Yükümlülük – Aksiyon, Gerilim, Komedi ve Suç 1080p Türkçe Dublaj Film İzle

Yükümlülük – Aksiyon, Gerilim, Komedi ve Suç 1080p Türkçe Dublaj Film İzle

# Look, my fans have
nine-to-fives… # # Your fans are
nine and five # # My fans miss
real hip-hop from ’95 # # My fans like music
they feel inside… # # Your fans don’t feel,
they conceal and hide # # My fans hear truth
that’s revealed inside # # Your fans head-nod
to appealing lies… # # Enough comparisons, ain’t no comparing ’em,
my fans are parents… # Whoa! Shit! Oh, you fucking bastards. Fucking hell. Oh, fuck. Ooh. Oh. Smile. Write-off. You’re damn fucking right
he won’t do it again. All right?
Enjoying that? – Fucking hell. – You mess with
my stuff and I’ll mess with yours. – Peter, he’s my s–
– I ask you to join this conversation? Get up. Up. – Peter.
– You asked me to deal with it, – So I’m dealing with it.
come on, you. – Mom. “Mom, Mom.” Move. Get in. Do you know
what goes on in here? Darts? Business. You and me,
we’re gonna talk business. Very good for mental
arithmetic is darts. Come here. – How’s your maths, son?
– I ain’t your son, Peter. No, but you are
my problem. Go. Mercedes Menz
C class, £61,000, Minus one Xbox,
£150, equals? – I don’t fucking know.
– Equals? Shit me! Uh uh, 20 thousa– 60– 60,850. Call it 60. Minimum wage,
18 to 21 years olds is? Fucking £10 an hour. You wish. £4.98.
We’ll call it four. Four years at minimum wage,
eight hours a day. That’s how long
it’s gonna take you to pay me fucking back. I wouldn’t get four years if they
nicked me for it, you know. Like I said, you’re my problem,
not theirs. Yeah, that’s only
’cause you don’t want the feds sniffing around
your business, innit? Innit? Now what would you know
about my business? Hmm? Hmm? Yeah? Other phone.
Other phone. Yeah? Do you know
who’s doing this? All right, calm down.
I said calm down. Yeah, go on. Fuck off, you,
you fucking bully. Do you know what
goes on in here, son? Fucking business. What a tit-head. Oh, fucking hell. Oh, you dirty bastard. Oh, my fucking god. Shit. Come on. Come on,
you fucking thing. – You still here?
– Yeah. You didn’t say
if we’re finished or not. Should probably start
paying you back today– Four years and that. So I could mow the lawn
for you if you want. – Gardner’s been.
– Oh, yeah. And don’t say you’ll wash
the fucking car. Don’t worry. I’ll find something
for you to do. Go. It’s a shit job,
isn’t it? I’ve got something better
for you tomorrow. Oh, don’t fucking tell me–
the septic tank? Come here. I’ve been thinking about the conversation
we had earlier. I think you’re right. I think you should take
more responsibility. A guy I know needs
a driver. Okay. – Cool.
– Interest you? Mmm. Why,
what’s he drive? Different jobs,
different cars. His name’s Roy. You’ll meet him
tomorrow morning at 6:00. – 6:00?!
– There’s always the septic tank. Okay, right. Yup. I’ll be there. Good. Now listen, uh… Let’s keep this to ourselves, eh?
Just you and me. I’ll sort out your mom.
Don’t worry. Lunch money. And, Adam… Don’t fuck this up. Fucking h… Fucking hell. Dominating the headlines
this morning the story of another victim
in what the press have dubbed “The Handyman Murders.” Just north of Newcastle
late last night… Anything else? 9.38 please. Roy, yeah? That’s the last time I wanna
hear you say my name. Okay. What do I call you
instead then? Ray? Nope. What’s wrong with Ray?
It’s not your name. Ah. Ray, Roy– It’s too similar.
Too easy. So how do I attract
your attention? Well, it’s just me and you in the car.
I’ll assume you’re talking to me. Okay, so we go to the services
for a bite to eat I see a truck nearly run you over.
