YouTube iPhone Hack! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets

YouTube iPhone Hack! | 10 Ridiculous Tech Gadgets

they’re all turned into a cartoon what’s
going on guys I’m Matthias bringing you a brand new video
now you’re gonna like what we got here for you alright I guarantee you’ll like
it today we are doing ten tech items that may waste your money and guess what
guys you have held out with me for a while you have let me grow my beard out
now it looks all trimmed up you know it’s a limit I’ve got to trust the dude
alright that’s what happens when you grow out a beard it gets all crazy but
you have to keep growing it out no matter what anyone says no I don’t want
anyone calls you you have to keep doing it I think I did a tangent there give me
some beard love down in the comments below I’m gonna let you guys know
whether these items are tasteful or what haste full first item member temperature
control ceramic mug I actually have one of these at home tanner and they’re
awesome why cuz they keep your coffee your drink or whatever you want at the
exact temperature you want it if that’s not the epitome of luxury I don’t know
what is you’re gonna Tesla sticker on it then no
no Tesla’s not luxury Tesla’s about technological advancement not luxury you
look at the inside of a Tesla right compared to like the inside of a car
that’s the same price from like a different manufacturer Oh hands down way
lugs you’re way more luxurious Tesla’s like bare-bones in the inside this is
like a rolls-royce mug you know I’m saying mm-hmm
it’s like you pour your coffee in it and your coffee is just like this nice dude
almost a the proper temperature my entire life dude all right let’s add to
cart’ amber I hardly know her look at that presentation 10 out of 10 you know
good box okay so take a look at this looks just like kind of like a normal
coffee mug right but then you look at that that’s the contact charging here’s
the on button you click this on button right here boom you see that look that
little light right there flashing that means it’s dead he made it red as the
color because if you have multiples of these you can customize this color so
you know whose is whose so like Amanda made hers pink mine’s
blue just so I know the one bad about these mugs is that you cannot put
them in the dishwasher I mean is it really that hard to wash out your mug
with your hand like people have been doing it for centuries and here is the
app see that 70 degrees now let’s put some fluids in it so here’s the thing
right this will not heat your coffee up it will keep your coffee hot huge
difference you’re not gonna put cold coffee in here like this it’s not going
to heat it up right yeah 84 degrees right here the prime temperature is like
120 to 130 Wow that’s hot yeah but that’s the prime temperature my dog you
put coffee in here typically when you put it in there it’s like somewhere
around 170 to like 160 depending on how you know how long you wait to put it in
your mug this app will let it cool down till it reaches the exact temperature
you want and then keep it that temperature until the mug dies basically
which lasts about an hour if you keep it on it’s charging coaster it’ll last all
day I’m sorry though if you take an entire day to drink one cup of coffee
maybe you don’t like coffee I’m gonna write this case full for sure I dig it
but it is expensive it is pricey so if you want to live that luxurious life
this is for you if you don’t you know go drink out of a river
ginko solar tree environmentally friendly charging station you know what
ginkgo is no ginkgo biloba to random words it sounds like a Star Wars
character doesn’t it doesn’t go below but no it’s like a herb a spice it like
hypes you up and amps you up right it’s in a lot of energy drinks and it’s like
a supplement that you can take that’s like you know gets you amped up in a
natural fashion search gingko biloba gingko biloba supplement yeah from WebMD
that’s trustworthy you don’t trust WebMD no I think it’s
just funny that everyone goes and they could find out they all have
cancer you think that’s funny you’re you were toxic no it’s not because they
actually do is does that oh I got the sniffles a cancer like oh you mean they
think that okay cuz I’ll what you worded that I was like I can’t keep that on the
channel this self diagnosis yes no I’m that’s the worst thing to do
you know I don’t know why I ever do that man is because it’s like it’s always
like oh I have this pain in my side I’m like pain inside and it’s like you’re
dying I’m like I believe you pain inside why do people take ginkgo gingko
improves blood flow to the brain and acts like an antioxidant these effects
may translate into some benefits for certain medical problems but the results
have been mixed that’s because pharmaceutical companies
can’t make money on it as they can’t patent it I’m just saying do your own
research suckas don’t trust Big Pharma Wow XD design I only like it so I like
as in design ginkgo solar tree so take a look at this thing this thing is
designed to charge your phone in the Sun you ever left your phone in the Sun for
a hot minute yeah too hot yeah we’re heat it overheats you have
