You’ve Never Seen A Drone Like This…

You’ve Never Seen A Drone Like This…

*Makes geese noises* I wonder if these things were ever scared of humans. Like they must have been at one point in time. Because that looks like easy lunch to me, man. So you guys know drones are the new hot thing, right? I showed you a few of them recently. Why, I’ve got another one today from a company called “Zero Tech”. They hit me up, they said: “We’ve seen all those other drone videos but we think we’ve got the coolest, so please allow us to send it out”. I said: “Alright. Let’s do it!” So what is this all about? It’s called “The Dobby”. Dobby? Doby? Or Dooby? It’s called “The Dobby”. Dobby? And probably the first thing that you can tell is just how tiny it is. Look at this box! Smaller than one of my hands, and that’s the box. And it doesn’t even look like a drone at first sight because this one has foldable propellers. They go inside of it and, technically, this thing is actually pocketable. Technically actually. Box is fairly simple. Opening it up. Look at this little guy! That’s a drone! We’re living in the future. It’s got a camera on it. So this is actually gonna give you aerial footage. The propellers are kind of hid in here, folded in. It’s got sensors on the bottom, battery pack in this location micro USB port, power switch on the top here. So these little guys fold out, click into place. Look at this! Oh my goodness! Haha You got yourself a little baby drone. How cool the little charger is!? That little guys slides on there. Pops out. Surprisingly, USB C as well. And a power brick to go with it. OK. So the question is: Is this thing actually pocketable? Did I ever think that there’d be a moment where I’d be walking around with a drone casually in my pocket? Holy smokes! There’s an app for it. Fly it around, record video and so on. It works on IOS and Android. I actually have the Android app. Powered up. *Beep* Hello there! Alright! He’s giving me a little demo here. So you can see the way you fly. So forward, back, side to side and then, elevation by tapping the screen. OK! I get it. Here you can see the app. Looks kinda like a camera app. This is what the drone itself is seeing. Take off. The ability to record video over here, take stills. I’m gonna switch to video mode. What do you guys say? Do we, do we do a little take off here? *Laughs* *Geese noises* *Jaws music playing* So, as you can tell the, the Dobby drone it’s small, right? It fits in your pocket, as I suggested before. But it also has some attributes that are more similar to larger drones. I took it outside. It was stable, the wind didn’t mess with it. It’s actually pretty quick. It feels like some of those larger, more expensive drones but in a, in a much smaller package. Now from a video perspective it does shoot in 4K resolution. Now, there is an absence of a gimble so the camera’s right on the front so it’s relying on the stabilisation of the unit itself. I even sent this thing up, how high did I have it? Was it, uhm? Now let’s see how high up we can go! I think it was around 17 meters up. It didn’t try to stop me from traveling at that height, so… Didn’t seem to have an issue at all. So, it does have an indoor and outdoor mode and this is just the characteristics of the device. Now, I actually preferred flying it with a kinda traditional thumbstick layout, as you can see here. Now, this little drone also has target tracking, and face tracking, and an orbit mode. So, if you’re into choreographic and those types of shots, it does have that capability. Alright! So, how is this little guy for? I don’t know. I think somebody looking to get started in the drone universe but looking for something a little bit more intelligent, which has an all-in-one package. 4K video quality to get you up and running. You can fly it indoors, it’s small enough for that, or outdoors if you wanna get a bit more adventurous. And it folds up into a package that can fit in your pocket. When this thing is folded down, it’s hard to even tell what it is. Plus, it’s not as expensive as some of the other stuff out there. So, if you want to get to experimenting this might be the way to go. *Laughs*

100 thoughts on “You’ve Never Seen A Drone Like This…

  1. for roughly the same price i bought a dji spark fly more combo and it has way better image quality than this plus a gimbel so the picture doesnt shake and give the viewer eye ache

  2. Why you guys complaining about the price? I opened the amazon link and it says 127$. In my country I was thinking to buy dji pro with the price of like 1000$. And that was expensive yeah. But this thing doesn’t not looks expensive.?

  3. Faggot millennial dont ever chase animals again with your drone. ill inform to the RCMP and Transport Canada and Environment Canada. You will drown in legal fees and fines. Fuck off.

  4. It's 2019 now….If you're in Canada like Lewis is, don't forget to setup your launch area cones….hahahah.

  5. Fist the announcer didn’t make any indication of camera angles, a separate safety ring, photo adjustment and others like the video does on the Amazon website. Maybe someone else need to review this product more thoroughly.

  6. DJI's had pocketable drones for years are they're cameras don't require the entire drone to move to look around.

  7. The need to make the camera flexible, in a way that it would have a pivot to enable it to view in 360 degrees, no matter the height

  8. you missed something dude.
    it cant capture video downward from sky.
    it only capture what is infront of it….
    lol its a crap
    no aerial view

  9. This kind of stuff deligitimatizes your channel. What qualifications do you have? Lol. Selfie drones suuuuuuucccckkkkkkkk

  10. In this episode of Unbox Therapy, Lew harasses some geese, Jack is still invisible, and a random pedestrian gets caught on camera.

  11. I bought a larger fold up drone with 4k video, stabilization, GPS, long range plus all the features this one has and 3 batteries for cheaper

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