yet,
when most people look at it, they’ll look at it almost as a joke. (phone ringing) Floppydisk.com. I’m the last man standing
in the floppy disk business, because I basically forgot
to get out of the business. In this office, we’re in a time warp. Manufacturing of the diskettes is over, and so all of the diskettes that will be made have been made. I’m desperately trying to acquire as many diskettes as I possibly can. All kinds of disks come
flying into our doors. From time to time, a commercial
recycler will call me up and say, “Hey, I have somewhere between 35 and 50,000 disks.” We sort them; we run them through a process to erase the information. Once the diskettes are
reformatted and relabelled, we’re able to resell them. We do sell to the U.S. Government. There are a number of applications that the government has that call
for the use of a floppy disk. The old saw is if it
ain’t broke don’t fix it. Most of our business is for
commercial and industrial use, whether they be embroidery machines, ATMs, avionics for airplanes, those
machines are still around, and they’re going to last
for quite a few more years. The floppy disk business
will not be around forever. No, I won’t be around forever either. (laughing)

100 thoughts on “Where Floppy Disks are Still in Use

  1. I'd hope that they would try and sell the floppy disks that had games on them…people still want those… :/

  2. I love inserting and ejecting Floppy Disks in our family PC back in the days when I was a kid. It's just so satisfying (not a sexual joke btw)

  3. To do list :

    Eat memes
    Make tea
    Get out of the floppy disk business
    Beat Pokémon mystery dungeon
    Buy milk

  4. Up until recently in Norway, patient's journals were delivered on floppy disks by taxis in many cases. Who says socialism isn't cost effective?!

  5. I remember collecting AOL floppies for Windows. I formatted all of them and was laughing my ass off at all the free storage space I got from doing so………… because I had a mid 1990's Mac at the time, so I couldn't use the Windows version of AOL anyway. lol

  6. In the stage lights and sounds area, we still use equipment that uses floppy disc to save lightning presets

  7. I have a floppy disk on the wall of my cubicle. It's like a peice of art, a conversation starter. I found it in a pile of old supplies in a copy room that obviously hadn't been organised in 20 years.

  8. Floppy discs in design were much more advanced. Typical CD, DVD has no protection unlike the floppy while the catridge opens in the machine to read.

  9. i will use floppy disk cuz no one will know what you store (a loli picture) in a floppy disk anymore.huhuehuehue

  10. I like flopy discs because you can pick it up any which way without giving a crap. With a cd, you have to be overly carefull otherwise you might get an atom of dust on it or god forbid a *fingerprint*.

  11. good job 😉 i have many 12" 8" 5.25" 3" 3.5" floppy disks and i can say it is still usable after 10, 15, 20 years 🙂

  12. Basically any Boeing aircraft from the early 80s onwards or Airbus from the A320 (1987) onwards still use them.

  13. Looking through the comments, even though we have external hard disc drives, Blu-Ray discs, Flash memory devices (SD cards and USB being the most common), all of which have oodles more capacity, the little floppy disc appears beaten back, but still refuses to die!

  14. I used to bring these to school for our computer class and we call them "diskettes" too. Sadly, after 2 years of using it (I was 8), it was replaced with pen-drive 🙁

  15. I read somewhere that the US nuclear missile arsenal is controlled by an old computer system that uses floppy disks. They did this intentionally because 1. It still works, and 2. They want to keep it off the Internet so it is invulnerable to viruses, but they still need to be able to migrate data to it.

  16. Imagine that when in school teacher ask you for a presentation, but you bring it on a floppy.

    Worst of all, in my school it (tought it never happened) could be possible to read the floppy, cause school computers are so old they still have floppy drive

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