this like triangle thing that’s just like can’t you did you fall anymore you
left it out in the Sun you idiot you’re gonna cool down guy here it is yeah yeah
so exactly so this is what you do you fan out and you get more coverage and
these are all solar panels right here right and then here’s the battery you
click that puppy on the battery is fully charged you plug this puppy in and I
guess there you go maybe you put this by a windowsill
so there’s a little plug right here in the back like that you see that let’s
see it doesn’t work but it says it’s charged right here this is a hundred and
twenty dollars for a fake tree it doesn’t work hold on hold on hold on
there’s got to be something worth money in this right I doubt it’s the solar
panels I doubt it’s the battery oh it’s the wood
yeah that was garbage hotdogs didn’t even work just plug into a wall you
hippie the RC wall-climbing battle tanks are they looking at each other yeah
should be looking at the wall it’s kids don’t want to win very much that’s the
last time you drove up wall where’s the last time you drove someone up a wall
you trick question me right now Oh available only from hama course ma
trimer doesn’t that sound like a euphemism for a body part yeah slammer
oh gosh liar hey put your slumbers back in your pants I was talking about a hand
okay put your hand in your pants these are two remote-controlled battling tanks
that appear to defy gravity by climbing walls scaling windows and adhering to
ceilings did you guys ever have remote-control things as kids you know
these have little uh they’re like RC cars they were gas-powered that yeah
powered RC cars yeah they were gas-powered yeah your childhood sounds
awesome it was cool we had a dirt a lot next to my house we make ramps with them
and we and they were like a kind of all-terrain things so we’d be you’d be
drifting mom oh heck yeah these things had so much speed but it was really fun
I thought my child that was good this is all right
I mean did you have a dirt lot next to us you were throwing RC cars around it
now I feel like my childhood was troubled and a shopping cart every time
you slam the frogs down you break it I break it I just evocative for you oh
there you go guys I know Tanner I challenge you to a battle
hey Tanner this one will be yours awesome so check this out you put these
two together like this and if I have a fire trigger right here Oh so wow I’m so much better than this
because you said walking spy I’m sorry I messed up I’m just so much better than
you there you go check us out what the heck
is that sound that is sick yeah tapping it barely tapping it barely turns like a
180 yeah ridiculous here’s a wall oh no you have to be going and turning the
same time and you have a little bit more control I think it’s pretty cool I think
that they died too quick though this one already was dead alright so I’ll say
it’s tasteful okay suck face to zola business laptop backpack water-resistant
anti-theft anti-theft anti-theft my pushy I guarantee you’ll be able to
steal this backpack from me I think what they mean is they can’t steal things
inside of it but what they fail to realize is that you could just take the
whole thing but it does look like a cool backpack that’s just backpacks you can’t
fix that unless you literally handcuff the backpack to yourself but then you’re
someone’s looking at you like you’ve got in that backpack now I want to cut off
your arm to see what’s in it it’s all my search history
this guy’s handcuffed to it oh no it’s not a handcuff it’s just a fashion cuff
look it has beard though Wow come on dude I was just feeling confident about
my beard wow that is awesome I was just compensating for my lack of
head hair with my beard hair and I just felt confident about this manly this
manly mane to be fair he’s doing the same thing yes true look at that weird
haircut so what’s your Excuse this guy’s running from life like doesn’t care we
go back to him look at the bad boy I like the wires coming out of this home
oh that is a photo shot they’re all turned into a cartoon crazy right Add to
Cart oh okay there we go little that was a
lie it sounds like something that someone
would screen right before they’re gonna kill someone exactly the entire like
Army’s like okay so we got a little pocket here nothing special just reach
inside it you saw got another pocket right here okay so we got some special
things in here that’s a deep pocket we got some special things it’s not super
special but it’s a little special then we got another pocket right here so this
is the third pocket in case you know you’re counting I had so now we have
something different something special we have some cables in here so these are
cables that I guess you can plug into your battery bank so you can be using
your phone this right here is maybe if you want to
keep your phone in your bag and then you plug in your headphones to this right
here alright so I mean that’s pretty much it really look at this right here I
think this is the anti-theft portion so check this out this is a combination if
I take all these zippers what there’s only two spots
okay so just my main zipper so it’s about 1/3 for the main zipper we have
