Your Complete Packing List For Europe (in Spring)

Your Complete Packing List For Europe (in Spring)

(upbeat music) – Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. Through my channel Busbee Style, my goal and mission is to
help women just like you who are juggling life look like you have your act
together even if you don’t. Recently I’ve gotten a lot of
requests to do a packing video specifically a packing video for Europe. I have done a packing video before. I will put a link to that video below. But this trip was for New York City. I think the principles are
all gonna be pretty similar, whether you’re going
to New York or Europe. You’re gonna want to pack
almost a mini capsule wardrobe. You’re gonna want to have
clothes that all mix and match very seamlessly together because
we don’t have a lot of room to bring everything in our closet. So you want to really
make sure that you hone in on bringing key pieces
that will mix and match. My mini capsule wardrobe
preference happens to be black as my color of choice. You may not like black and you
may want to do your core base color of a gray or a white or
some sort of beige or taupe. I think black is the simplest and I think it’s the most slimming and I think it’s the most chic. I am going to go through all the things that you need to pack. I will put a printable packing list, say that five times fast, over on the website I’m not going to spend a
ton of time talking about each piece or recommending
specific pieces. I’m just gonna give you an
overall list of what it is you need to bring and
briefly talk about why. In your mini capsule wardrobe, I would have a black long sleeve tee, a black short sleeve tee, black leggings or black skinny jeans, I would do a black blazer. For me, I would definitely bring my Veronica Beard black blazer. It’s really chic and nice. It’s great quality. Also a black dress is important. I would plan on one black
cashmere sweater like a crew neck or a V-neck and then I would
do one trench that’s lined whether that’s black or tan is up to you, whatever you have in your closet. If you have those base pieces all in black you’ve got a lot of options already. And so what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna bring in color, bring in excitement with your accessories. That’s how you’re gonna modify,
change the way things look. On top of that I would
do probably a day dress, a maxi dress and both of
those can be some color or something a little bit different. And then I would do two
to four colorful tops. So maybe you do two solid short sleeves or two printed long sleeves, or however you want that
combination to look. In addition to the black
leggings or black skinny jeans, I would also bring a
regular pair of blue jeans. You may want a skirt if
you’re a skirt person, but again I already
suggested three dresses so you don’t necessarily need a skirt. If you see that the
temperatures are gonna be warm, I would do one pair or shorts
that are chic but comfortable. You could do one other pair of pants, maybe a black pair of pants,
maybe a tan pair of pants. Whatever you have in your wardrobe that you think you would like to wear. The extras would be pajamas. You need a set of pajamas. You need one set of
exercise clothes at least. And then of course you’re
gonna have a swimsuit. I would do one swimsuit and
one coverup just in case some of the hotels where you’re
staying have swimming pools. In terms of undergarments I would bring a black comfortable T-shirt bra, I would bring a nude
comfortable T-shirt bra, and one strapless bra or pasties, if you can get away with that. Not everybody can and also
I would do one sports bra. For underwear, you’re going to want to pack
in a very similar fashion. You’re gonna wanna do
two or three nude pairs, two or three black pairs. I would make sure that you’ve
got some in there that are no show panties. In other words you’re not gonna
see them through your pants or your jeans or your leggings. You’re not gonna see the panty lines. I did want to mention
socks really briefly. I think with your socks you
should bring at least one really warm pair like your ski socks or your wool blend socks. And then I would do a couple pairs of exercise socks like PEDS. Maybe you want one pair of no show socks to wear with ballet flats. And then some socks that you can wear with your ankle booties
whether that’s a PED or just like a little tiny
crew sock is up to you. Bring the socks that are appropriate for the shoes that you bring. So now let’s talk about shoes. Shoes are a very tricky
part of the packing process. When you’re going to be
sightseeing and touring around different cities you need
to have comfortable shoes. Do not make the rookie
mistake of buying new shoes and then thinking you’re going to break
them in on your trip. Make sure that you have shoes
that are chic and comfortable that you’ve already worn
plenty and you know are really really really and truly
supportive and comfortable. You need to have one
pair of running shoes, really supportive, really comfortable. New Balance is always a slam dunk. I would also bring one pair