What do i call you then? Just shout, “OI.” You want me
to call you “OI”? No, okay, yeah. Roy, oi. Fair enough. Keys? Oh-ho.
Right, I’m onto it. Come on, you fucking… You should’ve let me
pick you one, man. Could’ve got you something much
cooler than this thing. There we go. So where we off to? A14, A1. Okay, I’ll just need a postcode.
Let’s get the sat-nav. A14 west, A1 north. I’ll let you know
when we get there. Do you mind if I stick
the radio on, mate? Where is it? Police in Northumberland
have released information regarding the discovery
of a body on the A1. – Oh, the A1. Boom.
– They believe the victim is linked to a string of murders
that have been happening… – Uh, testing.
– Which means? Which means we’ll have to start
talking like this, Pet! Which means cops. Oh yeah,
’cause of that, um… Handyman fella. It’s all over
the news, isn’t it? What’s that
you’re reading then? Ooh, a speech. Is that what you do then,
is it? Make speeches? I fit kitchens. You’re making a speech
about fitting kitchens? It’s a long journey, man.
I’m just trying to make conversation. # Braggin’ five, did he mention that
he borrowed 10? # # Plus his whip is due
back in at 9:00 a.m. # # And his chain and his girl’s
got a time on them # # Shine divided,
aligned with the mirrors # # Multiplied was the light and
the prism did the blinding # # Illusion was bright
but his mind’s not a diamond # # but mine is, I sight him,
I couldn’t wrong or right him # # I lie with the lions
and he’s sky-high and signed # # Defining a genre
that’s changing with time # # Declining a culture,
its roots undermined # # I’d rather insult them
than move with the tides # – # I’m rude with the mic… #
– Oi! I can drive with them in. – Turn it off.
– It’s only music. – Wind your window down.
– What? Wind your window down! You got that switched on,
they know exactly where you are. – It was a birthday present. – Well,
it’s you or the phone. It’s your choice. Okay. Can I keep
the headphones? 500 fucking quid. Stop here. – Do you need any backup?
– Not to eat my lunch. – You want some?
– Nah. Oh, go on then. Oh, man. – It’s moldy!
– It’s cheese. I don’t think
I’ll be out here again. Well, you never know
with your job. No, I’m done. Retiring? My daughter’s
getting married. You know how much
a wedding costs these days? I thought we might
be on to something. – Oh, yeah?
– Yeah. I always wanted
to fit kitchens. Well, it all comes down
to the same thing. Details.
There’s your D.N.A. I knew a guy once, he got hired on for a job. It should’ve been a simple job, but at a tense moment,
he licked his lips. That’s all it took. They got his D.N.A.
from saliva on his ski mask. With that, they could
put him at the job. And if they could put him at the job,
then they could put other people at the job. – So that was that.
– What, they did him in? What I’m saying is for a guy to get along
in this world, he has to be very very careful. – Same goes with your dad.
– No, he’s not my dad. What do you call him then?
The guy that screws your mom? Fuck. Ah! Are you gonna tell me
what we’re up to? – Right, you can stay here.
– Oh, man. You keep an eye out.
All right? If someone comes along,
pretend you’re walking your dog. – All right? Shout “Rover.”
– Rover? Yeah. What? It’s just not very believable, Guy like me with a dog called Rover. All right, you choose a name. Psycho. Psycho. Yeah, mate of mine in sinfin
calls his staff that. It’s a detail. Right. Right. You just keep
a lookout. Shit! You ain’t gonna do much damage
with that, are ya? Mr. Eglitis? I appreciate
that you’re scared. – Do not come in!
– Right. I’m gonna put something
through the door. – I’m Newcastle police.
– It’s not me you want! We know your life’s
been threatened. We think you might
be #4, Danil. Can I call you Danil? That’s why I’m here. We want to take you
into protective custody. Why don’t you come out
and talk to me? You all right? Are we good? Can I stand up now? Now the car is parked
up there on the track. Do wanna walk with me, or do you
wanna wait here and I’ll go fetch it? I’ll walk. – Psycho!
– You’re not cop. Psycho! Oh! – How many?