this you put your important things in here like that this is actually
difficult you gotta put them both in at once what what the heck oh you just push it in
there okay I’m just being a doofus there we go so that’s in there now you lock it
like that and now you can’t get in this bag alright that’s the whole point you
can’t get in this bag but if you will have anything valuable in the other
pockets you could steal it so Tanner I just set the combination what do you
think the combination is so if I know Matt it’s one of two combinations I’ll
try the first one first for 20 I just say if I know you alright
let me guess your second one you’re pretty basic guy for 21st oh I get it
that was just for the memes all right I say this is tasteful because you know
you can at least keep your laptop in there next item geek clip gunmetal
something carabiner key holders something key slim key organizer
something key holder something they really are pushing this what is that
dude I feel like that’s like trying to like know some conspiracy yeah I can’t
read that let’s just buy it add to cart – thank goodness here it is what is this
thing just go on your belt or something no no that’s just four keys you can like
swing out your keys take these out take these screws out
like said wink Oh interesting they put this back now you can just flip
out your key and I know you’re wondering why are these keys covered in this black
tape that’s because you guys are thieves and we don’t trust you the exact niche
like yeah we’re gonna get one of that no you can’t actually make a key from photo
I’d rather not have you guys just like randomly appear in my office one morning
so we covered it up well now they know it’s office keys so this is what’s bad
you see this that is so freakin sharp it’s not even funny touch that hey
actually scared of it yeah sharp really sharp yeah I don’t
like that you go to put that in your like belt loop and you’d have to stab
your side a little bit I’m not gonna be nice but if you got those like tube top
halter top things or whatever they’re called we’re like they show a little bit
of belly you’re wearing one of those you know not you maybe you it’s really up to
you I’m more of a nipple tank guy man more of a nagashi no but some ladies
like to show their mid-drift right okay and then go in and put this
on their belts yeah stab their side that’s a no-go
too sharp so I’m gonna say wasted there’s better alternatives out there
all right hippie before we get to know that next
product I want to give a big shout-out to Mel V aura for saying love the beard
what’s your secret my secret is testosterone now if you
want to get a shout out and if you want your comment on screen yo all you got to
do is subscribe click that Bell notification icon and guess what be here
in the first 30 minutes when I pick it and just comment you know like just some
of the questions that I’m asking like I asked you earlier next item this is a
flash drive that enables one to save YouTube videos without using storage
space on a device about the size of mash pocket madge bako it plugs into an
iPhone iPad or iPod via its lightning connector and uses an app to view
content from YouTube Facebook what this is like a YouTube hack can also be used
to backup personal videos or photos okay so it’s like a hard drive that lets you
like download videos from YouTube if you guys aren’t familiar YouTube does
not let you download content YouTube does if your YouTube red subscribers but
you also have to download the content within the YouTube app it’s just a
garbage experience to be perfectly honest with you it’s like you download a
video you’re like where to go it’s so bad let me show you so here’s the
YouTube app I got it in dark mode that’s a new feature that’s nice thanks to
YouTube if you want to go download a video let’s say we go to Jack’s films
for some strange reason I don’t know why you’d ever do that but if you want to
there’s a download button there because I’m a YouTube red subscriber $10 a month
little pricey click download again really have to like Jack’s films he’s
like one of the only youtubers that might get the joke now video download we
got a little notification so if I take this offline it says you’re offline
watch downloads without a connection so now that’ll pop up so that’s good that’s
a new feature but say that thing didn’t come up right because YouTube is
intermittent at best right so now I quit the app and I’ma open YouTube back up
oh it just automatically goes there this is so much better YouTube before I was
like where’d everything go so I take it back YouTube but now I have one problem
I got jacksFilms on my phone delete from downloads absolutely want to
do that do not give him the view so that’s not a horrible experience but I
guess the experience is a little worse when you have a shoddy connection so
YouTube thinks you’re online but really you can’t watch any video so then you
have to like go through your phone and like find that it’s it’s a little bit
convoluted but that’s better let’s see what the heck happens when I buy this I
had two shopping bag don’t drive that I don’t think they’re allowed to use well