of sneakers that aren’t traditional running shoes. That could be a pair of Keds, that could be a pair of Sperry’s, that could be a pair of TOMS, that could be a pair of UGG’s. I would bring one pair of sandals. Again you want to make sure those sandals are very comfortable. You’ve worn them, you’ve broken them in, and I would bring a neutral color sandal. I would bring either metallic or a black. I would do one pair of
flats with closed toe, whether that’s a pointed toe ballet flat or rounded toe ballet flat or a moccasin. I found a really cute pair
of moccasins from M.Gemi which I’ll put a link to below. I would do two pairs of ankle boots. I would do one dressy pair of ankle boot and one more casual pair of ankle boots that are really great to walk in. You have the ankle boot
option during the day if you’re not going crazy. And then you have the dressy
ankle boot option for evening for dinners out, for whatever
fancy schmancy things you guys are gonna do. Now let’s tackle accessories. What I would do is bring two scarves. I bring one that’s warm
like a wool blend scarf. Could be infinity, could be a wrap. And I would bring one
silky scarf in a bold color or bold print. I would do two necklaces, one that’s shorter, more collar length. And then one pendant necklace
just to have the option and the functionality of both lengths and then you could obviously
layer the two together. I would do two pairs of earrings. One everyday earring and
one statement earring and then you have the option
of the statement earring for more fancy things. I would do a reversible belt for sure. I have this one that is black on one side and brown on the other. That’s what I would bring. And then you’re going
to need two handbags. You’re gonna need one
large one for the plane. For me I would do the Jetsetter Backpack, the one with the backpack functionality that also turns into a tote. That would be what I
would carry on the plane and when I have a lot of stuff
that I needed to carry around throughout the day. You gotta have one large
bag and then I would bring one small crossbody bag and
put like your passport in and all your credit cards
or whatever you’re bringing. Let’s talk about toiletries. I did do a blog very recently on a perfect skincare travel kit. It’s just so much easier than
lugging around bunch of huge full-sized skincare bottles. I now have stockpiled a lot
of travel-sized makeup too so I have little tiny mascaras
and little tiny lipsticks and I bring those with me. And perfume samples, I
bring those with me on trips so that I’m not again carrying
those full-sized cosmetics. You can bring an all-in-one palette. Charlotte Tilbury makes an awesome one. I would also bring a first aid kit. In your first aid kit I
would think about having some sort of pain reliever
like Advil or Tylenol, do Band-Aids, Neosporin,
little tiny scissors, Immodium in case food poisoning happens, and then just some antiseptic wipes. In your toiletry kit I would
also do hand sanitizer. I would do lip balm for sure, sunscreen don’t forget your sunscreen. A stain remover pen might
be a good idea just in case. And then copies of your
passport just in case something happens, heaven forbid. On the technology side, I would do one of those
lipstick-sized chargers just to have on the plane in case your battery’s running low. I would make sure you download
your books before you go. Maybe you want to do magazines. There’s a really cool app called Texture where you can download
a bunch of magazines for a monthly subscription. You want noise-canceling
headphones for sure. The earbuds don’t quite
cut it on the airplane and a power adapter so when
you get there make sure you can plug everything in. I would get the international
power adapter that will work for a lot of different countries. Sleep mask is good, ear plugs are good, and maybe a water bottle. You might want that for the
plane and also for while you’re out sightseeing
that you can refill. Couple of quick notes about packing. Rolling is always a great
technique when you want to save space in your suitcase. Another thing that I like to
use are the vacuum sealed bags. Don’t get the ones that actually
require a vacuum cleaner. Just get the ones that you
can roll the air out of so that they can reseal
and you can vacuum pack on the way back. And then also packing cubes are wonderful at keeping things organized
and also helping you pack more in a smaller amount of space. There’s a lot going on there. Sounds like huge amount of
stuff but you should be able to fit all that I think in one small bag and one medium size bag
without too much trouble. If you have any questions,
as always just comment below. I’m gonna put recommendations
to things below in the description box. I’ll put a link to my
previous video that I did on the mini capsule wardrobe below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Of course the blog too, I’m gonna have that printable
packing list for you guys. While you’re there you
may want to subscribe to the newsletter so you get
the wardrobe basics checklist. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time, bye! (upbeat music)

