WINTER OUTFITS 2019 | winter fashion lookbook

WINTER OUTFITS 2019 | winter fashion lookbook

So today I wanted to give you a few
outfit ideas for this winter 2019 starting with a classic pair jeans and a
simple white tee I like to layer this outfit with my gray blazer and turn back
the sleeves a touch to make it feel more relaxed I’ve added my gold coin necklace
for a sprinkle of sparkle and I’m wearing my western ankle boots which I
love with just about everything paired with my tassel handbag it feels relaxed
effortless smart but most importantly my kind of style going back to those same
basics but this time I wanted to show you how you can turn something so simple
into something for evening – if I could just find my heels these are my old
faithfuls from Dolce & Gabbana but any favorite pumps you have will work I got
this cupola blazer the other day and I absolutely love it
I’ve been looking for something like this for ages so when I saw it it had to
come home with me do you let me know your thoughts in the comment section
below I’d love to know what you think of it this time I’ve gone with a simple
black tee LED necklaces and my distressed AllSaints jeans for a little
biker chick vibe and adding my vintage Chloe buckle boots I love them but they
take forever to do well this is the sort of outfit I’d wear a lot obviously it’s
really relaxed but with a little edge to it but it was freezing so I needed to
add a little something so paired it with my super relaxed sweater on top doing a
little tuck to elongate my legs attached I’ve linked a few favorite sweaters
below that would look great styled like this and as a finishing touch heading
out I’d add this blazer on top it’s a mishmash kind of look that I really love
to create this time I’ve gone for all black denim
and a simple cashmere crewneck adding my vintage leather jacket to give the look
a little and my ankle boots because they’re just so comfy a little sprinkle
of gold with my auntie hacks tack and my favorite gold hoops by Ellen Morgan
finished with my nice structured handbag to balance out the look it’s simple
styling that I think can be really effective for even colder days I do have
the jacket and of my giant blanket scar aside from keeping me super toasty it
adds a little polish to an everyday outfit without trying too hard I also
really like the contrast of colors and textures for this winter 2019 another
everyday outfit this time wearing my straight leg jeans
it wouldn’t be my style if I didn’t add a sprinkle of jewelry this cardigan
stroke Jennifer came from Suzanne and adding another shade of camel with my
Massimo Dutti coat I like wearing something so polished dressed down with
trainers these ones I got a while ago from Golden Goose my absolute favorite
trainer brand it’s one of those looks that probably shouldn’t work but I
really really like it another really simple outfit idea where
a lot is to contrast some really laid-back jeans with ankle boots and a
beautifully luxurious net I love the baby blue tone of this one I got from a
brand called Duffy New York I’d style this with either my leather jacket for a
bit of biker chic or my blazer if I needed to be a bit smarter either
way it feels effortless relaxed yet polished at the same time a little
workwear chic for you now wearing a pair of high-waisted flares and a crisp white
shirt adding a pair of high boots which work well with these trousers and a
blazer with a contrasting lapel it’s obviously smarter but it still feels
like me which is important when you think about how many hours you spend at
work using those same staples this is how I
dress down this look for Less work and more play I love this soft denim jacket
against the sharpness of the shirt and again I’ve just turned back the sleeves
for an overall relaxed feel another necklace for just a touch of color and a
crossbody bag to finish it’s an easy way to just dress down after work and
another favorite look I just quickly wanted to show you was just adding your
favorite trainers to an outfit like this can really change the overall feel these
trousers obviously need taking off a touch to make this work 100% but you get
the idea I need to buy another pair of these so I can wear the style with both
high heels and trainers these jeans are actually a really dark blue shade by Jay
brand they call Bluebird and I’ve found them far more versatile in my wardrobe
than you think I like wearing them with silk blouse and adding a denim jacket
this one feels smart enough to wear for all sorts of occasions dressing it up or
dressing it down bringing in another touch of town with my giant tote this is
pretty much me heading out to the shops going back to my dark blue jeans
you could easily dress this up for evening as well just by adding a nice
pair of heels the tones don’t match but they complement each other which is my
favorite way to dress a little layering this time and something I do a lot with
my own wardrobe for me it’s about finding contrasting yet complementary
tones that you love and really not worrying too much
just doing what feels right adding my knee-high boots elevates the relaxed
look while still maintaining that air of laid-back chic if I was being really
fashionista add a coat by just draping it over your shoulders but while it
looks chic and I’m trend it does fall off every two minutes sometimes it’s
just easier to wear it properly I’d love to know your favorites in the comments
section below thank you so much for watching see you next week

30 thoughts on “WINTER OUTFITS 2019 | winter fashion lookbook

  1. Hi Jess !
    You'd look good in owt lol.
    LOVE the Kooples Jacket …
    The T shirt look with blazers, fantastic jeans and footwear. Bronze looks fabulous on you.
    No Puffa in sight 😎
    Love the layering too, although at my age, if I layer too much, it's time to get up, before I've clothed off 😂😂😂 xx 😘😘

  2. Love that your husband/boyfriend comments (and obviously watches) your videos! Oh, and the last look was my fav, and the Kooples jacket looked great: well chosen Christmas pressie.

  3. Too hard to choose a favourite as I love each and every one of tho looks! 😍😍😍Right up my street!👌👏❤️

  4. Love all your outfits! Thank you so much!!😍🥰👍😘You look absolutely gorgeous!!😍🥰😘❤❤❤❤🙋🏻‍♀️😘

  5. Morning lovely!
    Loved how you created this and loved everything haha! I can’t choose 😂🙈 each style is so versatile which is a style I absolutely love to wear. I love mixing and matching pieces to create different outfits. You do it spot in each and every time!
    I now have an even longer wish list haha!
    Stunning new blazer 👌 looks absolutely perfect on you.
    Hope you’re ok? How’s the house move going? Before or after Christmas do you think? I hope it’s not too crazy!
    Have a fantastic Sunday hun.
    Big hugs as always xx

  6. Loved this Jess! I too found it hard to pick a favourite as they all looked fabulous on you!
    I loved the All Saints jeans outfits (I’m hoping they’re on sale sometime soon!) And I’m in need of a comfortable pair of Chelsea boots so think I’m gonna check out yours! 👍😘

  7. Hi Jess, hard to choose a favourite (as per usual). Your styling is on point😍 I am leaning towards camels but only because I am drawn to it this season. Love denims and jackets and tshirts worn anine bing style:) did you manage to grab the jeans on sales? Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend! Hugs dear xo

  8. Hi Jess👋👋. Very hard to choose one outfit, they are absolutely fabulous. The first three and the last one were the highlights for me, but you look great regardless. Have a great Sunday 😘

  9. Love this video! Nice to have a relaxing Sunday morning before more mayhem ensues 😉 I often throw on jeans & a sweater but never pull it off with such STYLE! When I try, it looks contrived. I’ll watch again & again til I get this right! The new jacket is spot on btw 🥰💛

  10. To be honest I love it all Jess,you could put up that video in ten years time and it would be still on thrend. You're timeless and elegant chic as usual,thank you. Enjoy your Sunday.💗🌸💗🌸

  11. Bravo, BoHoRockinQueen!!! 🤩 I adore the Kooples blazer and your vintage Chloe boots, awesome babe!!! Thanks for the info I’m loving the dresses on their site as well!🤘👑

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