I think this whole thing shouldn’t exist this has got to be counterfeit YouTube I
can’t imagine wants this to exist right oh no one because obviously if you could
do this without a youtube subscription then you’re just eating into YouTube
sales of YouTube red correcto you know you can just look at this product and
tell like it’s not official it’s just the way that they’re stuffing everything
on like trying to get as many things gigabytes you know YouTube download it’s
very cluttered packages yeah it’s really cluttered okay so it’s climbing it’s got
a lot of features here let’s check this out that’s better packaging I don’t know
why they wouldn’t just sell it like this yeah alright so check this out let’s
open this up here we go here’s the little device he’s got whitening and USB
here let’s hop this open see what happens
app not installed Wow all these apps can used by this you need eight different
apps for this one thing instead of just putting it all in one app yeah why let’s
download this whoa let’s knock off YouTube app how bizarre no this is
YouTube mobile in like a skin so if we go to jacksFilms because I’m not gonna
rip off myself and we go back to this video cash so I cashed it right I click
home leaving the screen will pause all downloads in process download gonna be
resembling a 1 video download complete so now that it’s complete there it is
there’s the video if I take this offline I should technically still be able to
Wow pretty efficient again sorry for playing that yeah this 100% will let you
bypass YouTube’s bread and it is holy mackerel
a hundred dollars or you can subscribe to youtube read for 10 months and
download them onto your phone and have google music and be supporting creators
that you like all in all like if this thing was ten bucks then I bet ya go
wild you know hippie it’s not though I would just support the creators that you
like you know stay on my channel alright if you like me I bring the good content
right does jacksFilms have this beard I don’t think so no not at all
can he grow this beard maybe doubt it right look at this beard dude don’t take
this away from me this is all I have so wasteful xyron xrn 500 be in five inch
create-a-sticker machine well let’s watch this who’s speck I love when
people introduce themselves like I’m supposed to know who that is
I’m speck Kingston what does that have anything to do with the product unless
maybe unless maybe she made the product anyways look wait what what are we
watching again but why didn’t they fill in the set look at all the empty cabin it’s like they’re getting ready to sell
to somebody like hey just walk into a home that hasn’t been sold yet how about
this how about we film in here it’ll do doesn’t it doesn’t that look like a
serial killers face maybe a little bit so need a conversion no way just boiling
it Add to Cart Wow Chris dicker max Wow this box has so much writing on it
let’s just ignore it all and just make a sticker it can’t be that hard right I
think what you do is you throw something in there and it turns into a sticker you
got any paper for me that you want into a sticker alright use this picture of me
that’s not you that’s me I’m Brian who would want a picture Brian or sticker
Brian I don’t know if it’s me probably me why is that so creepy I mean now I
guess I have a sticker is that how that works so what I just peel this off
oh are you happy now Brian’s back back everybody on salvage is killing
something Hunger percent why is it so curly I don’t like that it’s so curly
low quality super low quality sticker H he doesn’t get it look at the sticker
I’m shushing ya the sticker we’re talking about stickers right now so this sticker maker and fifty out of
200 the next item evidently was sent to us so Tanner would you be so kind as to
bring it out so on show you 40 gun oh gold silver the best metals well that is
so heavy check this out ready for this what the heck you see that that’s Joe
that’s really cool so it’s like probably like a desk spinner toy right he’s got a
little side profile too how do I do this without touching the side right see that
you’ve got that barbershop candy cane style you know I’m saying mm-hmm
this thing is heavy too it’s like solid metal dude if this hit me and the
Hodgman would get hurt so I would say that’s tasteful
you know Wacom I hardly know him I told you it wasn’t dead bamboo slate smart
pad digital notebooks small if nevermind I don’t even need to just watch show a
video so I don’t have to talk this is better change my life I swear this Wacom
tablet better change my outlook on life it better get me back together with my
wife that we broke up this morning you know the idea of writing on actual paper
and then having it translated into digital is it’s really cool in concept
but it just never is great the only thing it might work for is like some
sketches but it’s like when you’re writing out like notes and things like
that I don’t get it it’s not like you can continue writing in the note on your
phone it’s just there so it’s like if you don’t have the tab the pad with you
well what do you do so now you have to have two different note-taking at you
have one on your phone and one in real life there’s something off with it I had
