100 thoughts on “Wonder Woman 2 – WW84 1984 BREAKDOWN

  1. the year of Ghostbusters
    the year of Stranger Things season 2
    George Orwell's novel
    this is all 1984 evokes to me

  2. 1984 isn't the first year the Apple computer first hit stores. 1984 is the year the Apple Macintosh, a design and platform stolen by Steve Jobs from Xerox PARC, first hit stores. The iconic Apple II, engineered by the brilliant Steve Wozniak, came out two whole decades before it.

  3. Genius realises 1984 refers to Orwell's novel and brags about it.

    More a condemnation of American education than Grace being smarter than the average bear.

  4. This is why X-Men Apocalypse fell short. Bryan Singer and Co. didn't do their research about historical events that happened during the year of Apocalypse's return. If they had, they could have weaved it into the story line similarly to what Matthew Vaughn did with First Class, thereby making Apocalypse responsible for some major event that happened during that year.

  5. 1984?  I hope there is GOBS of Prince music in this!!!  Let's Go Crazy!!  I would Die 4 U!!!!  Baby, I'm A Star!!!!

  6. Grace, thank you so much for being so laser-eyed as to pinpoint the fact that the first official address of the AIDS epidemic by the United States government took place in 1984, and for envisioning how this could tie in to the film through a character with AIDS who makes Diana confront the epidemic. That is actually very thoughtful, perceptive, and sensitive insight. So many gay men were dying of the disease at the time, and so many people–including many lesbians—were at their bedside, aiding them. There is a reason Wonder Woman is hugely popular in the LGBT community–her unwavering, undiscriminating compassion for those who suffer, and also, being a woman, she battles her oppressors with iron nails, and that is something LGBT people identify with. The film needn't delve into the topic. If it merely fed the plot with an instrumental character who had AIDS, and with whom Diana had a compassionate connection, I would be a little bit happy.

  7. Or… real new outlets are waiting for more information instead of just making stuff up themselves. Just a possibility.

  8. Omg and having Wonder Woman kill max lord being broadcasted would explain why Batman would choose Superman as the symbol of heroism instead of her and might be why she was holding back and not showing her full power

  9. What if instead of going the "she's not a virgin" route, Minerva has aids when she becomes Cheetah?
    I hope in the 3rd film they team up against Urzkartaga…

  10. Wow! what an amazing breakdown from just a logo. I am not more excited about this sequel than before. Thanks Grace!

  11. No offense Grace but aren't you over-thinking it a little bit? I agree on the Orwell reference, but for the rest I'm pretty sure you'd find the same amount of interesting facts and anecdotes for pretty much every single year…

  12. I love your videos and I love your theories even more, especially your Wonder Woman 2 theories
    And yes i agree dceu does not get the credit their deserve everyone kisses marvel arse

  13. Graca=, the reason why they didn't ask was because of the poor reception from BVS. DCEU took a hit. Wonder Woman was good but they need to revitalize DCEU''s fan excitement. This may be their chance. If they don't do it, DCEU will be known as a distant copy of Marvel. No one will trust them any more to deliver a quality movie. This is a good read on where the studio should go. We'll see. I like it already.

  14. First thing I thought of with the logo was that apple commercial. But I have a feeling it won't be all that tied in to the movie. It's just marketing people doing their own thing.

  15. Grace just throwing this out there about Pedro Pascal what if he was playing Wonder Woman's twin brother Jason ?

  16. I'd consider the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. What more appropriate tie-in for our Greek myth-connected princess than the Olympics?

    A possible plot could see Diana stop a sabotage/terrorist plot to threaten the games and/or face a super-soldier (created via the Soviet doping plan).

  17. Why introduce a gay character when they could just give baby Diana a girlfriend to get over Steve…

  18. If they go the AIDES route, they need to take that opportunity out officially out Diana as Bisexual. Steve Trevor should stay her love interest as long as he is alive but she could explain she had lovers on Themiscira.

  19. Poor wonder woman ..
    the fiminist are making her as their symbol , one of the trinity is lost now..

  20. Just a correction about crisis on infinite earths… Wonder Woman wasn't moved to earth two. These were two different Wonder Women. After crisis, earth two ww and earth two Steve moved to mount Olympus for eternity. Earth one Ww was actually "killed" by the anti-monitor. Actually, as it's explained towards the end, she was devolved to the earth from which she was created, and in this way she was rebooted the next year.