– Eh? – How many were there?
– Uh… – You did see someone, right?
– I thought so. Get the car. – Are you gonna do him in?
– Get the fucking car! Hey, sorry about
the false alarm. It’s all right. It’s probably better to be a little
bit further off the track. Give us a go? “Give us a go”? Yeah, when ya… Can I… Could be the only chance
I ever get. – Here.
– What about the gun? – He doesn’t use one.
– He does. Did. No. no, not him. You cut it off, right? You cut it off right here. – You?
– Me what? – You’re the handyman?
– What? No! No, no, no, no, no. No no, He’s supposed to look
like just another victim, you know, so it doesn’t
get traced back to me. So just here.
All right? On you go. See on his hand?
Look, it says “Mate.” No, it doesn’t say “Mate.” It says “Mom”
and “Dad” in Latvian. – Latvian? – That’s what
they speak in Latvia. Are you gonna do this or what? Try not to look in his eyes, so you don’t identify with him. Well, it’s a bit odd not to. Well… Think… Of something that you hate. Something that
you hate so much that you’d be willing to kill it. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no. No, no, no, up a bit. Up a bit, up a bit. Right. right there. Bang on. Oh, man, what’s that? Oh! Muscles relax when you die. – So he shat himself?
– Yeah, I must’ve hit him too hard. Still… – Job done, eh?
– No, no, no, here. The wounds aren’t
supposed to be postmortem. Oh! Not on the ground. Oh, man. Here ya are. – Huh?
– Grab this. Oh, fuck. Why don’t you go
and keep an eye out? Just like before. Not in that outfit! Oh, yeah. Sick bastard. Right. Good afternoon, darling. It’s not as ugly
as it looks. Deer in these forests
are protected, so you gotta
butcher them on the spot. And what with the roads
around here– They don’t always get
where they’re going, – Especially the older ones.
– Mmm. We’re just trying
to make a living, really. Restaurants around here,
they pay 10 quid a kilo, Some of ’em. So I’ll tell you
what we’re gonna do: We’re gonna pack up and you’re
gonna go on your way. And then I’ll give you
a nice little something for the campfire tonight,
all right? Oi! Now no one needs to get hurt. Now my friend here is
gonna come over to you And he’s gonna relieve you
of your rucksack. Well, go on.
What are you waiting for? Off you go. Right. Oh, god! Just trying
to make it easier on you. I’m sorry about this, darling. You said you wanted
to kill someone. Now’s your chance. Can’t we just
tie her up somewhere? Oh, jesus! Get the bag! This is why I work alone. Not that bag, the other one. Oh. If we get caught, yeah, Will they think
we did all three? You’ve got alibis
for the other two, have you? All right, bend over
like you’re in pain. Do what? – For fuck’s sake!
– No, stay down. God. Have you seen a red car
go by here, fast? Yeah. Bastard hit my son.
He didn’t even stop. Oh, my god. is he okay? He’s never really been okay. – Could you get in the back?
– Eh? In the back. Go on. In you go.
You all right to drive? Uh-huh. Fucking hell. There’s no rush. – Other way.
– Huh? They just passed her.
Other way. Well, which way now? – Do you have a phone?
– In my bag. All right, out you get. What the fuck are
you waiting for? – So how do we know which
way she went? – We don’t. How are we gonna
fucking find her then? Pull over.
I need to use the phone. You’ve got a phone
in your hand. Here. And turn the fucking seat around. Is it Adam? It’s business. Well, I did wonder. Okay, got it. Oi, don’t be mad. My phone is still
in the Granada. Side pocket, mate. What’s your number? Oi, what’s your number? I don’t know. Well, who rings
themselves up? Well, do you know
anybody’s number? Somebody who might
have your number? – Yeah, my mom’s.
– All right, call her. Hiya, mom. Yeah.
No, I can’t talk. I just need me number. No, I haven’t lost it, no. Oh, mom! Just give him
the fucking number. Hiya. okay, right.
I need a pen. Three, one, double eight. All right, mom.
Yup, I’ll be back later on. Yeah, I promise.
