Zombie Base Survival – Survive The Night! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

Zombie Base Survival – Survive The Night! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

(zapping) – Shot!
– Let’s reload. – Get away.
(dinging) Yes. Okay, we have one more item left. (fizzing) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [Group] That YouTube Family! – And we are The Adventurers. – And today we are here with – [Group] Steel Kids! – All right, I’ll leave a link
to their channel down below. Make sure to go check them out, but first, we’re going to
play Zombie Base Survival. (screaming) – Hey, can you hear me? Code red, this is a code red. Come in, come in, code
Red, zombies are attacking. – Okay, so the goal of
this game is for the player to make it through the
zombie-infested house and retrieve three items. – [Dad] That’s three items. One, being the walkie talkie, two, being the first aid kit and the third being a
canteen full of water. – [Mom] If they get tagged by a zombie, well game is over for them, but if they can get the three items and get back to the door
and out of the house, they win this challenge. Are you guys ready to play? – [Children] Yeah. – Okay, so our first players
are Ty and Chase right here. They are humans who are going
to try and make it through the zombie infested house. All right, you guys ready to play? – Code red, code red, zombies are coming. Code red, code red, code red. (fizzing) (upbeat music) (fizzing) – [Mom] Okay, there’s the walkie talkie. Okay, there’s the canteen. (chirping) All righty. Okay, are you players ready? – Yeah. – [Mom] Okay, they have a blaster. If they are able to target a zombie, that zombie is stopped in their tracks. They can’t go anywhere for a little while. – He’s our watch dog.
– Okay, go ahead and enter.
– Dog, go in first. – Go in, go in.
– Faster, go in first. – They’re probably over there. (clanking) – They’re not. Oh, let’s go to the living room first. – Down there? All right, we have to
search for these items. – Okay, I got the spare darts. – Under here, nope. – Uh, down the hallway? (sighing) – Go in faster, go in faster! – Oh, okay, they’re right there? No, not there. They must be downstairs. (screaming) (growling) – [Ty] Blast Him, blast him! – [Chase] I have to reload
it, I have to reload it. [Zapping) – [Ty] Come on, move, move, move. – I’m so scared.
– Mm-hm, I got so much darts. – All right, come on.
– I gotta go. – [Chase] I think he’s not around here. – [Ty] Quick. I think they’re down this hallway. You got it. Go, go, go, go, go! (dog growling) – [Ty] You go in front. My room. Watch the closets and the bed. Is there anything under the bed – [Chase] Um, nope. – I don’t think there is anything in here – (gasps) Walkie Talkie, right here. – Yes.
– Good job. (dinging) That’s one item – Let’s go.
– We have a lot of extra darts.
– Here hold this. I’ll walk in front. (gasps) He’s gone. – [Ty] Where is he? – [Chase] But you’re gonna
move, he’s about to reload. We gotta go downstairs,
there is nothing here. They’re all gonna be down there. – Well you go first>
– I’ll go down first. Oh! Retreat! – [Ty] Shoot him! (dog growling) (zapping) – [Child] Ahh got him, let’s go past him. I knew they would be by the doorway. – Canteen, I can’t reach it. – Ah, I can’t reach it either. – Yes, okay, we have one more item. – I think it’s over there,
I think it’s in B room. – Right, lets go over there. – Foster you go first. (screaming) (zapping) – Come on! (screaming) (zapping) (zapping) – Go him! – First aid! – Yes, let’s go! – We have to exit! (screaming)
– Ah! (zapping) – Go, go, go! – Watch Dog, go, watch Dog go! – Wait! He might be around there. Go, go, go! (cheers) – Yes, we got all the items. – [Both Kids] We won the game!! – Yes! (upbeat music) – Round two, it’s time
for us to find the items. – Let’s do this. – Logan let’s find the zombies, let’s go. – Where’s the zombies? Go find them. – Wait no, I have the blasters. – Okay you go first, go ahead. – Let’s try to avoid all the zombies. (whispering) – I’m not going down there, this time. (screaming)
(zapping) – Got him. – Okay, lets go. – We gotta find an item quick. Wait, be careful. (whispering) – Wait someone is coming. – Kitchen, nope. Okay, back into the room. – Cover me from behind. – Hold these. – Closet check. – We have to find the canteen, walkie talkie and the med kit. – Head out, be careful around the kitchen. – Wait come in here. – All clear. – We need to check in the kitchen. – Too lucky, nobody is in here. – Clear. – Oh, it was just you. – Ready to run. – Nothing in this room, bet
you have to have it downstairs. – Wait, mom and dad’s room. – Under here, don’t see anything. – Look there is something. (zapping)
(groaning) – Oh, first aid kit! – Yes! – We found the first aid kit. – Yes! – All right! – I just want to do it. They have to be downstairs. – Wait, let me go first. – Wait, wait, wait. – This is scary! (screaming)
(zapping) – Got her. – Wait, wait, wait, the zombies
could be all over the place. – Check behind that. Anything under there. – Nope. (screaming) (zapping) – Oh, that was so close. – Go, go, go! – Okay, we gotta re-load. (growling) – Re-load. – She’s a crawler, she
can’t catch up to us. There is nothing under there. (screaming) – Zombie! (zapping)
– Got her. – Go, go, go! – Oh that was so creepy!
– Box. – Oh, walkie, talkie! – Nice! – Found the walkie-talkie! – Let’s re-load. – Okay, one, two. It’s all ready now. – Sounds creepy, let’s see, maybe, (growling) (screaming) – Okay, we are going that way. (screaming) – Get them! – Stay behind me – Get them! (zapping) – Why won’t it shoot! – Its not working! (screaming) (zapping) (zapping) – Ooh that was so close. Get the canteen!
– Where is it? – Over here. – Let’s get out of here,
get them, hurry, run, do it! Run, run, run! (screaming) – Hurry Run! (screaming) – Wait there is one
zombie up here remember. – Go, go, go! – Outside! – Wait. (door chimes) – Let’s go. (cheers) – We won, we beat the zombies. – That was close. – Yeah! – All rightie guys, that’s
it for today for zombie base survival, which would you rather be, a zombie or a human in this game? Thanks so much for Steel
Kids for joining us and playing this challenge with us. Make sure to check out
their channel as Steel Kids, I’ll leave a link in the
description box below, thank you so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share and – Hit the bell. – Make today an adventure,
we will see you next time. – Go play! – [Entire Group] Bye!

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