  21. Just watching after your Steve reveal…. I was thinking about that person with aids that will be in touch with Diana…. So, if that person was Steve? Because I believe that he isn't actually Steve, maybe a doppelganger two Diana will appreciate because the obvious look of him. I don't think that a resurrected Steve makes sense, but if he is only a look alike, maybe infected with aids, that can take the drama for Diana to another level, devastating of course, she finds another man that looked like his dead love, now she can't love him as she wants because he is gay and for more sadness he is dying…. So it could make Diana think about what human life is, how vulnerable, different kinds of love, how to protect them, internal battles and just goes worse with cheetah and the other villains.. that could be a more deeper storyline that only Steve's resurrection

  22. Grace, as always the information you provide is informative and insightful. Love your videos, keep them coming.

  23. They will mess up the story with this one, in JL Diana was still affected with Steve Trevor, why the heck is he in1984

  24. lol … the crack epidemic is "known" to be a government plot? Why do you people get away with spouting those conspiracy theories, but I get ostracized for talking about JFK?

  25. It would be nice to see a superhero movie with the hero doing something besides battling a super villian. Been done to death!!!! Lets see Diana fight fascism!

  26. You didn't quite get the Crisis Wonder Woman info right. They didn't make the Wonder Woman of 1984 an "Earth Two character". There was already an Earth Two Wondy and Steve. They were spared from the Crisis and went to live on Mount Olympus. The Earth One Wondy was blasted by the event and basically devolved back to her beginning. They hit the rewind button and started over.

  27. Only thing i didnt like about that last Wonder woman movie was the 'ARES' god of war, he was kept hidden right till the end? Fight scence not that great there.No romance between Steve and her either, when they were lovers throughout the comic series,and they killed him. Id prefer her not to have invisible plane, too gimicky. Id watch this one too though, last one was good.

  28. Morgaine le Fey
    Felix Faust
    Altho one character is named Jason
    Jason Blood Estrigan that daemon
    That’s all

  29. 1984 was also the year that female comic book heroes made their debut in movies with Sheena, Red Sonya and Supergirl.

  30. Please try to find a YouTuber who does more research and has more passion towards their subject than Grace…i'll wait.

  31. Totally what I thought when I heard it was happening in 1984. Also, it is my favorite year of all time. I was 10, going on 11.

  32. Remember! As Steve was getting himself ready to pull the trigger on his pistol there was a German pilot on the deck just behind him wearing a PARACHUTE! Just sayin. It is a plausible exit for Steve out of the plane. Re-set the timer on the bombs, put the parachute on and yell "GERONIMO!" At that distance nobody would be able to see him exit the plane, and if he free fell a little, nobody would see the parachute. I'm not making a prediction here, but it is a real possibility.

  33. It's WW84 because think about it! People Google that they're gonna get info about the wonder woman sequel movie, people Google WW2… what do you thinks gonna come up first?

  34. Grace, you are on point
    I pretty much put the word research research research in my comments and ppl aren’t up to the task
    Too many ppl write off the top off their head without fact checking or just opinion and do little research to back up their claim
    I will admit Kevin Feige does NOW set up his movies Blk P during February, Captain Marvel during AF History so we’ll have see what comes next with his association and character
    WW84 is scheduled for November: Veterans Day and Thanksgiving and my birthday
    and Election Day so Director/Filmmaker
    Patty Jenkins is very aware of release dates whereas Marvel is just now catching on to associating real life w/CBM
    I saw the 42/51 awards WW2017 received and still receiving
    WW is getting the recognition it’s just written on stated as much
    Yes yes yes that’s 42 awards out 51that is very impressive

  35. Totally agree with her about the Orwellian nature. My first thought also. And back then you had Thatcher and Reagan along with Gorbachev and Khashoggi. What with the rise of serious tech and the fears that went with it etc. Wonder Woman, who in 84 would have the mindset of a woman a loooooot older, would be seeing it form the eyes of a WW1 era fogey.
    The 80's would prob scare the shit out of her.

    And I think that Pascal is playing Liberace lol – lets face it, a) he looks so much like him (just google Lib), and b) Liberace's music has caused more casualties than Zod.

  36. There is zero chance in hell WW84 goes anywhere with AIDS or crack. No way. haha. That would be the worst superhero movie ever.

  37. There's probably a reason why Patty Jenkins chose 1984, but until she substantiate or debunk all these claims, everything is just coincidental speculation.

  38. I think these are viable possible ideas that will be touched or explored in WW1984 – looking forward to more WW 84 😍

  39. Who's here after the latest video. Already seen this but just rewatching to refresh my memory.

  40. 84' was a "Leap" year. It was also the year that Gandhi was assassinated. On February 11th a Space mission lasted 8 days and landed safely back on Earth. Lots of historical events happened in 84'. I just named 3.

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