Okay okay, bye. Call it. Double eight. Don’t hang up. Listen to me very carefully. You have something of ours
and I want it back. It’s not the car.
It’s not the phone. It’s the bag. All right, you give me
the bag back, I’ll give you five grand in cash. Now there’s a diner
just south of you. We can be there in 15 minutes. You give me the bag.
I’ll give you the cash. You go your way.
I’ll go mine. 10,000. 7,000… And I’ll need 20 minutes. You have 10. – She knew him.
– Huh? Her accent– she knew him. How fast can you
make this thing go? Pull over here.
We’re a bit short. Now you keep an eye
on her till I get back. If she tries to leave,
block her in. This should buy us some time. What are you gonna do? – Block her if she tries to leave, man.
– All right. I’ll meet you out front. # I hope you’re
feeling the scene # # Like everyone has
picked up their prize # # When it’s just
you and the beat # # ‘Cause I can’t even
get out of my bed # # But if you wanna go now # Oh baby, don’t you go,
in the night I told you # # You say you wanna go
and the one who told you # # You tumble out of bed,
they’re the one who told you # # You say you wanna go,
in the night I told you # # You tumble out of bed, they’re
the one who told you… # Wha– hey!
What the fuck? So how do you wanna do this? I stay in the car. Right, I’ve got the second
half right here. Hang on a tick. Excuse me. Would you do me a favor? Just take this… And give it to that young lady
in the red car. – Why don’t you do it?
– ‘Cause I’ve got a gun. You’ve got a nice family, so… On you go. Right, this gentleman
is gonna give you – the second installment.
– Here, watch it. Give him the picnic bag
and tell him to bring it to me. All right? Otherwise, I’ll kill you. # You tumble out of bed,
they’re the one who told you # # You say you wanna go # Ohhh # If you wanna go now,
oh baby… # Here. Come on. Thank you very much. # If you wanna go now # Oh baby, don’t you go… Here, move over. Ooh! Oi. # If you wanna go now # Oh baby, don’t you go # Ohhh # If you wanna go now # Oh baby, don’t you go. That was mad. How much did
you take ’em for? That was a smart move. I know. It’ll wash off,
though, won’t it? No, I mean
in case you lose it. Fuck off. It’s not for everyone, son. Huh? The life. Oh no, that was
only ’cause she was a girl. What happened
with the guy then? Already dead. Aren’t we going home now? We need to change cars. Okay. well, will you let me
pick this time, please? I know my cars, me. You can choose. What the fuck’s your
problem then, eh, dog? Eh? Hey, what’s up? You’re worried
about us fucking up? No. I’ll be gone tomorrow. Where are you off to? Oh, come on. We’re like partners
in crime now, you know. Are you going on your own? Sounds fucking lonely to me,
that does, mate. What, you wanna come
visit me, do you? Yeah. Yeah. Always wanted to go traveling. I don’t see no cars, Roy. It’s all right, isn’t it,
to call you Roy now? |Yeah. Yeah. It’s okay. So we got one more thing
to deal with. We gotta get rid of this. Uh-huh. Attention to detail. Where’d you pick
all this stuff up then? Angola. – What, in Spain?
– Yeah, that’s right, in Spain. Why don’t you dig
a little hole? – Yeah?
– Yup. – Like that?
– Yeah, like that. Shit. Ah! Oh, jesus. Shit. Oh, shit. Oh. Oh, shit! – Why did you kill him?
– Huh? Why did you kill him? I didn’t kill no one. Danil is dead. I needed him to be alive. I needed him to give me a name.
Now you must tell me. Fucking hell. Have you seen her? Huh-uh. No. It’s my sister. Sergei sold her to Ivan. Ivan sold her to Danil. Danil sold her to an englishman. You will tell me his name. – You will tell me his name.
– I’m just the fucking driver. – You like pain?
– Ah! Fucking no! Fucking hell. Okay.
Just fucking chill out. You want to touch me? Huh? Men like to touch. Fucking… Touch. Oh, what the fucking hell? They put their hands on her. Before they died,
each one gave me a name, The next man in the chain. – This is why you killed Danil…
– No. – …So he cannot tell.
