Yuna – What’s In My Bag?

Yuna – What’s In My Bag?

Hey what’s up guys, I’m Yuna. I’m at Amoeba and this is What’s In My Bag. Let’s start with the t-shirts that I got today, let’s see. T-shirt number one. In Living Color, oh my god. Isn’t it amazing? It’s so cool. So what I’m gonna do is… I love cropped t-shirts so I’m gonna like cut it off like that when I get home. This next one is the best t-shirt ever. Sade. And this photo too. Oh my god, this is like so inspiring. I have a photo that I posed exactly like this, with hoop earrings and denim shirt. I love Sade. I think, growing up, I didn’t know really how to like appreciate her music. But definitely as I, y’know, grew older, like when I went to college y’know you’re kind of like wanting something that’s more soothing. I went to law school. So yeah I need something that I can relax to. So the next thing that I’m gonna share with you is this album. Fugees. I love The Fugees. I didn’t have an older sibling to kind of just like steal music from. I’m the only child. So I kind of had to explore music myself. I would always keep a blank tape, and if I hear something I like press record, write out the lyrics, and I would go to the store and then ask Hey so there’s this one song… I’ll start singing. Like no Shazam. That was my way of Shazaming. Ok, let’s talk about Spice Girls, everyone. I love Spice Girls. I know, I just picked this up because I just love everything about them. ‘Wannabe.’ Like I remember my first trip overseas was to London and Spice Girls, they were blowing up in London first and then the rest of the world, right? They were just so dope. I was definitely Sporty Spice back then. I had all their stuff. I had their Polaroid camera, the Impulse spray the backpack, the notebooks, everything. Alright, let’s talk about this poster. Look how amazing that is. That’s Japanese? Oh my gosh, this is just such a badass poster of ‘The Warriors.’ Warriors, come out to play. This was the movie that I and my bandmates, we would watch this on tour every day because that was the only DVD that was in the van. I really want to frame this up because this will bring back memories of my first tour or something, y’know? You know I like travelling too. Where have you ever been? I’ve never been anywhere. I just know I’d like it. My husband, he’s like a huge Marvel fan. Now I feel like I’m an expert because he would talk about it all the time. So I got this, the ‘Infinity Gauntlet.’ I just thought he will love this. The other one is ‘X-Men: Mark of Cain.’ I don’t know, it just looks super cool. Like noir style. This is more for me, I think. I love it. Look at that. Let’s talk about Erykah Badu, guys. The first time I met Badu was 2012. It was pretty much my first time performing in the US, at the South by Southwest in Austin. And I met her, and I was already wearing the turban, y’know. We took a photo and then she looked at me, and she saw my turban, y’know me and my turban. And she’s like, did you do that yourself? I’m like, yeah. And she’s like, I’ll teach you how to wear it better. Well, she never did, but we met again in 2016 at the Soul Train Awards And she was hosting it, and she was just the sweetest person. I love her. So this album is amazing. I would recommend… I mean, not that you guys don’t already know about the album but ‘Next Lifetime’ is my jam. The story to it is just like, damn. It’s like, what if two people are in love with each other, but she already has someone. But she also kind of likes the guy, but she’s like, you know what I’m not gonna do that to this person. So I think that’s kind of cool that she told that story. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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  1. I had an older sibling, who stole music from me. he has since passed away, so I can't ask his kids for all my tapes back. kids, I want my copy of "Nevermind" "Psalm 69" and everything else!

  2. That little 5 second clip of Sade has more sex appeal than any full video from any of these modern day half nekkid rapper vixens… ya'll need to learn

  3. In Living Color ……The Wayans got away with murder back in the early 90’s ….they made fun of themselves which is what made it great

  4. Now i feel like an expert because he talks about it all the time.

    A minute later…

    "X Men Mark of cain" I don't know, it just looks super cool…


  5. Dude, swear Sade has been getting a shout out for almost the past 3-4 episodes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, just a coincidence.

  6. It’s interesting to see what artists pick and they have every right to get what they want but I tune into these because I’ve found so much new music through some of the artists’ picks. Lately though it’s been a little disappointing.

  7. I'm so bummed out. I literally went to Amoeba a couple of hours after she left without even knowing! 😭 i wish i went earlier!

  8. Yuna dr Malaysia tuuuuu..aku slalu follow show ni tgk artis lua je tibe2 Yuna de..wooow. Dlu masa zaman myspace ada mmber aku ni sruh aku dgr Yuna ni…kate bdk Kuantan…tp tgk profile tulis Subang…hehe….best juga…n aku pn stat follow dia…tbe2 stop dgr jap. Buka radio tibe2 dpt dgr Dan Sebenarnya versi lg best. Tup tap tup tap skang dia kat cni. Memang terbaik. Kalau dh ada bakat n kena caranya mesti sesuatu benda tu menjadi. All the best Yuna !

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