Woman tied up in $6.4M heist

Woman tied up in $6.4M heist

that’s six million dollars worth of things that’s that’s pretty alarming neighbors in Hedwig village are keeping an eye out after a woman was tied up held at gunpoint and robbed in her upscale home on friend or Elaine police say they’re looking for two intruders it’s possible that they knew each other or that they has picked out these victims police tell ABC 13 the suspects got away with 6.4 million dollars worth of designer purses shoes and jewelry even expensive Chinese tea they say four hundred thousand dollars in cash was also stolen from the home they went through every crevice you can imagine neighbors who live nearby are on edge it definitely is new you don’t hear about too much things like this happening and in this area police say before the robbers left the home they cut the victims feet loose that’s where they say she went to a neighbor who then called police she wasn’t able really to talk to us too much I mean she was so shaken up by it and even as late as just a couple days ago when I spoke to him that she’s still shaken up about it she can’t sleep at night neighbors say they’re going to be a little more guarded it’s definitely eye-opening and police say they don’t have a good description of those two suspects because those suspects were completely covered when they came into her home the victim though has put up a fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest [Music]

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  1. Say your reward money andJust go to IG and Twitta, the dummies will be trying to sell it on social media. Believe me, ๐Ÿ™„, i hate thieves

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