– No, I’m just a kid. I’m 19. Fucking hell. Your friend then. Friend? The man you were with today. Roy? His name is Roy. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Fuck. Right. – Hello?
– I need to speak with Peter. – He’s asleep.
– Well, wake him up. – I can’t do that.
– Yeah, you can. Tell him it’s about the kitchen. Someone’s on the phone.
He says it’s about the kitchen. Not on this phone. Don’t hang up.
We have a problem. Are you sure you got
to him before he talked? The Latvian’s not the problem. What do you mean
he’s not the problem? He’s the one that can
put me in this. It’s the boy. – He lost his phone.
– So? Well, we need it back.
Trust me. I thought I could. Can you locate it? Oh, so now you’re
being thorough. And if you double my fee,
I can take care of that little chain supply
problem you’ve been having. You have an idea
who’s doing this? We’re on the phone.
Remember? I want it sorted. Someone’ll give you a call. You got a pen? If I find one of her,
I will know you lied to me. Ivan had photos too. I don’t know why it is when man does something bad he likes to keep a souvenir. This man– Sergei and Ivan
had him too. Who is he? – What about him?
– Who is he?! I don’t know him. I don’t know the guy. He’s not even supposed
to be in the photo. Look, I’m taking
a photo of my mom. – You know him.
– Nah. Look, you can’t even
fucking see his face. Look, nobody knows him. You don’t even know who it is. Help! Fuck’s sake. Fucking hell! Fuck off! Whoa! Fuck’s sake! Easy. – You kill me, he’ll kill you.
– Roy’ll kill me? – He already tried.
– She’s fucking with you, son. – Whoa! I want to hear it.
– How did you get here? – We stopped the van.
– He hit you. We stopped the van to change cars.
That’s what you said. There weren’t no fucking cars, Roy. – You were gonna kill me?
– Give him to me. One more and it’s finished. Yeah, she thinks you killed
her sister as well. I haven’t killed a woman since 1983. Who hired you? Why don’t you ask him? Yo! I’m the one
with a fucking gun here! Stop! Stop! You’ve only got one left. No, that’s four.
I’m counting. It only holds five. Then you should’ve
fucking let me use it on her! You’re a lousy shot. Do you want to bet your
fucking life on that, Roy? Oh, man. Shit, Roy. You need
a hospital, man, fast. Just get me to the church. What, do you want a priest? No, my daughter’s getting
married today, you idiot. Was you really
gonna do me in? What, ’cause I fucked up the job? No, you were the job. I’m 19! Who the fuck’s gonna take
a contract out on me?! ‘Cause of the car? They don’t give me a reason.
They just give me a name. The laptop. – Fuck me.
– Look… If you’re not going to help,
just fucking shoot me before I bleed to death.
Don’t forget your phone. – What, can i keep it? – Well,
you’re the one with the gun. You tell me. – There’s clothes in the van.
– Down the track? Your turn to be lookout. My briefcase still in there? Yeah! She left the money as well! Music… You like cuban, don’t ya? Here. Watch… And learn, my friend. I could’ve killed you back there. Yeah? Why didn’t ya? For the same reason
you couldn’t kill the girl. What? It was ’cause I fancied her. That’s why I couldn’t do it. You’ve got a second chance.
You should take it. So my mom’s boyfriend
tries to get me killed, I’m supposed to just
walk away, am I? He thinks you’re dead. Best leave it that way. You all right, mate? Here. Get rid of the car. The gun and the phone
go in the river. Everything else burns. Attaboy. Oh, man. The state of you. – Are we going in?
– No, no. Just– just stay over there. – Do you want your jacket?
– No. No, I’m good. She’s always on me
to wear a bit more color. – Here.
– Oh, here? Who’s that, your wife? No, my daughter. – How old’s your daughter then?
– Don’t get any funny ideas, all right? – Do you want me to stick around?