a car here’s the idea if it takes your handwritten words and actually
translates them into actual text that you can copy/paste then that’s cool
let’s check this puppy out the other issue that I have with these types of
things is that you have to have like a special pen don’t you do you have to
have the Wacom pen and you have to kind of have an app right if you write this
down and you don’t have your phone on you and then you have your phone on you
later it’s not gonna sink this isn’t like gonna sync to the cloud
automatically you know right on your bamboo smart pad I got to turn it on
first that’s another issue you forget to do that your note won’t transfer right
on your pad next press page button downloading auto sync finish and there
you have it there’s the note can I continue this note No
I can’t continue the note once you make one no you finalized it that seems
really bizarre to me so what if I make a bunch of notes up here and there’s tons
of paper left now if I make notes down here because there’s notes up here the
next time I sync it it’s just gonna be another note but in the bottom can you
combine them in this combined there we go I was like there’s no way they
couldn’t have thought about there’s no way I was like there’s no way I’m like
opening this up and I’m like I already found an issue with it you know so they
do have that feature so you can combine it but again it’s a process it doesn’t
know when you want to combine it you have to go explicitly do that so I mean
there are use cases for this but they’re slim it’s a cool idea but it’s like it
needs this special paper that has all the dots I’m assuming maybe not you
don’t need special paper again cool but they might lead you to believe that you
do need special paper and the issue with that is when you do need special paper
or they lead you to believe that you need special paper
I feel apprehensive about making notes because I’m like oh this no better be
good or there’s one less I can use you know what I mean it’s like the the
anxiety of a blank page so I mean that’s why this thing doesn’t work for me and
that’s why it doesn’t work for me to like write my notes in like a really
nice-looking notebook I can’t do that because I’m like my note isn’t worth
this nice notebook I have to write in a trash notebook and then rewrite it or
something you know that’s just my brain and maybe that’s just me probably just
me I’m a little crazy it’s alright but it works and it works pretty flawlessly
for what it says it does so I’m gonna say tasteful Edifier and people how to
inaudible boo boo speaker what a dust proof with my critique on I can get ping
out thoughts so it’s just a crappy little speaker it’s not all this thing I
mean it’s our job to test it it is a little speaker but is it crap yeah well
you tell me guys your job you got a point fine add the car okay
okay no I don’t cool packaging here we go you ready to listen to some beats my
dog not great I really don’t know what you
can get for $30 in the form of speaker though you know probably not much so I
mean like I can’t weigh it too heavily because it’s like what do you expect for
30 bucks you want a decent speaker spend some money a hippie that’s garbage
quality there’s your review of the speaker you
want more oh you destroyed that and Michael didn’t even zoom out let me see
that dude wait wait wait wait let me see it stop crushing it I was gonna take
that home to Amanda oh now she’s gonna like it even more she wanted a crappy
speaker yeah you brought something home that tanner stomped out at the office
perfect shoot so that’s a battery look how crappy that speaker isn’t there well
thanks for watching that right there is the impossible jigsaw puzzle no joke
kind of impossible to do it this video right here is a video in which your
phone turns into a TV it’s a little product that makes your phone that
magnifies it makes a giant if you’re new here you stayed to the end of the video
that means I probably didn’t offend you with something I said so probably I
don’t want to subscribe you hippie high-five

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  4. When i got the free trial years ago. I found the download area almost immediately. All I did was go to the library tab, and it’s right there above the playlists. How did Matthias fail to ever find it, especially for how intelligent he claims to be.

  5. tubedrive isnt counterfeit (ie what is it a fake copy of?) but yes it defo violates copyright restrictions etc etc on youtube content and the contents owners, im not sure if the red play button icon of youtubes is a trademark that would hold up on its own either unless youtube is written beside it i would think 🙂

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  8. the problem becomes once your not on youtube red you cant use downloads… like at all. which is stupid. i had a lot downloaded and once my subscription was over i couldn't access my downloads even though it was still stored in my phone. they have to fix a bit more with youtube but at least its… kinda better -_- i miss the old way of uploading and such.

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