61 thoughts on “Your Complete Packing List For Europe (in Spring)

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  3. Great tips Erin…we travel to Europe often but never for more than 2 weeks.  However we are going to Barcelona for a month in the spring and I'm panicking a bit !  Our flat will have a washer and dryer but still I'm afraid that I may really get bored so I'm trying to be even more creative that I usually am in what exactly to pack.  xo patti 🎀

  4. Great tips, Erin! I use to travel to Europe a lot for work and would occasionally extend my stay for personal travel.  Depending on the season, I would bring mainly dresses and 1-2 pants/jeans and no more than 2-3 shoes (max).  I mixed up my outfits with jewelry/accessories (pashmina/scarves​ were a must have) and of course, left space in my luggage for shopping – LOL.

  5. How many suitcase do you need for these items? And how long is the vacation? A month? Can you make a video on how all this fits into two bags?

  6. This is perfect! I’m tired of packing videos where they pack a pair of underwear, two shirts, and a pair of leggings and call it a day. I like to be fashionable when I go away. My self-esteem and overall vacation experience tie directly to how I feel about my outfits. Haha!

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  11. I am living in Germany right now and the packing suggestions I give to friends and family who visit are that
    1) very old roads and cobblestone walkways mean you need stable shoes with low heals or you will turn your ankle the first day here
    2)Layer, layer, layer. And scarves are your best friend to help with this.
    3) Old streets and sidewalks are often dusty or muddy and walking around old castles and other structures you dirty very quickly. So choose clothing that won’t easily show dirt, and if you don’t have easy access to a washer make sure to pack enough clothes for clothing changes. You won’t want to go out to dinner in the pants that are muddy and dusty from walking around all day.

    Loved this video. You have beautiful style and do a wonderful job communicating it to those of us who need some help in the personal style department.

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  25. That is a very good and complete list, I felt you missed sunglasses and a hat, I would say too much cloth and shoes is my opinion, years ago I went a whole month with only a carry on and I regret having the wheels rolling in cobblestones.

  26. Love you Erin but those are waaaay too many shoes. I couldn’t imagine schlepping that many on a trip. In my opinion, I agree on the comfortable walking shoes plus sneakers in case you need to change up your walking shoes. Then a pair of flat sandals that are comfortable but also can work with the dressier items. Unless it is not that warm, then a pair of comfortable and cute ballet flats like the Tory Burch flats.

  27. Packing cubes are awesome, I follow Audrey Coyne as well and she got me on them. I ordered mine from amazon and absolutely love them. Shacke 614 Pak – 5 Set Packing Cubes – Medium/Small – Luggage Packing Travel Organizers.

  28. As someone who travels to Europe every year, I never use the dual voltage switch on any hair equipment or the cheapie plush from American drugstores. Buy a high end one from a travel store. There are battery and USB flatirons available on Amazon. And a mid-price European hairdryer can be purchased at any European pharmacy and will pay for itself if you will ever go back to Europe (I hate hotel dryers that are covered with other people’s hair gel or cut out at the most inconvenient time,). And for European cities, my European husband, who,has a very wry sense of humour, advises that when you get dressed ask yourself if a toddler could wear your outfit. If yes, step up your game! He especially means men in knee length shorts, tshirts and sneakers! Rules to live by. Lol.

  29. Thank you! As always excellent advice, and you are very beautiful! Please let me know what kind of packing cubes you recommend to fit more in an organized manner.

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