– No, you’re all right. You’re a dead man. You’d better get buried, mate. Oi. Do us another one
of your roll-ups. Attention to detail. # Welcome to my nightmare # You feel like home # It’s so boring out there # And I get so stoned # And the river is cold # I spent hours
in your eyes # # I wonder why # But i’m sure… # I… # Will soon # Remember you # I will remember you # I will remember you # I will remember you… # The lights
are getting darker # # Undiscovered truth # I will drive you crazy… # And you’ll hate me
even more # # And his newest woe # Is like the fire
in your eyes… # What’s going on? Surprised to see me, Peter?
You fucking asshole. What? You see that cuntish look
on his face, mom? Look at it.
Ask him what’s wrong. Paid some dude to fucking kill me,
didn’t ya? Funny how this is
his fucking gun, mate. Peter. – Just tell him it’s a mistake
– You think he wouldn’t do it, mom? Are you fucking
brain dead as well?! – Oh, yeah, funny to you, mate?
– Yeah yeah. – Oh, get… – Stay where you are,
you fucking bitch. I know all about
you now, Peter mate, You fucking
sex-trafficking bastard. – Get off me.
– What you gonna do? huh? – Peter, stop this!
– You’ve fucked it now! – You’ve fucked it!
– Peter, just get off me! You think I won’t put one straight
through your fucking head? – You think i won’t?
– Just get off me! Put it in there.
Fucking put it in there. In your fucking head.
I’m telling you now, mate. – Here. ahh. ahh.
– Fucking asshole! Ow! Oh! Oh, you really get
on my fucking tits, – You know that?
– Get off him! Come here. come here,
you fucking bitch. Come here. Okay, up we get. Upsy-daisy. Whoa! Fucking bitch. Nay! You stay right there, you cow. Hey, you! Two in one!
All there! Why do you fucking annoy me? Why? Tell me fucking why! Why did I let scum like you two into my beautiful
fucking home? Huh? The only reason–
look at me. Look at me or get it
right in your balls. That’s better.
The only reason– the only fucking reason I don’t blow your fucking
brains out right here is I’ll not have your blood messing up my newly-waxed
fucking floor! My beautiful fucking floor
in my beautiful seven– Sorry, honey–
our beautiful £750,000, 2.2 acres fucking home! Huh? Darling, why did I let you in
with this fucking prick? You know? ‘Cause he’s the son
I never wanted to fuckin’ have! You fucking dick! I just wanted
to fuck your ma, you– I’ll tell you, this is the only time–
it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed being
fucking close to you, you cunt. I so wanted to blow your
bastard fucking head off. You wouldn’t believe. anyway,
let’s get back to business. Honey, what should I do?
Where should I take him first? I’ll tell you.
Why don’t we go and check out the garage? It takes two fucking cars,
you know. Come on. Let’s go in the fucking
garden, you little cunt. Let’s go out here.
A nice tour, That’s what we want.
Come on. Sorry, is that choking you? That choking you?
Come on. I want some fresh air.
You want some fresh air? Okay. Okay.
Come here. Come here.
Okay, come on, come on. Come on. Come on. We’re going to the garage. Hey. Fucking hell! Ah! Fucking hell! – Oh, shit.
– Come on, come on. # Baby, life’s too short # To, baby, mess around # I’m planning
to sleep, child # # Could be forever bound # I’m on the run
with my ellie # # I see her angel eyes # And her lips taste
like cherry # # And her
home-cooked smile # # But, baby,
life’s too short # # To, baby, mess around # I’m planning
to sleep, child # # Be forever bound # Oh, no # Oh, no # Oh, no # Oh, no # Baby, life’s too short # To, baby, mess around # I’m planning
to sleep, child # # Could be forever bound # I’m on the run
with my ellie # # I see her angel eyes # And her lips taste
like cherry # # And her home-cooked smile # Oh, no # Oh, no # Oh, no # Don’t make me so blue # Baby, life’s too short # Baby, life’s too short # # Baby, life’s too short # Baby, life’s too short # # Baby, life’s too short # Baby, life’s too short # # Baby, life’s too short # Baby, life’s too short # # Baby, life’s too short # Baby, life’s too short # # Baby, life’s too short # Baby, life’s too short! #

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